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The beginning and ending are chefs kiss the middle however is so dragged out. Like they could have made this at least 100 pages shorter and still have the same impact and been way better. At times I felt like the author was writing just to write like there was no need to drag the story for so long. Honestly you can literally skip from pg 200-340 and u won’t miss much.

Always, in December imageAlways, in December image

Always, in December

Books | Emily Stone

I literally LOVE the end. Was not expecting it. 4.5/5 the only reason it isn’t 5/5 is because it kind of a slow book up until the last 2 parts (it’s divided into 6 parts). But the ending makes up for everything. Some “The Silent Patient” references too which I loved.

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The Maidens

Books | Alex Michaelides

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