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Britain is in the grip of a chilling recession... falling wages, rising prices, civil unrest - only the bankers are smiling. It's 1783 and Ross Poldark returns from the American War of Independence to his beloved Cornwall to find his world in ruins: his father dead, the family mine long since closed

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2015-03-08

Last Air Date 2019-08-26

Seasons 5

Episodes 43


TMDB 7.8


Anita Skop's profile image

anita_skop shared a tip "If you love Outlander, this is the show for you!"

mary_kay_275 shared a tip "Good acting, amazing scenery, great plot, makes you cry, makes you laugh. Well worth purchasing."

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Claire.Lavergne shared a tip "Beautiful scenery and endearing characters!"

shell_o shared a tip "Loved it!"

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rebecca_gricus_thom shared a tip "Boring"

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william_crawford shared a tip "Excellent series and cast. Binge watch"

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lexi_k6 shared a tip "so good! so dramatic! one of my very favorites!!"

shane_cawley shared a tip "Outstanding series. All 5 seasons"

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jayne_tardiff shared a tip "Really great time period drama"

Jayne Tardiff's profile image

jayne_tardiff shared a tip "Love..love...love...u might have to sign up 4 the free trial of PBS to finish the binge"

Kristi Evans-Henry's profile image

kristi_evans-henry shared a tip "I don’t care that it’s corny. Those copper mines are rich in silicon now"

Marcus Manthey's profile image

Oldgray shared a tip "A truly romantic romance."

Darren Austin's profile image

darren_austin shared a tip "Excellent period piece about life in rural England after the American revolution."

Katy Roman's profile image

katy_roman shared a tip "Awesome showwww"

Melissa Kaplan's profile image

melissa_kaplan shared a tip "Great series with great acting."

geene_rees shared a tip "Some scenes are hard to believe but good anyway."

Brenn 's profile image

brenn_ shared a tip "It was good series. I binged 5 seasons in like 2 weeks. Last episode was a bit of a let down but overall I enjoyed it."

marion_folk shared a tip "One of my all-time favorite shows!"

Elyse Bois-Jobidon's profile image

elyse_bois-jobidon shared a tip "Love Poldark! Can be found on PBS as well as Prime. If you like downton Abbey, you will enjoy this one!!"

Michelle Coppa Magrino's profile image

michelle_coppa_magr shared a tip "Enjoyed every season awesome scenery"

Dina Fehler's profile image

dina_fehler shared a tip "Loved the story and characters!"

Jessica Brown's profile image

jessica_brown_4777 shared a tip "Omg!! Such a great show"

kelly_holleman shared a tip "My favorite pandemic watch this year. Cinematography was incredible and the story line was sublime."

Tammy Adams's profile image

tammy_adams_7588 shared a tip "My favorite"

Hang Le's profile image

hang_le_9039 shared a tip "My current obsession…"

jere_sponagle shared a tip "yes...start from beginning"

jill_althouse-wood shared a tip "Absolutely. Loved this show. Would watch again in a heartbeat."

Eloisa Magdaluyo's profile image

eloisa_magdaluyo shared a tip "So addicting. Once you start you won’t be able to stop!"

amber_keesee shared a tip "The Revolutionary War from a good British soldier's perspective. Politics, action, drama and a bit of romance."

Megan Emerald's profile image

megan_emerald shared a tip "Such an underrated show!"

Virginia Evans's profile image

virginia_evans_8319 shared a tip "Amazing love story!"

Tatiana Parsons Haddawy's profile image

tatiana_parsons_haddawy shared a tip "Great love story"

andrea_campos shared a tip "This is another good series, I have not been able to stop watching another binge for me!"

Lizzie Parkinson's profile image

lizzie_parkinson shared a tip "Absolutely love this show! Beautiful romances and heart wrenching deaths."

Heather A's profile image

heather_a_4750 shared a tip "The first season of this series is great!"

Kristen Sheppard's profile image

kristen_sheppard shared a tip "Historical fiction"

Shelley  Kamen 's profile image

shelley__kamen_ shared a tip "A must see."

Clare Erslev's profile image

clare_erslev shared a tip "Such a sexy show!"

Chantell Green's profile image

chantell_green shared a tip "Definitely a favorite!! Even traveled to Cornwall a few years ago to see that rugged beauty!"

Elizabeth Spaulding's profile image

elizabeth_spaulding shared a tip "BINGE!"

debbie_kreinin shared a tip "Wonderful romantic period piece"

Michele Marchese's profile image

michele_marchese shared a tip "This is one of my favorites, great story line, based in the 18th century. I could not stop watching!"

Regina Trolman DeMelo's profile image

regina_trolman_demelo shared a tip "Absolutely loved this series!"

Jennifer Berliner's profile image

aNewHeartRocks shared a tip "One of the best series ever! If you like Outlander, then you'll enjoy this adventure filled with love, revenge, and drama. Enjoy."

