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Players from all walks of life will compete to win up to £50,000. All living in one modern block but separately in individual apartments, the players will never come face-to.face, and can only interact with one another through an specially-designed app called The Circle.

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Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2018-09-18

Last Air Date 2021-04-09

Seasons 4

Episodes 62


TMDB 8.1


Rita Whaley's profile image

rita_whaley_6208 shared a tip "Love this show! Spill that tea! 🙈😈🏳️‍🌈 PS- they are accepting applications for the next season!!!"

Justin Huddleston's profile image

justin_huddleston shared a tip "It's interesting enough to recommend but I don't love it"

Kai Penn's profile image

kai_penn shared a tip "Really cool competitive show"

LeeEva -🎀 's profile image

leegoe shared a tip "I watch this when I’m gonna have a nap 😂"

Leah Thompson's profile image

leah_thompson_1096 shared a tip "It’s like big brother , except they never meet! I love it"

Kevin Brown's profile image

kevin_brown_2328 shared a tip "Enjoyed the storyline and the game"

Yvette Casanova's profile image

yvette_casanova shared a tip "Waited so long for season 2 #netflix"

Melissa Shepherd's profile image

melissa_shepherd shared a tip "Just started watching this and it's hilarious"

Chloe 's profile image

chloe_1817 shared a tip "Idk I just love sammies parts"

Mick Prendergast's profile image

mickprendergast shared a tip "Season 2, Episode 2 : Chloe "what a little f_cking bitch" #crackedmyshitup"

preya_layne shared a tip "I love this show💕"

Susan Marie's profile image

susan_marie_777 shared a tip "First season is alright. After that it gets to be too much."

Miriam Siegman's profile image

miriam_siegman shared a tip "A good TV show when you don’t have anything else to watch."

shawn_johnston_3311 shared a tip "I liked it....but I think I liked season 1 better than season 2."

Heather Muessel's profile image

heather_muessel shared a tip "Interesting movie!!!"

Cheyenne Steffen's profile image

cheyennesteffen shared a tip "Super drama filled, edge of your seat the entire time!"

EB Fisher's profile image

ebfisher shared a tip "Surprising lessons in humanity and social media mentality. I loved watching the contestants grow through the process."

Kayla Martinez's profile image

kayla_martinez_907 shared a tip "It was very good and kept me entertained with all the drama !"

Alex Smart's profile image

alex_smart shared a tip "It’s funny and dramatic"

Richie Sells's profile image

richie_sells shared a tip "I usually LOATHE reality TV, but this show sucked me in and kept me on the line the whole time!!"

Maria Cal's profile image

mariamaria shared a tip "Yes, it's a stupid reality show but I also recommend watching the UK and Brazil version!"

zahra_unlu shared a tip "Great show!!"

Sam Johnston's profile image

samjohnston98 shared a tip "Great reality game show competition that keeps you on the edge."

dianne_bmartin shared a tip "Fun show... more for the younger generation. I watched it with my teens."

Connally Baskett's profile image

connally_baskett shared a tip "I generally hate reality tv and this had me hooked from the first episode. I loved it all."

Qk Qi's profile image

start shared a tip "I don't watch reality TV, but this one was amazing. I watched The Circle US and it was so interesting."

omar_9169 shared a tip "Me too"

Whitney Yapp's profile image

whitney_yapp shared a tip "Obsessed and they also have a season for Brazil, definitely worth the watch!"

Sofia Miller's profile image

sofia_miller_5397 shared a tip "Addicted"

Alyssa D's profile image

ILikeTheOffice shared a tip "Was a little skeptical at first, but I couldnt stop after the first episode."

Madison Oliver's profile image

madison_oliver_3549 shared a tip "Absolutely is!"

Bridget Gray's profile image

Caffeine.and.Paper shared a tip "Why is this show so captivating?? And when is season 2??"

cindy_1813 shared a tip "I really liked it."

ava_rinaldi shared a tip "Literally the best reality tv show ever"

Evelyn Liriano's profile image

evelyn_liriano shared a tip "I’m obsessed with this show, I love the twists and I get so invested in the contestants."

Michaela Pennebaker's profile image

michaela_pennebaker shared a tip "didn’t think i’d like it but it was so much fun going through the motions and rooting for players with my friends"

Phyllis Estes's profile image

phyllis_estes shared a tip "Cute show, strictly mind candy"

Makayla Morrison's profile image

makayla_morrison shared a tip "Great tv show"

_maaiinne_ shared a tip "This is the perfect series too watch as well"

molly_jackson_5396 shared a tip "this was so fun to watch"

madeof owls's profile image

madeof_owls shared a tip "Any episode that is focused the Italian guy is hilarious. He got a big personality 😂"

Kimbre Thompson O'Neil's profile image

kimbre_thompson_one shared a tip "Its unique to see how others percieve how people see them and vice versa."

Jadeinatorr 's profile image

jadeinatorr shared a tip "It's definitely hard to pick a favorite"

n_fitz shared a tip "When you need a mindless checkout, yes definitely worth the watch:)"

Erica Boyd's profile image

erica_boyd shared a tip "Such an interesting concept and very well done. A reality show without the overly contrived plotlines."

Kelly Harrison's profile image

kelly_harrison_8435 shared a tip "It’s perfect to binge watch!"

nikita17 shared a tip "Season 1 was really good! Just started season 2 and it doesn’t feel the same. Hopefully it gets better..."

Santana Lopez's profile image

santana_lopez_9874 shared a tip "Alana deserved better 😐"

patribv shared a tip "I love fashion so I really like Next in fashion"

— 's profile image

_theaterkid shared a tip "Yes, it is"

debi_sealey-coe shared a tip "Very addictive show!"

Savannah 's profile image

ZUFO shared a tip "i find this show funny"

Emily Raymond's profile image

emily_raymond_7966 shared a tip "My husband and I got sucked into this gameshow very quickly. It is a good binge show for anyone who likes reality TV"

AnonymouslyCritical 2017's profile image

anonymouslycritical shared a tip "Really enjoyed the first season, not really the second."

Robert Taggart's profile image

robert_taggart_9909 shared a tip "It's a really good show"

Amaris Thomas's profile image

ALT11 shared a tip "I'd say! It's a bit extra, but if you don't take it too seriously, you can really get a good laugh lol. I really liked it 🙂"

Victoria Fleary's profile image

victoria_fleary shared a tip "Mindless TV. Good for having other things going on while you watch."

Baevin Feeser's profile image

baevin_feeser shared a tip "Strangely endearing"

yahaira_uribe shared a tip "The Vampire Diaries!"

kanisha_freeman shared a tip "Yes! I like it , esp if you’re watching it with someone you can like “bet” on who you think is going to go home lol"

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jen.n.gray shared a tip "Im obsessed with this show ❤️❤️"

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