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okay, so yk when you go to starbucks, and splurge on a drink that you don’t usually get bc it’s not good for you, and it’s super sweet, but so so so good!! this is exactly how i feel with this book. i know reading romance isn’t the best for my mental health, but i this book was SO SWEET AND CUTE!! david and kits friendship alone is adorable!! i TOTALLY recommend!!

What to Say Next imageWhat to Say Next image

What to Say Next

Books | Julie Buxbaum

honestly, i had to keep reminding myself how weird eleanor and park are. IN A GOOD WAY. because they were so perfect for each other even being so young, but they both were like really just straight up weird and awkward. rainbow rowell, GOOD FREAKING JOB. this book has so many amazing parts, and the ending just had me with one word, AHHHHHH!! alsoooo, that concept that it’s set in the 80’s>>>

Eleanor & Park imageEleanor & Park image

Eleanor & Park

Books | Rainbow Rowell

let’s start this off saying, this book isn’t typically my type. i don’t usually prefer all of the murder, scary, mystery books, but this book got me. this book had me soooooo addicted. its literally the definition of a page-turner. ITS JUST SO WELL WRITTEN!!

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder imageA Good Girl's Guide to Murder image

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

Books | Holly Jackson

uhhhh yes. add this book to your cart. right now. BECAUSE IT WILL MELT YOU!! for all of my fellow rom-com lovers, pleaseee read this. IM BEGGING YOU. the amount of rom-com movie references made me soooo happy. even if you don’t know a ton of rom-coms, thsi book is still worth it. the story, and the enemies to lovers?!? AHHH!! WES>>

Better Than the Movies imageBetter Than the Movies image

Better Than the Movies

Books | Lynn Painter

what. the. heck… THIS BOOK HAD MY EMOTIONS LIKE THIS 📈📉 BROOOOOOO. while reading this, i cried, screamed, smirked, screamed more, wanted jameson, and screamed some more. when i say scream i mean like the ‘shipping’ excited ‘ouuuu’ kinda scream. not only was the mystery unpredictable, BUT THE ROMANCE!!! UGH I CANT EVEN!! literally my fav book rn. AND THATS SAYING SOMETHING. also, like always, pls give me jameson RIGHT NOW.

The Final Gambit imageThe Final Gambit image

The Final Gambit

Books | Jennifer Lynn Barnes

i really enjoyed this book! a very simple, sweet, entertaining book that i loved! this was an amazing mix of like enemies to friends THEN lovers and anonymous online flirting trope and a love triangle but it’s only 2 people kinda book. ik i made up those, but that exactly how this book is lol! definitely recommend!

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Tweet Cute

Books | Emma Lord

holy crap, this book was amazing! the wits of their relationship and just jessie alone was so entertaining. the suspense definitely kept me on my toes, and i literally finished it in one day 👀 the romance was so enchanting, and so please, tell me three things SN <3

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Tell Me Three Things

Books | Julie Buxbaum

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