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A four-part documentary series revolving around the case of single mother Barbara Hamburg, who was brutally murdered in 2010 near her home in the upper-middle class enclave of Madison, Connecticut. The series presents first-time filmmaker Madison Hamburg’s complicated journey as a young man determin

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2020-11-15

Last Air Date 2020-12-06

Seasons 1

Episodes 4


TMDB 7.6


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nicole_norm shared a tip "Good watch"

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hmhayes000 shared a tip "Props to this man, and the work he put into this. I know it must've been emontionally tolling, yet releaving/theraputic."

denis_lefebvre shared a tip "Well produced and directed. Good pace with several twists and turns which is welcomed in a doc type series. Over too quickly."

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sunshine_mulligan shared a tip "Engrossing #truecrime"

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omat_bronh shared a tip "yes i like"

kristin_graettinger shared a tip "A well done documentary by a son whose mother was murdered when he was a child as he tries to find the truth."

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monique_rivera_1868 shared a tip "Finished this last night. Very sad!"

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wendy_torres_230 shared a tip "It was really good but i hope they continue it #gooddocumentary"

jenny_b_4282 shared a tip "Such a unique approach to the true crime doc genre. Engaging, honest, and heartbreaking."

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jessica_lopez_2681 shared a tip "So captivating. Could not stop watching. Can't wait until this crime is solved."

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nfrq shared a tip "Loved it"

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james_ewen shared a tip "Very compelling. I can't say more."

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sarah_mulligan_9345 shared a tip "Really well done and leaves you wondering many things"

tamara_quartin shared a tip "To get stoned with."

stephanie mardell's profile image

stephanie_mardell shared a tip "Boring ... just too much and then who cares"

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tamira_powe shared a tip "not sure if i ever finished this end to end but i love college projects"

michele_dionne shared a tip "This was very good, though frustrating!"

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beatrice_chavez shared a tip "#Murder #documentary #truecrime"

pamela_ayres shared a tip "Madison Hamburg has created a riveting documentary about his mother’s murder."

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joann_vroman_depauw shared a tip "Great documentary"

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emariana_widner shared a tip "Compelling, but left with few answers in the end which was unsatisfying, though the reality."

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crzycrzybttrfly shared a tip "Interesting documentary from the son’s perspective."

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demond_lee shared a tip "Great investigation"

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robby_corrado shared a tip "Got to see the filmmaker’s growth, both personally and professionally"

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ken_struck shared a tip "Interesting story"

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stephanie_shafer_7600 shared a tip "I like the story"

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kimo_aleman shared a tip "A good binge but a bit disappointed with how it all wrapped up."

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malissa_dillman shared a tip "Story"

magen_beyer shared a tip "Awesome"

anne_grant shared a tip "Interesting mystery"

jill_liter shared a tip "Such a fascinating story! They need to do a followup! Madison Hamburg is awesome!"

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kathryn_caruso_6857 shared a tip "#truecrime"

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cmrobus shared a tip "This stayed with me long after it was done. I need more."

jessica_lachance shared a tip "This was such a good series!"

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ashlyn_brooks_5202 shared a tip "So great"

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miranda_dickinson shared a tip "Binged it....."

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ginger_toups shared a tip "Best show !!"

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cristy_ellis shared a tip "Well done"

mabelette_bermack shared a tip "Well done offering the viewer a look into a world gone by."

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catie_droptini shared a tip "Can’t wait for the follow up"

Kelsey Engdorf's profile image

kelsey_engdorf shared a tip "One of my favorite true crime documentaries. So good!"

baylee_harty shared a tip "Great documentary. Love this real experience from the sons point of view and his thoughts on the family members."

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