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New Yorker Zoe Hart has it all figured out - after graduating top of her class from medical school, she'll follow in her father's footsteps and become a cardio-thoracic surgeon. But when her dreams fall apart, Zoe decides to work at a small practice in Bluebell, Alabama.

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Ended

First Air Date 2011-09-26

Last Air Date 2015-03-27

Seasons 4

Episodes 76


TMDB 7.4


Jonann Sandvig's profile image

Jollysand shared a tip "One of my favorite series"

Jonann Sandvig's profile image

Jollysand shared a tip "Cute series! Lighthearted!"

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kathleencole shared a tip "If you like Gilmore Girls, you’ll like Hart of Dixie - it’s the Southern version ☺️"

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sherri_hodges shared a tip "This is such a good feel movie! Southern charm all the way! Loved it!"

somechick73 .'s profile image

lylathewicked shared a tip "Such a sweet and funny show."

Rebecca Brines's profile image

rebecca_brines shared a tip "Such a super cute, sweet series!"

cyber_auron shared a tip "I really miss this show"

linda_sherrin shared a tip "I loved this series! Wish they would make more like this!"

Keri Mosel's profile image

kerimoz shared a tip "Lots of good enemies to lovers relationships, gossip and southern history. :)"

jess_ica_9043 shared a tip "Lighthearted, cozy and fun, you end up rooting for so many of the characters! Sad it ended after only 4 seasons"

Ayla Barkley's profile image

ayla_barkley shared a tip "Favorite show!! Deff binge worthy! I rewatch it all the time. LOVEEEEE ITTT!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕"

Natalie Harper's profile image

nharper09 shared a tip "On of my favorites! Love the small town...and Wade 🔥🔥🔥"

lily_509 shared a tip "Yes I love it,it’s such a good show!!!"

meryl_pullen shared a tip "I actually cried when it was done. I miss the characters."

ricki_5457 shared a tip "Loved this show, was actually sad when it ended, loved the humor. I routing for Wade"

Alexandra Fedele's profile image

alexandra_fedele shared a tip "Me too"

Hj Johnson's profile image

hj_johnson shared a tip "I haven't finished it yet!!!"

Emma hassinger 's profile image

emma_hassinger shared a tip "Definitely a good show to binge watch if that's what your looking for."

Keke Gabrielle's profile image

keke_gabrielle shared a tip "I cant believe they are doing this!🥺😡😡😡"

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maria_molinari shared a tip "I cannot day enough good things about this series! I’ve seen it at least 4 times now!"

Stephanie Marie's profile image

stephanie_marie_8448 shared a tip "No. I like it all."

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robin_hunt shared a tip "Love this show. Lighthearted entertainment with fun characters."

alosh shared a tip "Highly recommended #drama#comedy"

Lola B.'s profile image

lola_b. shared a tip "I enjoyed it the first time, but watching it through the second time I just want everyone to be polyamorous lol!"

brooke_siebert shared a tip "Yes it is one of my favorites!"

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emily_1390 shared a tip "Love this show! So cute, but you fall in love with the people!"

Desirae Seidner's profile image

desirae_seidner shared a tip "#small_town_and_rural"

jane_2434 shared a tip "Best ever"

lauren_bellingham shared a tip "My all time favorite show. Must watch, this show always makes me happy."

Liz Libbey's profile image

liz_libbey shared a tip "Best ever!"

jason_elliott_291 shared a tip "I would have to say Wade hands down. Most others I could not tolerate. How about you, who was your favorite?"

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kayla_boyer shared a tip "This show definitely needs more seasons!"

natasha_domenech_mrquez shared a tip "Not my favorite but it’s a good show"

jennifer_stoner shared a tip "Do you like awesome tv shows with lovable small town characters and love triangles? If so, this is the show for you!"

amands_bakker shared a tip "Just finished this and I absolutely loved it!!!"

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lexius_thomas shared a tip "Loved this show couldn’t stop watching it so many twist and turns"

Tiffany Smith's profile image

tiffany_smith_3731 shared a tip "Not sure i have a favorite.... I would really have to think about that!"

