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Crash-landed alien Harry takes on the identity of a small-town Colorado doctor. Arriving with a secret mission, he starts off living a simple life…but things get a bit rocky when he’s roped into solving a local murder and realizes he needs to assimilate into his new world. As he does, he begins to w

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2021-01-27

Last Air Date 2021-03-31

Seasons 1

Episodes 10


TMDB 8.0


Faith Shaffer's profile image

beadzombie shared a tip "My mom and I love this show! It is deliciously cheesy and funny. The lead actor, Alan Tudyk, crushes it!"

Itzel 's profile image

itzel_968 shared a tip "Loved this show! Alan Tudyk was amazing 👏! The comedy was spot on and not overdone like other shows!"

donald_166 shared a tip "It's a keep you on your toes show"

IAmVance shared a tip "A surpringly funny and delightful show with a ton of unexpected twists. Highly recommend!"

ashley southard's profile image

ashey shared a tip "Super funny so far!"

ashley southard's profile image

ashey shared a tip "Super funny so far!"

Savannah Ray's profile image

savannah_ray shared a tip "Recommend this comedy/drama/ thriller. Alan Tudyk is perfect in this!"

Ian Bergeron's profile image

kruspepoq shared a tip "Best new show of 2021 yet #clungclung"

Kathleen A's profile image

ARRkat shared a tip "This is a fun show with just the right amount of cheese. Both my husband and I (50s) and sons (20-30s) loved it. #clungclung"

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ARRkat shared a tip "Oh! I also love that it is filmed in Ladysmith, BC - my hometown!"

sandra_ahola shared a tip "Very funny. One of the few things that made me laugh during Covid. Interesting take on alien invasion."

Traci McBride Smith's profile image

traci_mcbride_smith shared a tip "This series is awesome. I love how he fits right in...internet and all. And that poor kid.....only he can see him."

Jennifer Miller's profile image

jennifer_miller_7442 shared a tip "Hilarious! So likeable you won't wanna stop watching in one sitting- please let there be more!!"

Siobhan Murphy's profile image

purplestar2049 shared a tip "This show is hilarious. #comedy #science_fiction"

Liz Wright's profile image

liz_wright_9724 shared a tip "Funny, mysterious, cheesy"

Adam Schmidt's profile image

BroteinAdam shared a tip "Very funny slapstick show. Alan Tudyk is a legend. #syfy"

Dalicia Matos's profile image

dalicia_matos shared a tip "Absolutely hilarious. I don't miss an episode. Lead actor is absolutely perfect for this role. I highly recommend this show."

Alan Decker's profile image

alan_decker shared a tip "It's original very entertaining I couldn't get enough"

Ashlee Carlisle's profile image

ashlee_carlisle shared a tip "This show is funny and smart with awesome characters !"

Sarah Michael's profile image

sarah_michael_9152 shared a tip "So funny."

Lexi 's profile image

IamLexi shared a tip "I love this show it’s so entertaining"

Jordana Weisdorf's profile image

jordana702 shared a tip "This show is fantastic! If you aren't watching this go now! It's on syfy channel!"

jeremy_j_8988 shared a tip "Well written and very funny! A definite good watch!"

a_tom shared a tip "Funny and dark. Alan Tudyk ❤️"

Rebecca Swift's profile image

rebecca_swift shared a tip "Just watched the first session in two days 😳"

David Reeves's profile image

david_reeves_4976 shared a tip "Great show can't wait for season 2."

Matthew Stevens's profile image

matthew_stevens_1568 shared a tip "This show is so funny! Honestly a really good show."

Kelleigh Fauth's profile image

kelleigh_fauth shared a tip "My husband and I haven’t laughed this much in a long time! We had to keep pausing it so we could breath"

Bergamo Pics's profile image

bergamo_pics shared a tip "#Science #Fun #Comedy"

jeanette_olson shared a tip "I wish I could give this 5 thumbs-up! Alan is brilliant."

Cheryl Atwater De-Leon's profile image

Crimsoncabrona shared a tip "Loving it"

kaye_bakos shared a tip "Loving this new comedy! The cast is excellent and the story has a lot of laughs but also some heart warming moments. 👍🏼"

Nicholas Battle's profile image

nicholas_battle shared a tip "Very dark humor. Love it."

rebecca_howard_2108 shared a tip "This is hilarious! I'm enjoying it very much."

kristen_presnell shared a tip "This is one of the funniest shows I’ve seen. It’s a hilariously awkward spin on a alien/scifi storyline."

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sara_paxton shared a tip "Dark humor!So far it's great! ❤️❤️❤️"

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kara_schmidt shared a tip "The humor in this show is right up my alley. So funny!"

myles_boucher shared a tip "This show is so good and so funny"

Sarah Gonzales's profile image

sarah_gonzales_3584 shared a tip "Masterpiece"

Kirsten Robert's profile image

kirsten_robert shared a tip "Thanks to ya'll, we are LOVING this show. Cracking up 🤣"

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