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Based on the Pretty Little Liars series of young adult novels by Sara Shepard, the series follows the lives of four girls — Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily — whose clique falls apart after the disappearance of their queen bee, Alison. One year later, they begin receiving messages from someone using

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2010-06-08

Last Air Date 2017-06-27

Seasons 7

Episodes 161


TMDB 8.0


juanita_8785 shared a tip "Ive rewatched this show 3 times it’s that good!!!! Love love love!!!!!"

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lexy_writes shared a tip "I watched it when it was still on Netflix"

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jasmin_bell_5358 shared a tip "one of my favorite shows ever"

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stephanie_fjeld shared a tip "Total guilty pleasure"

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silvers shared a tip "Overall me and my dad loved this series which says a lot. #whodunit #mystery #high_school"

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abby44lovesunicorns shared a tip "I never got to watch the show because I was too young but I’m older and don’t know wear to watch it anymore"

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cam_macleod shared a tip "No I didn't know there was one"

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ella_alexa shared a tip "Yes it was such an amazing show so worth your time ."

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amiah_freeman shared a tip "I used to love this show but I already watch it like 8 times now so..... yea"

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ella.jacobs shared a tip "Possibly the best show I’ve ever watched"

kendyl shared a tip "Loved this show. Perfect amount of horror and passion"

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alisha_griffith shared a tip "I recommend New Girl which is more of casual viewing. If you want drama/ romance watch The Ranch or Lucifer."

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AshSam shared a tip "Emily is my favourite!"

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debbie_shepherd shared a tip "Loved the characters"

ashlyn_gray shared a tip "I started watching it but they took it off of Netflix when I was on season 2"

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natalia_gonzalez_4901 shared a tip "The ending was great but I still wanted a little more episodes"

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katherine_barton shared a tip "Now on HBO Max"

riley_7850 shared a tip "I love the Show and I love binge watching it whenever"

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tori_and_broklyn_ortega_poirier shared a tip "Goot"

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nalah_w shared a tip "It’s perfect if you love mysteries and dramas."

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sundayja_bryant shared a tip "Had me on the edge of my seat"

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james_potter_7765 shared a tip "This show is great for showing girl power:) They may maybe rich but they still aren't happy. Money doesn't equal happiness."

angie_e_9778 shared a tip "It went downhill at the end but if you’re ever bored give it a try"

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karen_paige shared a tip "The flash is great. But love criminal minds and s.w.a.t."

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nick_b_949 shared a tip "Far fetched but, but keeps your interest."

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mackenzie_wilson_305 shared a tip "Cruel summer it premiered this month it’s sooo good"

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kaylie_reiland shared a tip "This is one of my favs!"

erin_lee_5904 shared a tip "This new show on prime called tell me your secrets was awesome!"

marissa_6371 shared a tip "Ok, so, I really liked it but after a while it got old and I never finished! I’d say give it a try!"

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katie_levesque shared a tip "Most definitely!"

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jasmine_bonilla_2087 shared a tip "I love this show so much"

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briana_higdon shared a tip "Gossip Girl"

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crystal_k_3286 shared a tip "Riverdale is a good one!!"

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amanda_t_8833 shared a tip "Vampire diaries, the originals, riverdale. Those are all really good too!"

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joanna_mcfadden shared a tip "Most definitely"

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caleigh_nichols_1953 shared a tip "Omg so I love so many shows, Pll is one of my all time faves and One Tree Hill, I also love Glee and Grey's Anatomy. 😁"

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nay_wilson shared a tip "I wish they would out this ba k on netflix I love this showwww"

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liyah3_symone shared a tip "Ummm either aria or emily"

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nina_egeler shared a tip "Edge of your seat good, I’ve watched it 4 times"

chelsea_hoffmann shared a tip "Beyond an amazing show I’ve probably rewatched it 20 times. They used to have it on Netflix but took it off and i’m devastated."

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kayode_martins shared a tip "Hey Marta, I am yet to finish it."

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tamia_howard shared a tip "Yes so interesting"

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emily_cornett shared a tip "It was okay lol"

mariam_1812 shared a tip "Hannah hbu?"

mackenzie_scott shared a tip "If you like drama this is the show for you. Enjoy!!"

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tara_turpen shared a tip "So sad they took this off of Netflix. Love this show so much!!"

kavita_julka shared a tip "Yesss the train episode"

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brianna_thweatt_7926 shared a tip "Love love love this show ❤"

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rebekah_massad shared a tip "It is funny a little wrong and sad."

kuanteala_hampton shared a tip "Everything"

marissa_2970 shared a tip "i like the books too"

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magina_pruitt shared a tip "Haven't seen the ending yet"

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lyssa_riggs shared a tip "Great show. Sad it ended. They tried to do a sequel show "the Perfectionists" but it flopped after one season."

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rocky_constant shared a tip "The only show I've rated 10/10 in my life! Hands down!💪#tension #drama #crime #twisty_turny"

lexi_cavins shared a tip "Perfect show to binge watch, it was amazing. Love every second of it, im only on season 1 but its so so good."

halli_watts-rich shared a tip "Pretty good but very dramatic! Watched when I was younger, probably has some nostalgia to it too."

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Xxcrybxby_lovxX shared a tip "It's a awesome show to watch with your Friends"

hannah_lacy_1916 shared a tip "I just started watching Georgia and Ginny on Netflix, which I was hesitant about. But so far so good!"

hannah_lacy_1916 shared a tip "Ginny and Georgia. Watched in two days on Netflix."

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danielle_hunt_7596 shared a tip "Million fires everywhere."

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danielle_hunt_7596 shared a tip "Little fires everywhere is another one and tell me your secrets I liked too"

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jessica_painter_8970 shared a tip "It’s just awesome!"

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yasmin_kabir shared a tip "This show has so many twists and turns and great plot points l. You should definitely try this show!!"

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chelsea_ray shared a tip "Binge watching this!!"

sydney_parrillo shared a tip "It’s the perfect show if u like kinda like a mystery"

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bayen_wang shared a tip "It is so nervous movie for those who is like murder types"

jenny__g_ shared a tip "Cf"

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annettes_gourmet-closet shared a tip "A.....who is A?"