Bridget Torres's profile image

bridget_torres shared a tip "My friend described it best... Like a Hallmark movie with sex! Lol"

addi payne's profile image

ilovemoives shared a tip "Oh my god I loved this show so so much!!❤️"

Beth Adams's profile image

beth_adams shared a tip "The perfect binge show...the perfect girls night !"

Gabby Green's profile image

gabbygreen shared a tip "Wish they wouldn’t have canceled this series!"

Lily Lapham's profile image

lily_lapham shared a tip "I personally loved it!"

Brittany Toll's profile image

brittany_toll_4774 shared a tip "LOVED IT!"

Teresa McQC's profile image

teresa_mcqueen shared a tip "It’s a mix of humor, love, and drama. Perfect series for summer watching!"

Judi Maloney's profile image

judi_maloney shared a tip "Yes"

someone_cool_8930 shared a tip "Great show, watched it about 3 times. The music at the end of each episode is great."

Keshia Fincher's profile image

keshia_fincher shared a tip "It's been a few years but I can see it in my head like it was yesterday the romance is literally my favorite 💛"

Michele Leonard's profile image

michele_leonard shared a tip "One of my fav shows!!"

Alyssa Stephenson's profile image

alyssa_stephenson_4650 shared a tip "definitely"

Anna Renfro's profile image

anna_renfro shared a tip "Yes! Very lighthearted, a little silly."

Lorelei Marsh's profile image

lorelei_marsh shared a tip "Brings out the southern in me"

emilee_lopez_3617 shared a tip "It’s a good feel good series to have on in the background"

Linda Hinojosa's profile image

linda_hinojosa shared a tip "Simple funny stuff"

Destiny Sierra's profile image

destiny_sierra shared a tip "10/10"

stacey_6591 shared a tip "This show I really good couldn't stop watching"

Abby 's profile image

abbyb_828 shared a tip "Love this show I watch it every month!"

alexis_6242 shared a tip "It’s a great and very frustrating tv series"

Amya Ibarra's profile image

amya_ibarra shared a tip "Zoe"

Karlee W's profile image

karlee_w shared a tip "I love love loved this show! 💙💜"

Alyssa Deubner's profile image

alyssa_deubner shared a tip "Love the characters"

wisechica23 shared a tip "This show was so good!! I hate that its off the air. But you can catch all seasons on Netflix."

Heaven Wells's profile image

heaven_wells shared a tip "I think I like this show not my favorite show ever and I didn’t finish it but I think if you have no time on your hands why not"

Shelby Harper's profile image

shelby_harper_9436 shared a tip "Little dramatic but i liked the plot line and the main character so ita good."

Brandon Boehle's profile image

brandon_boehle shared a tip "I really liked it. Cute small town southern charm. Very similar to Virgin River on Netflix if you've seen it."

Danea garcia's profile image

danea_garcia shared a tip "BINGED THIS SHOW MORE THEN 6 TIMES"

Shanda Hamilton's profile image

shanda_hamilton shared a tip "Small town charm"

Klex Gmail's profile image

klex1223 shared a tip "It's the perfect show to binge watch, I love it!!"

Mark Strathmann II's profile image

mark_strathmann_ii shared a tip "Great breakout role for Bilson"

Chelsea Livingston's profile image

chelsea_livingston_2922 shared a tip "Nice heartfelt show."

Cindy Lee's profile image

cindy_lee_2129 shared a tip "#bingeworthy you will definitely love the characters as much as I did. Such a cute show."

Josalyn Mcshane's profile image

josalyn_mcshane_2198 shared a tip "I loved this show. It was very enjoyable ☺"

maya penaluna's profile image

maya_penaluna shared a tip "I love this show. Its one of my comforts to watch when im having a bad day."

Elizabeth Kevorkian's profile image

elizabeth_kevorkian shared a tip "Love this show, so sad it ended"

Stacy Bitenc's profile image

stacy_bitenc shared a tip "I never watched this show. During covid-19 lock down I figured what the he k and fell in love. It was a really good show."

Sarah Anne's profile image

sarah_anne_4977 shared a tip "Its one of the best feel good shows on the planet ... bring back bluebell"

dominique_desjardins shared a tip "Cute!"

