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Kousei Arima was a genius pianist until his mother's sudden death took away his ability to play. Each day was dull for Kousei. But, then he meets a violinist named Kaori Miyazono who has an eccentric playing style. Can the heartfelt sounds of the girl's violin lead the boy to play the piano again?

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Ended

First Air Date 2014-10-10

Last Air Date 2015-03-20

Seasons 1

Episodes 22


TMDB 8.9


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mya_formuoli shared a tip "This show is so beautiful to watch and I love the story! Definitely recommend! #yourlieinapril #anime #netflix"

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charmion_schroeder shared a tip "Has amazing musical pieces. Such a great amine🥰"

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allienikole shared a tip "So sad."

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lola_indigo shared a tip "It is a very sad romance story"

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alex_flood shared a tip "Beautiful. Makes you fall in love with living again."

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becca8901 shared a tip "Adgskddjfkfj I cried"

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willow_the_whimsy shared a tip "One of my favorite Anime series! Definitely a must see if you haven't watched it yet."

sophia_vasquez_8638 shared a tip "It was very sad but heartwarming I cried for days"

ariana_thornton shared a tip "Beautiful and moving - and heartbreaking at the same time"

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lex_3449 shared a tip "Made me cry a lot"

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empyyrean shared a tip "so good. not even kidding, i cried for weeks after watching. when i finished i begged my mom for a violin."

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jana_ekramy shared a tip "Love is war is a great comedy romance anime"

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paper_lamp shared a tip "Tissues"

rebeka_caca shared a tip "It’s good"

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deion_jones shared a tip "Do you want to cry? The anime"

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julia_hallman_4340 shared a tip "Very good show!"

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marie.D shared a tip "This is a fantastic anime. The ending is so bittersweet."

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aysha_ayala shared a tip "What a spectacular Lie it was."

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spirits shared a tip "Beautiful series."

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strawhatsailor shared a tip "For me I love classical music and the twist in the end will really make you burst out in tears highly recommend!!!"

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dani_5205 shared a tip "watched this when i was little,, still so good!!"

carla_clarke_4033 shared a tip "Classic and a tearjerker"

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quesadillachip shared a tip "worth it! it’s very light hearted yet tear jerking at the same time. beautiful animation and music, and a beautiful story :)"

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cmaesron shared a tip "Strong emotional elements, this show can really pull at your heart strings. A beautiful story and not too long of an anime."

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gabriela_cazares_4103 shared a tip "Ngl the beginning is a bit boring but it was totally worth it in the end. The whole show had me in tears."

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sleepy.__boy._ shared a tip "It's relatable in a way"

benson_5098 shared a tip "A really emotional roller coaster I would definitely recommend."

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gracelyn_schaible shared a tip "It was sad but still a great anime I recommend watching it If you want something sad to watch."

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Elax.les shared a tip "Why does it say its a comedy??? Good show btw duper sad though! Which makes it better!"

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Driziana_Fae shared a tip "Loved the music"

ellie_roy shared a tip "Pretty sad but the story is super nice"

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josie_weaver shared a tip "If you like sad anime lol then I recommend anohana and a silent voice which is a movie"

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revelia shared a tip "First anime that I finished! Animation and OST beautiful! Also, first anime that I ugly CRIED. 100/100"

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m_dijkstra shared a tip "Hard to read subtitles with tears in your eyes"

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zenitsu shared a tip "So beautiful, kind of heartbreaking"

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zoe_tran shared a tip "I love how she kept on playing even thought her pianist have given up."

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ollie_tangerine shared a tip "I m a y have cried watching it…so… I really recommend it!"

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h_smith_4840 shared a tip "This show broke me... 10/10"

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liza_c shared a tip "Multiple stories, many lessons, different characters, very wholesome little series"

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nomotaki_kim shared a tip "Beautiful and amazing anime but sorrowful ending..."

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katiemae shared a tip "such a beautiful anime 💕"

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raidenphotos shared a tip "Ugly cry.... you will ugly cry"

miranda_4075 shared a tip "netflix and crunchyroll"

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sam4anime shared a tip "If you actually wanna cry a lot, watch this show... I will watch it again and repeatedly destroy my soul 💔😭"

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j_pennyman shared a tip "Super freaking sad"

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hayli_hundley shared a tip "You're gonna cry :)"

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victoria_white_4138 shared a tip "So sad but very beautiful."

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animeblood shared a tip "This show had me crying for 2 hours straight. Tearjerker alert!!!"

natalia_fortin shared a tip "It’s kinda sad but super good show !"

natalia_fortin shared a tip "I think the guy who can play the piano is my favorite"

tessa_29 shared a tip "So beautiful 💕😿"

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jerzee_cheeks shared a tip "Amazing!"

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b-bo_is_awesome shared a tip "I cried."

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lonelines_loves shared a tip "It makes you get lost in the moment. It pulls you into their world and holds you there for so long."

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jessica_harward shared a tip "Tearjearker. Beautiful story, the music is heart wrenching as well."

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hannah_dillman shared a tip "So heartfelt and is overall a really good anime although I can make you very emotional"

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kayla_frazier_2080 shared a tip "Be prepared to have some tissues on stand by such a great show it really pulls your heart strings"

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natalie_serrato shared a tip "Amazing like I cried but love it so much 💓 💖"

sara_lewis_3930 shared a tip "One of my faves! The soundtrack is fantastic, too. I could listen all day."

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angie_martinez_2716 shared a tip "This anime has me crying for a 3 days straight after I was done watching it"

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sydney_anime shared a tip "cried"

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yellowbird05_. shared a tip "Emotional anime"

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cats_are_life shared a tip "Sad but amazing and beautiful"

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debanhi_salazar shared a tip "Cry"

celestia shared a tip "I loved this show so much I cried so much"

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serenity_briggs_286 shared a tip "Everything"

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Vaamped shared a tip "its a good anime"

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kohen_rugg shared a tip "Made me cry so much, it's a great show"

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elysia_hernandez shared a tip "Amazing tearjerker and beautiful story"

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prince_nigel shared a tip "Good anime, good soundtrack, great opening, I was sobbing on the floor when I finished. Highly recommended."

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brayan_cazares shared a tip "Hit me in the feels 10/10"

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star_bee shared a tip "The animation, the symphony of music, and the story just melt together. It's beautiful and bittersweet."

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nonsense197 shared a tip "It’s really good- Oiram12"

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ruiidere shared a tip "The animation is just beautiful, it just makes the anime all that more enjoyable."

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marcos_gonzalez_3363 shared a tip "The whole soundtrack is beautiful and says so much for having no words"

michelle_puentes shared a tip "Yes!"

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arleth_diaz_6523 shared a tip "I loved it🥰"

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jennifer_brewster shared a tip "Such an emotional show very good at executing emotions."

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hannah_hoffman_3642 shared a tip "Such an emotional story with a great incorporation of music into the story telling"

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squipedhamilfam_cha shared a tip "It's music and story makes you become really invested in its story. A classic for anime fans."

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madeleine_stein shared a tip "Nagi-Asu; A Lull in the Sea is pretty good."

sarah_marrin shared a tip "Emotional, and a beautiful story."

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anna_alkire shared a tip "If you like slice of life type animes then it's 100% worth it 😎"

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simrah_q shared a tip "This anime is so beautiful in every aspect!"

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Pergamentina shared a tip "Ah... What a journey. Beautifully done."