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A group of aspiring actors and filmmakers in post-World War II Hollywood try to make it big — no matter the cost.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2020-05-01

Last Air Date 2020-05-01

Seasons 1

Episodes 7


TMDB 7.6


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Likewise shared a tip "Streaming on Netflix"

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derek_harrison shared a tip "Kinda like Madmen"

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thegalwithpluck shared a tip "Great soundtrack! Fun binge!"

Anastasia Midas's profile image

anastasiamidas shared a tip "I didn’t want this show to end! Can’t wait for the next season 😊"

Heather 's profile image

heather_stevens shared a tip "Was a little unsure at first, but then I was not disappointed!! So good!!"

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william_crawford shared a tip "Enjoyed every minute of this show. Old Hollywood"

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donovan__bradshaw shared a tip "Love it!!!"

Irene Atencio's profile image

gyrovagi shared a tip "Cool cast. Another great series from Ryan Murphy."

Wendy Wilson's profile image

wendy_wilson_8863 shared a tip "Fantastic! Emotional roller coaster. A MUST SEE"

John Gushue's profile image

JohnGushue shared a tip "This is hilariously terrible."

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melissa_collins_3241 shared a tip "Its so good!! The costumes and sets are amazing!!"

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michellerenee shared a tip "I wish they'd make another season of this"

Ahuose Okojie's profile image

ahuose_okojie shared a tip "Glued me to my seat!"

Elizabeth Vaughn's profile image

elizabeth_vaughn shared a tip "Glitz and glam of old time Hollywood, but a deep enveloping story with dynamic characters."

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rachel_phone shared a tip "It was so good!!!"

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kim_brown_9710 shared a tip "Great spin on actual facts."

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nicole_stanzione shared a tip "I watched this with my mom and I wish they were making another season."

deborah_adles shared a tip "awful"

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tarashea_b shared a tip "It has many ups and downs. The show overall is a very good show to watch if you enjoy drama and twists."

Gaurish Kohli's profile image

gaurish_kohli shared a tip "It is must watch under these times of quarantine. A series that you can binge on once you start it."

sara_ann_knight shared a tip "I loved this retelling of classic history."

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shalynn_89 shared a tip "I binged this series in a day as well...so good the actors were amazing"

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nick_butler shared a tip "Really love how much jack Costello sounds like Jimmy Stewart"

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deanna_porco shared a tip "Great couldn’t stop watching! Enchanting characters dealing with real issues draw you in"

jamel_long shared a tip "Show was so good."

Stéphanellie Parent's profile image

stphanellie_parent shared a tip "Loved it!"

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christian_ojore shared a tip "If you're into stories about old or the Golden age like I am, check this one out!"

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ben_spiegel shared a tip "This show is DEFINITELY for older viewers. There is nudity, cursing, etc. Wouldn’t recommend for younger viewers."

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christian_oats shared a tip "It was really good, I've watched it twice now! Can't really pick a single episode, but I liked the glamorous historical fiction."

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jlyn_wilson_2247 shared a tip "Golden Age Hollywood — A group of young actors try to make it no matter what the cost 🎬🎙💃🏼"

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amber_thibert shared a tip "Amazing cast and such great writing."

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alicia_b123 shared a tip "Sexy tv with a great story, very binge worthy"

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carol_smith_1525 shared a tip "Great mini-series, the f bombs were a little much, but the acting was awesome, would recommend"

cj_8091 shared a tip "Totally engaging! Great characters, especially liked Rob Reiner."

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susu_martin shared a tip "This is one hot show! Really easy to get involved with the characters! Everything is top notch on this production."

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gillian_knobelsdorf shared a tip "Just keep going and all the characters and their roles make sense."

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amanda_sofia shared a tip "Great show to binge and an amazing cast"

rick_dummermuth shared a tip "Awesome. Love anything Ryan Murphy does"

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nikki_garner shared a tip "QUALITY television with an important and touching message about racism and movie production in old Hollywood."

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anya_l shared a tip "sums up why I love and hate the film industry"

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siana_sanders shared a tip "I love the drama, and how they educated people how it was for African American actors and writers."

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broadwtaylor shared a tip "This show is really great and I really like Jim Parsons’ character and how he changes."

kathy_novell shared a tip "Love this! Can’t wait for the next season!"

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anomalously.chey shared a tip "Jim Parsons Is A Treasure!"

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olivia_stephens_827 shared a tip "Loved it"

nicole_carey_3275 shared a tip "So good. Ryan Murphy!!!"

tawnya_israel shared a tip "Enjoyed!"

cj_1327 shared a tip "Definitely!"

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nathalia_martinez shared a tip "Liked the Black & White thing"

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ZUFO shared a tip "Good"

meredith_murphy_729 shared a tip "such a well put together show and story hope there is a season 2"

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maryeri_perez shared a tip "It was amazing!"

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