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Desperate to escape from his emotional baggage and the heavy responsibility he’s had all his life, a psychiatric ward worker begins to heal with help from the unexpected—a woman who writes fairy tales but doesn’t believe in them.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2020-06-20

Last Air Date 2020-08-09

Seasons 1

Episodes 16


TMDB 8.6


Love Olateju's profile image

love_olateju shared a tip "I. Have. No. Words. Yes, please!"

tamara_carman shared a tip "If you are going to watch a K-Drama this year, watch this one. It’s tragic, heartbreaking, loving. Just a wonderful show:"

jodi_6008 shared a tip "I like how the main characters build their own family."

Luna 's profile image

lunam123 shared a tip "loved this one and how bad she acts :)"

hannah_hargraves shared a tip "Literally Art. The concept, writing, genre, chemistry; perfect. Must watch if you like or want to like K-Dramas."

Brenda (Bren) Hernandez's profile image

Imbren_h shared a tip "She is a little scary, but I can see why she is the way she is. FAMILY has a lot to do with it."

emily_russell_7024 shared a tip "earth shattering, but somehow wholesome"

Hai 's profile image

hailey_tyler shared a tip "Loved this show, cried a bit too much though. Definitely recommend"

Mya Iannuzzi's profile image

mya_formuoli shared a tip "I’m now in the process of watching it for the second time"

Dino 's profile image

Dino_di shared a tip "absolutely loved it"

lys 's profile image

4koo shared a tip "TOP kdrama!"

reese_9872 shared a tip "definitely worth a try! I don't think it's for everyone, but I appreciated both the characters and humour a lot!"

PatriciaFR 's profile image

patricia_fr shared a tip "Deserves all the praise it recieved. I've rewatched it multiple times!"

Chasity Starnes's profile image

chasity_starnes shared a tip "This show will give you all the feels!"

Kate Brewer's profile image

kate_brewer_1097 shared a tip "❤️❤️❤️"

Kate Brewer's profile image

kate_brewer_1097 shared a tip "Truly the best show ever 🥺"

essie 's profile image

scn_ shared a tip "so good, the fashion…everything. Seo Yeji is soo pretty"

Sarah Bierhorst's profile image

sarah_bierhorst shared a tip "i was not mentally or physically or emotionally prepared for this"

TML 's profile image

tml shared a tip "An instant classic. The chemistry is excellent, the writing is excellent, the plot feels new. Must watch."

alexandra 💌's profile image

lexluvrs shared a tip "SOGOOD"

mansimrat shared a tip "Great chemistry and amazing performance. Definitely something different to watch."

Carol Alvarenga's profile image

carol_alvarenga shared a tip "This was so amazing, just bring a snack and a blanket!"

baby_4338 shared a tip "Yea i loved it"

Faye 's profile image

bumthoughts shared a tip "Comedy and Love at it’s finest; great storytelling over-all"

ana_warren shared a tip "Definitely!!"

Chelsea 's profile image

chelsea_d. shared a tip "💜"

serina_davenport_6736 shared a tip "HEAVY ON THE I LOVE THIS SHOW. It’s such a beautiful show and one of my favorites"

Lynda Lo's profile image

lynda_lo shared a tip "So far I love this show. It’s so unique. It make you feel so many emotions"

Gabriela Macias's profile image

gabrielam055 shared a tip "It is a great romatic show to watch. So much drama and caring love. Really recommend. 100%"

Fruits Basket's profile image

fruits_basket shared a tip "I love this it’s funny kinda sad"

Lily Cox's profile image

llcx shared a tip "it’s really good!! the character development is amazing"

susan_ofner shared a tip "An in depth portrayal of trauma and it’s influence on personality and relationships. Beautiful movie."

