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This show was so amazing and so good I related to Jane so much as a character she is a writer and a teacher both things which I wanna become and the show is hilarious but also has along if plot twists which will make you wanna scream ever second of this show was worth it!

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Jane the Virgin

Shows | Comedy

This show was SOOOO GOOD I stayed up untill 2 Am, 3 AM and even 6 AM just to finish it it has so many plot twists and overall it’s amazing one of the best shows for you if you like a good drama filled coming of age type of show you can relate to so many characters and scream and hate them at the same time overall it is amazing and I’d recommend it to anyone just to try out before you know if you’ll be hooked just continue to watch untill at the least the end of season 2

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Gilmore Girls

Shows | Comedy

I loved this show but it was a bit cringe by a bit I mean a lot like basic love lines like “do you hate me?” And “never” it was an amazing show though and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who likes romance mixed with some fantasy creators like vampires and wear wolfs the plot was a bit basic but over all it was a good show

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Shows | Action & Adventure

This book made me feel as if I was inside the book I cried I screamed I laughed this book was just an amazing experience

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Red Queen

Books | Victoria Aveyard

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