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Avatar Korra, a headstrong, rebellious, feisty young woman who continually challenges and breaks with tradition, is on her quest to become a fully realized Avatar. In this story, the Avatar struggles to find balance within herself.

Parental GuideTV-Y7

Status Ended

First Air Date 2012-04-14

Last Air Date 2014-12-18

Seasons 4

Episodes 52


TMDB 8.3


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marsh_6055 shared a tip "Korra could be SO GOOD and then SO BAD. I still have mixed feelings on it."

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david_hansen_9557 shared a tip "Thanks but already seen it and I liked it."

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obvslybatgrl shared a tip "A lot of people have issues with the show and I admit there were some rough patches but it’s still a very fun watch."

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sean_m_2243 shared a tip "😭 it’s over, why..... 😭why"

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sophiguana shared a tip "its NUKTUK💪the Hero of the Sooouuuuuuuuthhhhhh💃"

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nicole_bleichner shared a tip "It has some great seasons and some alright seasons, but definitely worth a watch."

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achijason shared a tip "Fav overall... Pabu it just has to be"

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achijason shared a tip "Bumi and bolin are cool too also lin beifong"

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stephanie_vazquez_1420 shared a tip "It's not a bad show but it could have been better. I would it give it 3 out of 5 stars."

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matter_the_tech_tig shared a tip "I think it's worth it, it's a very interesting world it takes place in it's like a hundred years after the events of Avatar aang"

samuel_2218 shared a tip "The original series was better.I liked the setting but did not care for the story"

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kendra_manns shared a tip "❤"

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kimchi shared a tip "Hmm probably season 3 and 1, hbu!"

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fungbi shared a tip "not as good as atla, but revolutionary for lgbt+ rep in kids media!!"

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dom_rangel shared a tip "Straight 🔥… And earth, air and water 🙃"

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bwch13 shared a tip "not as good at atla. we all know this. but I actually really loved it tbh. not bad at all, just not the best it could be."

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bwch13 shared a tip "very very very very very subtle yet canon bisexual x bisexual representation."

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taylorcassell shared a tip "Thought I’d miss Aang and Appa, but Korra sneaks up on you. Diabolical villains and epic character growth."

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boom_master shared a tip "It is a awesome show it does have a weird story line though"

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grizz_9280 shared a tip "This is very good even though everyone says it’s bad"

em_davidson shared a tip "It would be, but I worry it would turn out like the harry potter rp game"

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ashyr_barsocchini shared a tip "Its always gonna be better then ATLAB"

kaylin_turnage shared a tip "Finished the entire series! Would 10/10 recommend! #romance #comedy #family #mystery #thriller"

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tyson_grover shared a tip "A good follow up to the last airbender. Has some interesting lore and twists to the world we all fell in love with."

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sugarhoneyicet shared a tip "love"

jaileen_zuniga shared a tip "My favorite show is the office"

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camillelikescartoons shared a tip "THIS IS SUCH A GOOD SPINOFF TO ATLA, I WISHED TO SEE MORE OF THE GAANG AS GROWN UPS THO #atla #aang #korra"

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k_d_391 shared a tip "Not as good as ATLA"

Naomi 's profile image

naomi_4713 shared a tip "Great sequel!"

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kasra_37 shared a tip "Perfection :)"

kaitlyn_cohen shared a tip "I’d say so! It’s very different from The Last Airbender but still so good in so many ways!"

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osvaldo_bravo shared a tip "World building and great characters and development"

chelsea_noonoo shared a tip "Good idea. Have you watched avatar the last airbender?"

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ego_wicker shared a tip "But*"

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abigail_knowles shared a tip "Great sequel series to Avatar. It has it’s shortcomings and took a little while to get going, but it’s still good. :)"

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sam_bernier shared a tip "@J!NXD kissanime isn’t free 😟"

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arghavan_hamedi shared a tip "Asami and Bolyn! U?"

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frozen_green_peas shared a tip "Couldn’t stop watching"

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12M_M56 shared a tip "Spoiler lots of drama"

 Journey  Journey 's profile image

Dobby-notsorry shared a tip "Has to be bumi"

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samely_llamuca shared a tip "Watch this after atla ✨🏳️‍🌈"

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good_game_gamers shared a tip "I dont have one the whole show is good"

Wisbendji Fimerlus's profile image

wisbendji_fimerlus shared a tip "The animation is great, and it exciting to watch"

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brittany_alice shared a tip "The first season was amazing! Thebothers were okay"

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angela_garcia_2229 shared a tip "It's the perfect show to binge watch 😊👍"

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tyler_colebrook shared a tip "Its amazing"

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dani_s_281 shared a tip "Korra most definitely!!! I relate to her so much"

safari_frazier shared a tip "💞💞💞💞🅱️"

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natalia_4367 shared a tip "Korra makes a good contrast with Angela, and the show also let's you see into Aang's life- which wasn't perfect."

