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Zach Francis



Open minded and into just about anything. Willing to watch, listen or read anything once.


Not for the faint of heart. Disturbing moments throughout and just disgusting scenes throughout. If you’re into movies or shows that make you question your morals afterward I recommend.

Pink Flamingos imagePink Flamingos image

Pink Flamingos

Movies | Comedy

Gritty drama about the mafia. A few speechless moments and some scenes aren’t for the faint of heart. I love it

The Sopranos imageThe Sopranos image

The Sopranos

Shows | Drama

Not yet finished but far along with the series to recommend. Great anime with a wonderful story. Set in the Viking age. Cool characters with great background stories.

Vinland Saga imageVinland Saga image

Vinland Saga

Shows | Animation

Watched this so many times I’ve lost count. Hilarious

The Other Guys imageThe Other Guys image

The Other Guys

Movies | Action

Typical stoner comedy. Got a few laughs out of it.

Pineapple Express imagePineapple Express image

Pineapple Express

Movies | Action

Another great gritty series. Drama, lies, violence, betrayal. Totally recommend

Sons of Anarchy imageSons of Anarchy image

Sons of Anarchy

Shows | Crime

Amazing series. Would watch over and over. Recommend this to anyone. Action, romance, tearjerker moments. Absolutely great

Vikings imageVikings image


Shows | Action & Adventure

Great thriller with a nice twist at the end

Shutter Island imageShutter Island image

Shutter Island

Movies | Drama

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