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At first it was slow, like slow burn for me. I can see the lure for YA genera aspect of it. High school, a little romance, but yet a genius working on solving a case with unimaginable extraordinary gift of dedication that is fascinating. The author definitely did good on half way through pulling you into the depth of her world she created and then plunged you into an obsession and curiosity to who the bloody hell is the killer! Absolutely phenomenal and incredible hooks and plot twist that will leave you into a mind bending, “I didn’t see that coming.” The slow burn was fascinating and incredibly satisfying. Highly recommend it and please go into it in full blind.

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder imageA Good Girl's Guide to Murder image

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

Books | Holly Jackson

Extraordinary literature and beautiful yet haunting to the mortality of mankind and destruction. We can try to snuff out the creation that is imbedded within our blood yet there is always one individual that will stand the time to stand for the beauty of human nature. Imagination and the will to dream and continue the whispers and stories of our past. You will never erase it because there is always a person that will fight for the history of what mankind was and what it will be. Beautiful and a book I’ll carry inside of my soul for a very long time.

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Fahrenheit 451

Books | Ray Bradbury

I am just wondering about Richard’s sister… honestly what is it- this thing- whatever thing they have?

The Wife Between Us imageThe Wife Between Us image

The Wife Between Us

Books | Greer Hendricks

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