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Following the events of “Avengers: Endgame”, the Falcon, Sam Wilson and the Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes team up in a global adventure that tests their abilities, and their patience.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2021-03-19

Last Air Date 2021-04-23

Seasons 1

Episodes 6


TMDB 7.9


kim cruz's profile image

kim_cruz_5571 shared a tip "Amazing so far!"

Christian Bell's profile image

christian_bell shared a tip "Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. Nuff said. Thank you Marvel for helping me relive my childhood."

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rae_of_fashion shared a tip "2 episodes have been released so far. Excellent!"

Rebekah Antis's profile image

rebekah_antis shared a tip "Action-packed! Dramatic, keeps you on your toes!"

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hannah_edwards_8909 shared a tip "AHHhH BUCkY yesSss"

Ruby 's profile image

ruby_1624 shared a tip "Great to see the shield again."

Emma Forster's profile image

emma_forster shared a tip "1st episode out and I’m hooked 🙌🏼"

LeLeigh 's profile image

IconicMisfit shared a tip "Four episodes in and I love it!"

Carisa Haber's profile image

carisa_haber shared a tip "I am in love with this show!! ❤️"

shyam_patel_6741 shared a tip "8.3/10"

lauren_wright_8932 shared a tip "I've been trying to find more sitcoms recently and came across community on netflix :) i'm really enjoying it so far"

lauren_wright_8932 shared a tip "hi"

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bobby_lll shared a tip "I LOVE THIS SM!!!!"

Priya Cordeiro's profile image

priya_cordeiro shared a tip "I am in love with the avengers series"

Keri Mosel's profile image

kerimoz shared a tip "This show will only reveal a little at a time to you"

MONA Becerra's profile image

mona_becerra shared a tip "Sebastian Stan#sebastianstan"

mimi 22's profile image

mimi_22 shared a tip "This show is so good if you love twists, action, and anything marvel. ......but don't watch if you easily get angry 😏"

tia_randolph shared a tip "I love how Sam and Bucky's friendship progress throughout the show."

Justin Huddleston's profile image

justin_huddleston shared a tip "I'm not actually an MCU fan, but this was really well done."

Lindsay Brandenburg's profile image

lindsay_brandenburg shared a tip "It started a little slow, but picked up steam and made for a really fun and satisfying watch. Good stuff!"

deasha_patel_2506 shared a tip "AMAZING!!!!!"

Tony Vongrasamy's profile image

tony_vongrasamy shared a tip "Best Captain America IMHO!"

Evelyne Aubin's profile image

evelyne_aubin shared a tip "It took me 3 episodes to really get into it but really enjoyed worth watching if you like super hero movies"

Squad 5IVE 's profile image

squad_5ive shared a tip "Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, what more is there to say 😆"

Catherine Fuller's profile image

catherine_fuller shared a tip "I can’t wait to see it"

Kathleen Caste's profile image

kathleen_caste shared a tip "The action sequences are excellent. But the best part is the friendship between Sam and Bucky"

Jordan Alexandre's profile image

jordan_alexandre shared a tip "watched the first episode twice and i can’t wait for the second"

evan_cook shared a tip "Amazing to see comic stories told years ago hit topics going on right now! Action-packed and good Marvel fun."

Christine Daniels's profile image

christine_daniels shared a tip "Fun and action packed"

Alex Diaz's profile image

alex_diaz_4348 shared a tip "I love the action and its story. Superb!"

Christian Christian's profile image

christian_christian_43622 shared a tip "Because it’s a show movie get it"

Hunteri Heroici's profile image

hunteri_heroici shared a tip "#action #adventure #comedy BEST SHOW ON AIR AT THE MOMENT"

alex_calciano shared a tip "just so funny and a real edge of your seat watch"

Jazmyne Caputo's profile image

jazmyne_caputo shared a tip "Omg this show is so good! I can’t wait for the next episode. It makes me look forward to my Friday’s. #tfatws"

Rich McNeill's profile image

rich_mcneill shared a tip "Good action just enough cgi but not too much to make it dull"

Amber Fabrizio's profile image

amber_fabrizio shared a tip "INCREDIBLE!! #captainamerica"

Eli Cutchen's profile image

eli_cutchen shared a tip "Awesome show! I would’ve binged it if it came out all at once."

