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great movie well mad christian bale did great in this the acting was phenomenal

American Psycho imageAmerican Psycho image

American Psycho

Movies | Thriller

cant wait to watch this it is a traditional for me to watch this every thanksgiving night

Jingle All the Way imageJingle All the Way image

Jingle All the Way

Movies | Family

i give this movie a 6/10 it didn’t have cheesy comedy like most marvel films but the writing was pretty bad the villain was terrible and i think they should’ve recasted t challah but that is just me

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever imageBlack Panther: Wakanda Forever image

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Movies | Action

watching black site this weekend hope it is good

Black Site imageBlack Site image

Black Site

Movies | Action

the show is just boring after season 3 seasons 4 sucks and it is cringey

Stranger Things imageStranger Things image

Stranger Things

Shows | Drama

this movie is good for beginner horror watchers just like dawn of the dead this one is more plain horror while dawn of the dead has comedy horror and thriller in it but both movies are good

The Mist imageThe Mist image

The Mist

Movies | Horror

this is a very fun movie to watch i watch every year for halloween the only thing about is i wish the franchise didn’t turn for the worst and they should stop making new ones and the movies should been longer like 2 hours and 30 minutes i would’ve enjoyed or just plain old 2 hours but still a great film

Jeepers Creepers imageJeepers Creepers image

Jeepers Creepers

Movies | Horror

this was a decent show i don’t like how it ended and i wish it could’ve bren more eventful

The Watcher imageThe Watcher image

The Watcher

Shows | Drama

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