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Sam Puckett is loud, independent, and tough as nails, while Cat Valentine is sweet as pie and super flighty. But that doesn't stop this unlikely pair from becoming best buds and roomies! Together, they're a power duo with a love for fun and adventure -- it's just too bad that it doesn't come cheap.

Parental GuideTV-G

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2013-06-08

Last Air Date 2014-07-17

Seasons 1

Episodes 35


TMDB 7.8


Jackie!!:) 's profile image

jackiereads shared a tip "loved."

Mariel Ferry's profile image

mariel_ferry shared a tip "This show will have you rolling. Ariana Grande and Jeanette McCurdy play off each other so well."

Lily Bogart's profile image

lily_bogart shared a tip "Love this show so much. This is my summer wrapped up in one show! #comedy"

Rayne Miller's profile image

rayne_miller shared a tip "its funny"

Anabella Rodriguez's profile image

anabella_rodriguez_7716 shared a tip "Enjoyable,funny,chaotic"

michelle_gonzalez_160 shared a tip "Loved it so much"

Maya James's profile image

ikykmaya shared a tip "Iconic duhh"

awesome_user_568130 shared a tip "It was funny"

Aleese Barela's profile image

aleese_barela shared a tip "Definitely the rest of the similar shows that came before like Drake and Josh, icarly, victorious."

Carmine Dalphonse's profile image

carmine_dalphonse shared a tip "The only bad thing is bad about it is cats voice"

Andres Mojarro's profile image

andres_mojarro shared a tip "It’s very entertaining"

Lyla Nilson's profile image

lyla_nilson shared a tip "I love them all! Haha"

Natalee Ironstand's profile image

natalee_ironstand shared a tip "Two friends with completly different personalities but yet still alike"

Falencia Bracey's profile image

falencia_bracey shared a tip "Don't watch don't work"

Ava Marchese's profile image

ava_henrydanger shared a tip "It’s a very funny show! You guys should watch it"

zaniya_williams_8596 shared a tip "I watched this and it was cool but thxs"

Ariana Parada's profile image

ariana_parada shared a tip "Yes,very worth it!I loved it.Unfortunately,they weren’t able to finish it."

Angelica Ortiz's profile image

angelica_ortiz_8312 shared a tip "I love it I watched it a lot"

Owen Chacon's profile image

owen_chacon shared a tip "Watched"

malia_7883 shared a tip "Like"

Mahan Nasimi's profile image

mahan_nasimi shared a tip "Love it"

Abby Jamelio's profile image

Abby_Jamelio shared a tip "Its ssoooooooooo amazing I can fall asleep so fast"

dana_maxwell_7715 shared a tip "They are soo funny"

Brian Southerland's profile image

brian_southerland shared a tip "How do I watch the movie"

awesome_user_668113 shared a tip "This is an awesome shut 10/10 would recommend"

Alexa Olte's profile image

alexa_olte shared a tip "You might like victorious if you haven’t watched it already"

chloe_4697 shared a tip "Awesome!"

emerymaya_ shared a tip "Another super funny show and great for kids and people interested in babysitting."

Honesti Covington's profile image

honesti_covington_8592 shared a tip "Absolutely awesome"

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