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katie_beth_darby shared a tip "Watch avatar the last air bender not this"

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francisco_enriquez shared a tip "Why can't I watch the show here?"

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livi_long shared a tip "How do you watch things on this"

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miguel_garcia_1581 shared a tip "Why can’t I watch it 😢"

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invisible_i_s shared a tip "Hey"

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cadenc shared a tip "great sequel to alta"

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MrFreePress shared a tip "The absolute best in the entire series. Korra is fantastic!"

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anna_bryan shared a tip "Such a good show. So different from ATLA but in a good way"

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christian_robinson_5498 shared a tip "It is sooo gooood"

Kiersten Shiflett's profile image

kira_shiflett shared a tip "Not especially. Though there are a few stand out moments, it's hard to pick an episode in particular."

simon_ahn shared a tip "Excellent comics Adventure and Magic fiction"

jayden_6213 shared a tip "Amazing sequel to the ATLA, don’t believe the people that say it’s a bad show, cus it’s just as good, if not better, than ATLA"

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joshua_penix shared a tip "Probably season 3"

sante_carter shared a tip "Watched"

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sophie_2649 shared a tip "Watch avatar the last airbender first and then watch this for chronological order"

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monojime_amv shared a tip "Love this show so much!!"

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matthew_cole_6800 shared a tip "Yes"

christine_7207 shared a tip "goes hard"

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madysin_elise shared a tip "I'm terrible with episode titles, but b the one where she loses connection to the other avatars. Super emotional."

awesome_user_167868 shared a tip "Yyyyyyy"

michelle_7554 shared a tip "The whole series! Can I pick that? Lol"

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shannon_howe shared a tip "almost as good as avatar"

sav_hawles shared a tip "Amazing journey, invigorating, empowering."

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zach_king_2707 shared a tip "Good follow up series. Not as good as the original but still was plenty entertaining and cool new bending abilities."

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rebecca_lien shared a tip "##comedy #science_fiction #fantasy #family_friendly"

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rebecca_lien shared a tip "The fight between Ange and Ozi...... also the white lotus coming to aid the rebellion"

awesome_user_449098 shared a tip "This was a great show to continue Avatar the last Airbender series. For all the Avatar lovers!"

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deandrew_jomei shared a tip "This show was so good"

sam_tennant shared a tip "Great show"

anya_reglin shared a tip "Watch ATLA first to understand it"

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karla_jimenez_2913 shared a tip "#action_and_adventure ##fantasy family_friendly"

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jeremiah_haynes shared a tip "It cool"

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kreative_kira shared a tip "Avatar is cool and the next generation makes it nore cool"

james_blinken shared a tip "Really good, can’t compare to ATLA bugs it’s amazing in its own way!"

analise_moore-shiel shared a tip "Its a good show to binge watch but it is not as good a the last Avatar"

awesome_user_126327 shared a tip "It was ok could have been longed though"

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jomar_oneill shared a tip "Awesome show 😌"

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javan_lubanga shared a tip "Obsessed with this show, have watched the entire series, more than two times.#LegendOfKorra"

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diana_rodriguez_7648 shared a tip "Its good"

calista_mateuszczyk shared a tip "Spiritual"

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greta_s shared a tip "I love the show, I just wish that Korra and Asami's relationship was made more obvious since it is a cannon relationship."

Marcus Wimmer's profile image

marcus_wimmer shared a tip "canon LGBT characters (post finale)"

kate_denysenko shared a tip "Nice story and beautiful animation"

💥Mrs.Kautski💥 's profile image

russian_ shared a tip "Perfect show to binge after ATLA, definitely one of my favorites!"

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lucy_clark_9014 shared a tip "It depends on what you're looking for. What do you like?"

sahana_ravichandran shared a tip "9/10"

jack_9813 shared a tip "Kuvira <3 and Zaheer"

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marina_herrin shared a tip "So good for people who just finish The Avatar. I loved it!"

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