Karla Burrighy's profile image

karla_burrighy shared a tip "Wish there was more!!!"

Aimee Minter's profile image

aimee_minter shared a tip "Romantic, funny, great characters"

York Girl06 Channel's profile image

lindsey_206 shared a tip "So good"

Nicole Runner's profile image

nicole_runner shared a tip "I just love everything about this show!"

s_d_9329 shared a tip "Absolutely loved this show!!!"

Hannah Belle's profile image

hannah_belle_8054 shared a tip "Very good show. A town where everyone is like family."

chloegaleener shared a tip "A great drama movie! Love it! Great if you want a good laugh or cry. The characters/ storyline is great."

Emma Rose's profile image

emma_rose_6822 shared a tip "The better version of the new series Virgin River they are very similar"

Melissa Gallagher's profile image

melissa_gallagher_7974 shared a tip "I love the series. It was recommended to me. I binge watched it. Super cute!!"

Savannah 's profile image

ZUFO shared a tip "good"

lily_perez_1511 shared a tip "Omg hotttt"

Katie Blinn's profile image

katie_2222 shared a tip "Great show, I wish they made more of it."

anna_rawe shared a tip "Good Doc show"

taylor_haug shared a tip "The lawyer guy I can’t even think of his name right now"

Samantha Ryan's profile image

sam_ryan_ shared a tip "Absolutely love the characters are funny and so well developed."

Anna Wilson's profile image

anna_wilson_8283 shared a tip "If you love a tv show with drama and a triangle of love. This is for you!! 10 out of 10"

esli_delgado shared a tip "How about you?"

esli_delgado shared a tip "Ummm i would have to say Wade or Lemon"

jasmen_mclaughlin shared a tip "All of them lol :)"

Charli Evans's profile image

charli_evans_5333 shared a tip "I am absolutley amazed about how long it took me to start watching this! I cannot stop watching 😍"

Katherine Waits's profile image

katherine_waits shared a tip "So fun to watch"

Danni Marie Scott's profile image

danni_marie_scott shared a tip "I only enjoyed the first season"

Rhonda Richardson's profile image

rhonda_richardson shared a tip "Its perfect real life feel good show. Great for binge watching."

addison_briggs shared a tip "I love this show"

libby_parks shared a tip "I love this show. It would be greag to bing."

Madisyn Ortolano's profile image

madisyn_ortolano shared a tip "This is also on Netflix"

Marie Maldonado's profile image

marie_maldonado shared a tip "Loved this show... so sad it ended. I wanted to see wade and zoe. I wanted to see their story continue."

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1608750888301 shared a tip "Honestly I need to re-watch the show it has been a long time."

Tanya Caulk's profile image

tanya_caulk shared a tip "One of my all time favorite series!"

Leah Kennedy's profile image

leah_kennedy shared a tip "Down home southern touches."

kim_9127 shared a tip "Love this series!!! Romance, comedy, and suspense!!!!"

EmilieAn Kemper's profile image

emiliean_kemper shared a tip "Strong woman lead. Story of a town."

ingrid_compton shared a tip "Ive watched this series twice. Good clean romantic comedy."

jaelynn_frey shared a tip "Defiantly me fav"

jaelynn_frey shared a tip "Becaus eiys a great show"

Erica Loucks's profile image

erica_loucks shared a tip "I loved everything about it 💓💓💓💓🥰🥰🥰🥰"

Kimberly Thomas's profile image

kimberly_thomas_6597 shared a tip "If you guys like Heart of Dixie, watch Virginia River.. really good as well."

Courtney Barker's profile image

courtney_barker shared a tip "Cute show, very light hearted and a little cheesy! Definitely recommend!"

Brittney Whitten's profile image

brittney_whitten shared a tip "Loved it!"

ikram_abdulkadir shared a tip "Wade made the show 10000x better."

Diana Randall's profile image

diana_randall shared a tip "Wish there had been more of this."

Melessia Jones's profile image

melessia_jones shared a tip "Loved Hart of Dixie! Lighthearted and just a fun, feel-good show."

Kailee Lundberg's profile image

kailee_lundberg shared a tip "I liked all but the last episode, which was weird and didn’t fit the series"

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