Siobhan Lennon's profile image

siobhan_lennon shared a tip "I only just finished season 2. I'll let you know when I finish it. ❤️"

janet_wyper shared a tip "Historical fiction"

bonnie_king_6783 shared a tip "If you loved Outlander there is a very good chance you will love this series as well!"

Jessica Wysong's profile image

jessica_wysong shared a tip "If you like Outlander give this a shot."

patty_henderson_3349 shared a tip "Great series. I struggle with Poldark. He's self serving and can be a bit insensitive to his love."

k_birdwell shared a tip "Handsome"

Brenda Gill's profile image

brenda_gill shared a tip "Addicting"

Anne Walko's profile image

anne_walko shared a tip "Just started season 5. Love it!!!"

Anne Walko's profile image

anne_walko shared a tip "Just started season 5. Love it!"

Abigail Borders's profile image

abigail_borders shared a tip "Was the perfect show to watch after Outlander."

nora_crowley shared a tip "This was a great series. All the actors are very good and this show is addicting. Loved it!"

E McCune's profile image

e_mccune shared a tip "Great show to fill that Outlander void"

Lorilynn T's profile image

lorilynn_t shared a tip "LOVED Poldark!!"

Jasmine Garcia's profile image

jasmine_garcia_9216 shared a tip "It’s amazing!!"

susie_williams_ shared a tip "Amazing!"

alicea_b shared a tip "Drama, betrayal, history,love, jealously,conflict,friendship,family,suspense..If I missed something, it has that too!"

amy_angus shared a tip "Good series but the final episode was a bit of a letdown."

Tyler Eldredge's profile image

tyler_eldredge shared a tip "I love it."

amber_coxhill shared a tip "I love a good period piece and this one is one of my faves"

Kay Harris's profile image

kay_harris shared a tip "Its the perfect show to Binge!"

Leeann Berner's profile image

leeann_berner shared a tip "One of my favorite period dramas ever!"

Tisha Hoskins's profile image

tisha_hoskins shared a tip "Binge worthy #romance #drama"

Kelly 's profile image

kellyb shared a tip "Loved this show... Great characters and brought you back into the era! #mustwatch"

lisa_2085 shared a tip "Great"

Odalis Perez's profile image

odalis_perez shared a tip "Liked it. Well written."

renee_8465 shared a tip "I like era series"

Connie L's profile image

connie_l shared a tip "Absolutely loved this series! ❤"

Barb Kleiss's profile image

barb_kleiss shared a tip "Love the time pieces"

shelby_reynders shared a tip "The characters get you involved from the start."

kerry_evans_2621 shared a tip "Loved it"

rebecca_6084 shared a tip "Fantastic show. Complex characters"

michelle_maloney_6772 shared a tip "Loved this. Historical fiction with romance!!!"

gabriela_recinos-ma shared a tip "Downton Abbey is also great!"

Joyce Hicks's profile image

joyce_hicks_5680 shared a tip "Yes! Love this!"

Brenda Calloway's profile image

brenda_calloway shared a tip "Love- love- love this show!!!"

Shannon Watts's profile image

shannon_watts shared a tip "Loved this !!! I was obsessed from the get!"

jurlene shared a tip "This has been my favorite period piece To date!"

Agathe Chadash Chiarini's profile image

agathe_chadash_chia shared a tip "Loved it! Got completely addicted 😃"

Kimberly Davison's profile image

kimberly_davison_7843 shared a tip "The Crown, Victoria (Masterpiece 3 seasons), Vikings, The White Queen, and the best period drama series imo The Tudors 😊"

matt_4193 shared a tip "It’s really good- well worth a watch."

Erin Griffiths's profile image

erin_griffiths_8948 shared a tip "Yes!"

manuel_escobedo shared a tip "Great story and production !"

cindy_platt_944 shared a tip "I loved this series!"

Tesla Alder's profile image

tesla_alder shared a tip "It was cinematically stunning and the acting was wonderful. I binged all 5 seasons wishing weeks."

NattlyB 's profile image

nattlyb shared a tip "Yes, yes and yes"

NattlyB 's profile image

nattlyb shared a tip "Not to spoil anything but, I was talking in through the show like, “Oh, hell no.” Seriously, give it a try"

Karina HernandezJimenez's profile image

karina_hernandezjimenez shared a tip "#@#action"

Julie Stadelman's profile image

julie_stadelman shared a tip "Absolutely love this series!"

meghan_johnson_9028 shared a tip "Love the drama even when I wanted to kill Ross at times."

Macon Hogan's profile image

macon_hogan shared a tip "Aidan Turner is everything in this show"

Abigail Moura's profile image

abigail_moura shared a tip "There’s way too many good ones to name my favorite, but I like British mystery like Vera, Broadchurch, Hinterland."

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