Eternal Rainbow 200's profile image

eternal_rainbow_200 shared a tip "#action_and_adventure"

Isabel Parker's profile image

isabel_parker_3469 shared a tip "Love how the legacy of the shield continues and hope it gets more seasons #mcu"

Evilkitty666-et 's profile image

Evilkitty666-et shared a tip "I freaking love this show"

Anastasia Hernandez's profile image

anastasia_hernandez_9581 shared a tip "Just finished the first episode & I'm hooked!!! Can't wait for the second episode"

clarica_sidoti shared a tip "Interesting story & liked the Cast!!"

Tara Harter's profile image

tara_harter shared a tip "Love it!"

Amanda Cartwright's profile image

amanda_cartwright_114 shared a tip "We've been enjoying Disney's Sulfur Springs series"

jayden_castro shared a tip "The first episode was so so good imagine the next ones"

Alex Marquez's profile image

alex_marquez_6999 shared a tip "They’ve done a great job of showing other sides of superheroes"

kaitlyn barlow's profile image

kaitlyn_barlow_1218 shared a tip "I have only watched the first episode,, and I am already obsessed 1000000000/10 I am in love!!!"

tristan__6457 shared a tip "It’s new and it jus brings a new meaning to the marvel community.,,😭"

chinonyerem ndukwe's profile image

chinonyerem_ndukwe shared a tip "Marvel is so amazing"

alyzza_jasud shared a tip "It’s awesome and an entirely different vibe than Wandavision"

Darius Echols's profile image

darius_echols shared a tip "Only watch 1 episode but show a different side of the marvel universe"

andrew_maitner shared a tip "March"

zion_3143 shared a tip "Yep it’s amazing"

Stable Ankels's profile image

stable_ankels shared a tip "Really good show only on the second episode, I am really enjoying this series."

Joanna Bryant's profile image

joanna_bryant shared a tip "I want more!"

chloe griffith's profile image

chloe_griffith_4976 shared a tip "amazing in every way shape and form."

staylow 's profile image

staylow shared a tip "Great action right away and setting up a cool storyline"

Rylie Walters's profile image

rylie_walters shared a tip "You finally get to see some of Bucky’s personality, and it’s fantastic!"

roshaun_anderson shared a tip "Superheroes need therapy. Not as unique as wandavision but is fleshing out its characters."

epicdave01 's profile image

epicdave01 shared a tip "Fantastic show about two characters who don’t get enough screen time in the films."

Dale Weimer's profile image

dale_weimer shared a tip "It’s really good"

CARLI 's profile image

carli_6817 shared a tip "Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan’s chemistry is enough for everyone to start watching this show."

chris_7939 shared a tip "Movie quality script and acting."

Megan R's profile image

megan_r_9700 shared a tip "Bucky w a personality!! And Sam just being the great man he is"

jason_russell_5224 shared a tip "Best show on Disney+ by far"

kayla_clark_4692 shared a tip "I probably have lots! Any particular genre?"

aubrey_davis_6173 shared a tip "It’s amazing"

kristen_de_jong shared a tip "Exciting"

SEONMI KIM's profile image

KimberlyH shared a tip "First watched the Mandalorian, next WandaVision, and now this. So far so good! 👍"

Alex Prichard's profile image

alex_prichard shared a tip "Great to watch if you are a Marvel fan!!!"

Candice S. York's profile image

candice_s._york shared a tip "Love all things Marvel!"

Kimberly Daniel's profile image

kimberly_daniel shared a tip "❤🤍💙"

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igetit_now shared a tip "I like marvel"

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The_Divas_Mom2003 shared a tip "Love everything about this show 💙💙"

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