KIAIRA MERRILL's profile image

kiaira_merrill shared a tip "Very emotional"

Lyric Gonzales's profile image

lyric_gonzales shared a tip "Honestly, I’m sad I finished it 😢...highly recommend 😁"

Tammy Williams's profile image

tammy_williams_9084 shared a tip "Such strong relationships with each other and family. A hard look at self and what others may see"

Lonelines Loves's profile image

lonelines_loves shared a tip "It's heart breaking. The music is amazing and it tough me more about my emotions then anyone else"

Natalia 's profile image

natalia_4367 shared a tip "A young lady with APD that shows how hard loving can be."

Alexis Vidomski's profile image

alexis_vidomski shared a tip "One of my all time favs. I love it. They work well together."

Sreyas 's profile image

sreyas shared a tip "Very wholesom and emotional"

prathiksha_divyanan shared a tip "Strong female lead. Great storyline. Amazing acting by leads and supporting cast."

Rosa Carrillo's profile image

rosec shared a tip "HANDS DOWN one of the greatest shows I have EVER watched. Do yourself a favor and watch it!!!"

hannah_park_5305 shared a tip "OH MY GOODNESS! i recommend this to anyone and everyone that’s willing to watch! hands down the best kdrama of 2020"

kyla_muckle shared a tip "Very good"

erica_nam shared a tip "hands down the best drama youll ever see. everyone i know LOVES it and it will NEVER EVER LET YOU DOWN"

Eliza Partida's profile image

eliza_partida shared a tip "This is such a good show that goes more in depth about mental issues"

antonina_maisson shared a tip "Oh so good 👌"

Jamiya Oliver 's profile image

jamiya_oliver shared a tip "This was just an amazing and unforgettable kdrama 🥰"

Virginia Facecchia's profile image

virginia_facecchia shared a tip "Perfect levels of drama, romance and mystery."

alexandria_smith_6638 shared a tip "A comedic twist on star crossed lovers that chronicles the different experiences of mental health and mental illness."

rocio_mancia shared a tip "So well written 👌"

leslie_elizondo shared a tip "Loved the small amount of creepiness that it has"

Philippe Bourgeois's profile image

philippe_bourgeois shared a tip "The best K-Drama i have watch in 2020! I really good take on mental illness 👌"

Brooke S's profile image

brooke_s_7814 shared a tip "Hiya!! Abyss on Netflix was also really good."

Gi Gi's profile image

gi_gi_2455 shared a tip "Best show of 2020"

Caitlyn Scott's profile image

caitlyn_scott shared a tip "First Kdrama I watched, absolutely loved it!!!#romance #kdrama"

s_ajijala shared a tip "Romance, but with mental health themes and life lessons"

Jayda 's profile image

jayda_8533 shared a tip "literally one of my favorites."

Carrington Bryant's profile image

carrington_bryant shared a tip "One of the funniest K-Dramas I’ve ever seen!"

Maryeri Perez's profile image

maryeri_perez shared a tip "Best show ever! And that’s not an exaggeration. #drama #romance #netflix #"

B A B O's profile image

b_a_b_o shared a tip "This is my favorite k-drama of all time. It was beautiful💖😭"

Charly Rigby's profile image

charly_rigby shared a tip "Great! I love the plot, very relatable and lots of twists and turns. Cute and funny to though lol"

Bianca’s Vlogs's profile image

biancas_vlogs shared a tip "Definitely Itaewon Class if you haven’t watched it already and Extraordinary you"

cameron_gambrel_5929 shared a tip "Very interesting loved the romance"

Sierra Schauerhamer's profile image

sierra_schauerhamer shared a tip "So intense, but so good"

kayla_waggoner_4823 shared a tip "😢😢 one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. I loved it so much!"

Areej Nawaz's profile image

areej_nawaz shared a tip "AMAZING!!"

esme_bernache shared a tip "Definitely worth it!"

connie buggs's profile image

connie_buggs shared a tip "This was an amazing story with so much warmth and solidified my beginning interest in K dramas"

Ask Ari's profile image

ask_ari shared a tip "Sure, it’s funny, but will also have you crying constantly"

Jennifer Aviles's profile image

jennifer_aviles_7593 shared a tip "Yes"

betsy 's profile image

gaycenzo shared a tip "good kissing and great plot plus it talks about mental health"

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