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Zach King



If you like Bert and you like 2 Bears 1 Cave (his podcast with Tom Segura) thrn you will enjoy this show.

The Cabin with Bert Kreischer imageThe Cabin with Bert Kreischer image

The Cabin with Bert Kreischer

Shows | Reality

I love Greek Mythology so I was excited for this show. The season ran like one long movie. I actually am content with the ending and do not believe it needs further seasons.

Blood of Zeus imageBlood of Zeus image

Blood of Zeus

Shows | Animation

Interesting premise—the ending leaves you wanting a season 2.

Cursed imageCursed image


Shows | Action & Adventure

It’s silly but ive seen worse.

PEN15 imagePEN15 image


Shows | Comedy

better than expected. Good for a few laughs.

The Wrong Missy imageThe Wrong Missy image

The Wrong Missy

Movies | Comedy

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