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Woodstock 1969 promised peace and music, but its '99 revival delivered days of rage, riots and real harm. Why did it go so horribly wrong?

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2022-08-03

Last Air Date 2022-08-03

Seasons 1

Episodes 3


TMDB 7.3


Efstratia Galeos's profile image

efstratia_galeos shared a tip "It was exciting!"

Mike Parrone's profile image

dinomike shared a tip "Absolutely wild. Had to finish it all in one go."

trinity 's profile image

twinity shared a tip "suggested by a friend and i enjoyed it!"

Kristal Kaur's profile image

kristal_kaur shared a tip "crazy"

Macy 's profile image

maynard shared a tip "******* insane!!! It’s so crazy that I hadn’t heard about Woodstock ‘99 before watching this documentary. What a mess!"

Jennifer Quinney's profile image

jennifer_quinney shared a tip "Trainwreck is putting it mildly!!!Really shocking some of things that went on."

christie_biggers shared a tip "Memory lane…"

Gineiris Garcia's profile image

gineiris_garcia shared a tip "Learned a lot I never knew"

Brynn Pierle's profile image

brynnpierle shared a tip "Great documentary! Special guests were fantastic!"

luka_8782 shared a tip "This is a must watch. Really well done, and gives a great snapshot back into the 90s."

Joyce Santos's profile image

joyce_santos shared a tip "Much more chaotic than I ever realized. Great documentary!"

Sarah Bohannon's profile image

sarah_bohannon_2525 shared a tip "Watched this yesterday and I'm still thinking about it"

Calli Schnare's profile image

calli_schnare shared a tip "Yes."

Raymond Griner's profile image

raymond_griner shared a tip "Awesome Documentary"

forrest_8991 shared a tip "If you liked The Tiger King, you will love Trainwreck. It's short but I was engaged the whole time."

Brionna Jones's profile image

brionna_jones shared a tip "It shows just how disgusting people can be and how inhumane things can get VERY quickly"

Katy Grant's profile image

katy_grant shared a tip "Well made documentary covering one of the biggest concert disasters of all time"

Tinky Winky's profile image

tinkywinky shared a tip "Never seen so much naked people in a documentary wtf?"

Frances Darwin's profile image

frances_darwin shared a tip "Epitome of why I hated the ‘90s."

Sharlann Leonetti's profile image

sharlann_leonetti shared a tip "What a **** show. Kid Rock. **** music, **** people."

Alicia Holmes's profile image

tyrone002 shared a tip "Good documentary. Good lineup for it too"

Dhara Patel's profile image

dhara_patel_1800 shared a tip "Very interesting"

CW 's profile image

chris_wilson_9890 shared a tip "Best Doc of 2022!"

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