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Follow the intergalactic adventures of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard and his loyal crew aboard the all-new USS Enterprise NCC-1701D, as they explore new worlds.

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Ended

First Air Date 1987-09-28

Last Air Date 1994-05-23

Seasons 7

Episodes 177


TMDB 8.307


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the_girl_abides shared a tip "The best! Thankful to have been raised on TNG! Riker and Troi were my bi awakening 💙💜💕"

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Linklex7 shared a tip "The greatest sci-fi show of all time."

Kimberly Brown's profile image

kimberly_brown_3227 shared a tip "One of the best TV series’ of all time."

Lysha Farrar's profile image

lysha_farrar shared a tip "Such a good show! Jean Luc Picard is my silver fox."

Imranullah Mohammed's profile image

imranullah_mohammed shared a tip "Futuristic show that is well contained to one episode story. Widens the horizon of imagination of the viewers."

Alexander Yaitanes's profile image

alexander_yaitanes shared a tip "Interesting adventures and characters!"

Regina 's profile image

regina1026 shared a tip "Strek trek from my childhood. Had a big impact on me growing up. I think it aged well and still has relevance today."

james montalvo's profile image

james_montalvo_8884 shared a tip "Binge watching it now. Never seen till now and Its pretty good so far."

Long Nguyen's profile image

long_nguyen_6106 shared a tip "Best Star Trek series ever. Patrick Stewart is all kinds of awesome."

Bill Hinshillwood's profile image

bill_hinshillwood shared a tip "My favorite Star Trek series"

Ruby 's profile image

ruby_1624 shared a tip "I love this series. It was entertaining."

John Wefler's profile image

john_wefler shared a tip "Much smarter than that Star Wars ********"

christopher_adams_4341 shared a tip "My favorite Star Trek series of all time, thus far."

Joy Weaver's profile image

joy_weaver shared a tip "My favorite star trek captain"

Maggie Outland's profile image

maggie_outland shared a tip "The best Star Trek"

Lonnie Spangler's profile image

lonnie_spangler shared a tip "Im currently working my way through this. I'm on S3. It it better every season so far."

Jared Miller's profile image

jared_miller_9378 shared a tip "It's frincking Star Trek of course It's great. The Next Generation too"

claudia_bee shared a tip "Doctor Who and the new version of Lost in Space are good. Tales from the Loop was cool too going by the one episode I saw."

Pia Pol's profile image

pia_pol shared a tip "This is my favorite Trek! Comfort show."

Emily Rowland's profile image

emily_rowland_2980 shared a tip "Do you mean my favorite Star Trek show or favorite show in general?"

Or Rabinovich's profile image

or_rabinovich shared a tip "Classic and timeless. This show still holds up in 2022. The writing is so smart and enthralling. Highly recommended."

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adrian_roybal shared a tip "Restarted it for the 5th time in my life and still love this show."

dawn_oakes shared a tip "My favorite of all of the series"

jason_busch shared a tip "I grew up with this show. It has great actors and character development over the seasons."

Walter Spracklin's profile image

walter_spracklin shared a tip "#2 on my list of top TV shows"

Lindsey Ziegler's profile image

lindsey_ziegler shared a tip "Don't watch season 1. Season 3 is the best of all time."

Chris Daigle's profile image

chris_daigle shared a tip "Love my Star Trek"

Tiffany Francis's profile image

tiffany_francis shared a tip "Not just one. "Best of Both Worlds," "Clues," "Measure of A Man," and "Sarek" are some of my favorites."

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bronwyn_hawke shared a tip "Great characters."

Avi P's profile image

avi_p shared a tip "Best Star Trek series. Set the standard for a generation of trekkies/trekkers."

Scott Smith's profile image

scott_smith_3438 shared a tip "The first 2 seasons are weak but it’s really great after that."

Andrew Wilczynski's profile image

andrew_wilczynski shared a tip "First season is rough but it starts to hit its stride after that. There are some bad episodes but a lot of good."

tawnya_israel shared a tip "Probably my favorite incarnation of Star Trek."

rebecca_oaks_mason shared a tip "Aside from the awful first season, it's great!"

Cory McIntyre's profile image

cory_mcintyre shared a tip "Absolutely! If you like the series, all of the movies are great ☺"

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not_kivic shared a tip "cool"

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rosemary_hampton shared a tip "I sure think so! Maybe start with the 3rd season then go back if you like it."

bird chvatal's profile image

bird_chvatal shared a tip "autismpilled"

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trekkiebot shared a tip "Im a Trekkie!"

coffeebuzz shared a tip "It's not as popular but I also loved Stargate SG-1!"

gregory_nelson_7492 shared a tip "Love this series! 😊"

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cindy_davis_4115 shared a tip "This show still holds up... The issues they tackle are still relevant today. Plus space travel!"

Nicole Brooks's profile image

nicole_brooks_3060 shared a tip "Love this show! Not only does it hold up even in 2022, but it was very progressive for its time."

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christina_j. shared a tip "It's star trek. What's not to like?!"

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renay_t shared a tip "Because it's Star Trek and Patrick Stewart!"

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