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An exclusive group of privileged teens from a posh prep school on Manhattan's Upper East Side whose lives revolve around the blog of the all-knowing albeit ultra-secretive Gossip Girl.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2007-09-19

Last Air Date 2012-12-17

Seasons 6

Episodes 121


TMDB 8.4


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amzette_auld shared a tip "Entertaining"

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moviesuggestions shared a tip "im upset that netflix took this show off. i was on season 4 and now i can’t eveb finish it because i don’t have hbomax."

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alicia_barczak shared a tip "Loved this show"

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cooper_manuel shared a tip "It actually really good"

c.n shared a tip "it’s the best show to binge!! i can’t stop watching"

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kess_burns shared a tip "Absolutely! A bit older but still good!!"

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sylvia_eley shared a tip "Idk why it says this show is a comedy, it’s for sure more of a drama. But so good and I love it."

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danieller718 shared a tip "It’s an amazing show to watch!"

josalyn_turner shared a tip "Really Love this Tv show you never know what’s going to happen next and you absolutely fall in love with the characters"

sapphire_yau shared a tip "This was such an Intriguing show and i love it ao much"

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readingpaigelol shared a tip "crazy tv show, super entertaining"

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Just a fun filled, drama filled watch!"

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jason_soprovich shared a tip "Jenny!"

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karlin_sophia_santos shared a tip "This is a great show to binge with your fam for movie nights"

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rachel_neill shared a tip "This show is my guilty pleasure 🥰"

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mallory_sandy shared a tip "You know you love me xoxo"

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allison__5940 shared a tip "Perfect show! Filled with drama ♡"

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ella_magladry shared a tip "love this show so much"

mackenzie_fulton_1733 shared a tip "I honestly want to watch it again!"

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yvonne_oconnor shared a tip "A fresh new take on one of my favourites!"

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unicorns_space shared a tip "It is totally Serena"

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sienna_bergeron shared a tip "This is like one of my all time favourite shows. I love it because it’s not only 1 season so you can watch this show for a while"

dana_greer shared a tip "Filled with drama"

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allypaige shared a tip "BEST SHOW EVER! Someone help me find anything close to this show❤️thanks"

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allypaige shared a tip "Chuck and Blair"

angel_ekua shared a tip "i absolutely loved this show!!! it has a lot of drama which i really liked."

cassie_hoehl shared a tip "Love this show! Totally worth watching!"

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p_b_355 shared a tip "Addicting"

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annamaria_-234 shared a tip "Must watch"

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marahlee_novak shared a tip "Love it"

ilovelevine shared a tip "Guilty pleasure show. Great characters. Glamorous world. Loved every second"

summer_langell shared a tip "I enjoyed it! If you like teenage dramas, then yes."

seta_gharadaghian shared a tip "The original is one of my all time favorite shows!!!"

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valerie_vidmar shared a tip "Saying you're older than 16 or 18 or something would be fine I don't need to know your exact age"

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pemi shared a tip "Not even gonna lie, this show is total and utter trash, and yet I totally loved it and binge watched it multiple times."

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pemi shared a tip "This show is complete trash and I hate that I love it. But I love it a lot. Lol"

hamdi_aden_1762 shared a tip "yes!!"

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ola_shaman shared a tip "its literlly so good #gossipgirl"

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angel_torayno shared a tip "More of a big fan of this version than the 2021 remake"

cesar_erba shared a tip "I was so into this show! My guilty pleasure."

lynda_p_2312 shared a tip "The fashion and the drama! So much fun!"

kaitlyn__g shared a tip "LOVE IT"

sandy_sweet shared a tip "The original"

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daniela_rios shared a tip "Chuck bass"

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nicole_zelaya shared a tip "2"

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michele_phipps shared a tip "Do NOT watch this unless you like drama. If you do, you'll eat it up."

giuliaa shared a tip "such a perfect teen, gossip filled show"

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Sia_need_help_durning_this_time shared a tip "It’s very good if you like drama"

neely_jensen shared a tip "BEST SHOW EVER!!"

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jaedyn_billingsley shared a tip "definitely not a comedy but i absolutely love this show"

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justice_todd shared a tip "One of the best shows of all time in my opinion."

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nafisa_hussn shared a tip "A reboot is coming soon"

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sophie_kreuz shared a tip "SO good especially for teen girls"

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julia_preusse shared a tip "Loved"

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katie_morelli shared a tip "I loved this show! Had me hooked from the start. The plot twists, drama and love stories leave u wanting and hoping for more"

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hannah_lacourse shared a tip "Good drama with lots of romance and a nice fashion element as well."

j_october shared a tip "Iconic and totally ridic."

