Monique, a struggling 20-something journalist is handpicked by Evelyn Hugo, an iconic starlet from the Golden Age of Hollywood, to write her final tell-all book. Told in dual time periods, we follow both women at the precipice of adulthood in their 20s as they navigate career challenges, racial iden

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Annalyn Jade's profile image

annalynjade shared a tip "a good outlook on (patriarchal) society, and understanding of LGBTQ but also good bisexual representation."

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dee_hunter shared a tip "Different from what I expected but a very layered story that spanned the gamut of emotions. I thoroughly enjoyed this book."

Jenifer Hoffman's profile image

jenifer_hoffman shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve ever read… it was full of emotions, highs and lows, a true love story."

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sarah_wickens_8977 shared a tip "Loved it!"

emma_dickerson_3419 shared a tip "the book was very hard to start reading but when i got to the last 3 husbands i couldn’t put the book down"

Anna Knutson's profile image

anna_knutson shared a tip "LGBT content and an amazing story"

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supercutstan shared a tip "this book>anything"

Cassandra Sullivan's profile image

cassandra_sullivan_31 shared a tip "Made me cryyyy it was so good highly recommend"

chloe_henninger shared a tip "Love love love. Lots of self reflection went on while reading this book."

ginger shortcake's profile image

ginger_shortcake shared a tip "my favorite book ever 💛"

Robecca Ragany's profile image

robecca_ragany shared a tip "Was a good book I did find it a bit over hyped but enjoyed reading it."

Lisa Carde's profile image

lisa_carde shared a tip "Nice read! This book opened my eyes and remind me to never give up on love."

Melinda Guice's profile image

melinda_guice shared a tip "It was OK, I didn’t love it or hate it."

sam_young_1872 shared a tip "complex characters and a fast-paced interesting storyline"

Melanie Buckley's profile image

melanie_buckley shared a tip "Loved this book. Well written and such a beautiful story about love."

erica 's profile image

erica_irvin shared a tip "it’s my new favorite book, so beautifully written and deep"

Amy Erramouspe's profile image

amy_erramouspe shared a tip "Great read!"

kacey_feng shared a tip "best book evaaaa"

lori_ruddle shared a tip "Amazing book! I can’t recommend this one enough. The story of love, in its many forms, and loss. Just amazing!"

Kristi Perry's profile image

kristi_perry shared a tip "This book was fantastic!"

tarson erickson's profile image

tarson_erickson_1934 shared a tip "Beautiful wringing and I fell deep feelings whether it be hatred or love for all the charectors"

jill_3198 shared a tip "Great story"

lyndsay_primosch shared a tip "Awesome read. Thrilling from the beginning to the end."

mads_a shared a tip "absolutely perfect"

Nina Lovelace's profile image

nina_lovelace shared a tip "the amount of substance in this book>>> amazing read!! Evelyn Hugo IS THE MOMENT"

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diandra_danieli shared a tip "Romance and intrigue"

Diana Delmotte's profile image

diana_delmotte shared a tip "Engrossing"

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isrosen shared a tip "i loved everything about this book."

Delanie Pence's profile image

delanie_pence shared a tip "SO GOOD I CRIED SO HARD"

AKSHAYA Abinaya's profile image

akshaya_abinaya shared a tip "Romantic and Bold"

Aliona Zyteja's profile image

aliona_zyteja shared a tip "quick read because i could not put it down!!! so good"

leeigh_ann_sudbury shared a tip "Such a good, easy read. I easily read it in one weekend. Definitely one I will pick up again."

annabel_silva shared a tip "keeps you wanting more"

Ophelia 's profile image

femmegirl shared a tip "Omg loved this book so much definitly my favorite book ive read ever."

karla_presley shared a tip "LGBTQIA and End of Life subject matter"

emilee_leonard_8693 shared a tip "Really well written, so captivating from start to finish- even for a picky reader like me!"

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kimberly_kamina shared a tip "The drama and storytelling"

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brianna_wilson_8926 shared a tip "Really well written"

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