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patsy_hooker shared a tip "The clothes"

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remei_smith shared a tip "One of my favorite shows ever, the character development is great, and the romance is so cute"

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jessica_painter_8970 shared a tip "Amazing, makes you want to go to NYC and attend all the balls just dress up"

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riccardo_the_guinea shared a tip "Early 2000s drama. It's good it's entertaining I typically don't like drama#drama"

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cierra_johnson shared a tip "Literally my favorite show ever. Beautifully portrays Manhattan and fashion! The best drama ever!"

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jessica_a. shared a tip "Blair lol"

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jessica_moreno shared a tip "Chick flick. Unexpected ending."

sophie_silvestri shared a tip "Yasssssss"

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jonah_koifman shared a tip "Good"

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hannah_martinez_140 shared a tip "It’s a awesome shoe to watch but I only suggest to watch it if you have a lot of time on your have hands"

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ruth_yaregal shared a tip "blair and chuck"

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amani_randle shared a tip "I adore Blair !!"

makya_jordan_roberts shared a tip "I love all the drama"

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ellameyer shared a tip "Best show ever!!"

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deleted_user_1608747594626 shared a tip "I agree!"

carli_meerkerk shared a tip "Watched it!"

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layla_blanchard shared a tip "love it💞"

chloe_8730 shared a tip "This show got me through quarantine!! 😂"

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ava_thomas_1139 shared a tip "I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! ITS SO FREAKING GOOD!!"

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jazmyn_cano shared a tip "I dont know i love all of them the whole show us amazing"

miah_8956 shared a tip "I watched episode 1 and am almost done with #2 so I definitely recommend"

payton_kelly shared a tip "It’s the perfect show to binge watch!"

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bekah_cakes shared a tip "Serena woodsen"

sabrina_7702 shared a tip "If you are the type of girl who likes teen drama, fashion and loves long series... this is for you! 💜"

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heather_ray_447 shared a tip "Its funny and full of crazy drama!"

kerenha_iweha shared a tip "It’s all the drama you’ve never had in your actual life. Very extra, very fun."

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aaliyah_sturko shared a tip "Great show. Loved the outfits"

vipanchi shared a tip "Pretty good not my favorite but very entertaining"

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paris_stone shared a tip "One word: AMAZING!!!"

sabrina_blaine shared a tip "loved the twists!"

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daniella_sanchez_8467 shared a tip "it was amazin"

erin_draper shared a tip "Obsessed."

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kaitlyns_world_346 shared a tip "100% recommend watching this show! Its the beat show that i uave ever watch and i havw watched each season 10 times"

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julia_quiridumbay shared a tip "This is a great show because it has drama and romance in it"

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nicky_cooper shared a tip "It had comedy but also a lot of truth about how much a secret or rumor can effect a friendship/relationship."

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sophia_cittadin shared a tip "It was amazing and it's still one of my favourite series's I love to treat him it #lovedit"

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victoria_savinon shared a tip "Love this show. The drama is great and its got a nice twist to the end of the show"

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leslie_whaley shared a tip "One of my ALL TIME FAV shows. Something that I still rewatch all the time."

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jennifer_michelle_7995 shared a tip "Who doesn't want to soend some time as an elite!"

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danielleprice shared a tip "I grew up with this show! #xoxogossipgirl"

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kyra_myers shared a tip "Love the show"

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logan_salley shared a tip "Everyone"

melissa_rascon shared a tip "IM OBSESSED 😭"

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jessica_fleshman shared a tip "Chuck"

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elizabeth_candia shared a tip "#drama"

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andrhea_b shared a tip "Easily one of my favorite shows. So amazing and the drama is everything!"

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roberta_cumberland shared a tip "Love it, loved the twists and turns"

samantha_hawk shared a tip "It has a ton of seasons and I love it"

abril_9776 shared a tip "Cast and entertaining"

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michelle_tucker_4636 shared a tip "Chuck is my favorite!!"

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empress_frost_01 shared a tip "Love Gossip girl especially blair & Chuck ☺😍"

cbass shared a tip "When you need to watch trash tv, this is it."

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jess_cortes_2481 shared a tip "Really good show!"

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ouni shared a tip "An iconic classic"

tess_5195 shared a tip "It’s lavish and drama filled."

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queen_gambit shared a tip "Amazing show 👏❤"

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fiona_disipio shared a tip "loved this show it is exciting and gets you hooked easily 100% recommend"

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sami_yuskiw shared a tip "Great cast!"

callie_pugh shared a tip "Full of drama to keep you surprised"