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"This special edition of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" has a gorgeous new cover illustration by Kazu Kibuishi. Inside is the full text of the original novel, with decorations by Mary GrandPre."Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the pivotal fourth novel in the seven-part tale of Harry Pot

Author Inc. Scholastic

Pages 768

Publisher Scholastic Incorporated

Published Date 2013-08-27

ISBN 0606323481 9780606323482


Google 4.5


Susan Young's profile image

susan_young_1680 shared a tip "My most beloved H.P. film! Be taken on a ride & forget your troubles for 2+hours my friends!"

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grace_6427 shared a tip "The best hp book"

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staci_millner_3587 shared a tip "This book and movie was great as Harry and his friends are feeling the pressure of opposites liking wanting to date"

Bernesha Carman's profile image

fromwonderland shared a tip "Me too!"

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lilly_wallace_1876 shared a tip "I'm so sad that they killed Cedric! Lie, he was a very important hufflepuff."

Christi Via's profile image

christi_fit shared a tip "Yas!!! Do it! This book is prob my 2nd favorite out of the series!! Btw. Love the profile pic!!#magic #dogs"

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joellyn_chapman shared a tip "Not her as a person. Just the books."

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waiting.for.vienna shared a tip "the plot is this one is particularly engrossing. loved reading this."

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carisa_haber shared a tip "I loved this book!"

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addie_anderson_6277 shared a tip "Must of liked this"

emma_nicole_wolfe shared a tip "Ummm I’m not sure any recommendations"

Nezuko-chan 's profile image

drwhistler shared a tip "Harry potterrrrrr"

Charlotte 's profile image

charlotte_brenton shared a tip "It’s super good! My favorite in the Harry Potter series is the 5th one"

Sherralle B.'s profile image

sherralle_b. shared a tip "Hi. I’ve been loving The Atlantis Gene, I Am Legend and A Secret History just to name a few."

Crumbs 's profile image

iwantmyhappypill shared a tip "Sorry I have notifications turned off for this app! I’m probably reading “Hell Follows With Us” next’"

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nikki_maney shared a tip "Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban!"

Brittany Hines's profile image

brittany_hines_7155 shared a tip "I'm reading the secrets of spellshadow manor series next :)"

Wendy Rodgers's profile image

wendy_rodgers shared a tip "I'm re-reading all the Beautiful Creatures books...you?"

Benton Wright's profile image

benton_wright_8133 shared a tip "Check out the sufficiently advanced magic series."

Nikki Davis's profile image

nikki_davis_7200 shared a tip "The plot twist at the end about Mad eye being Barty Crouch jr for sure!"

Marie Egglesten's profile image

books_art_softball shared a tip "There is a series that is fantasy that I am loving. It's called curtsies and conspiracies. There are 3 books in that series"

🧡cora🤎 's profile image

books.and.coffee shared a tip "Me i love harry potter 👦⚡📙🧙‍♂️"

🧡cora🤎 's profile image

books.and.coffee shared a tip "Didn't mean to add this lol"

Mateya Sept's profile image

mateya_sept shared a tip "I love keeper of the lost city’s for fantasy and I also love Colleen Hoover for romance ❤️"

Jolayne Majestic's profile image

jolayne_majestic shared a tip "You really should. I personally like the book more then the movies"

Krystal Durham's profile image

krystal_durham shared a tip "Not sure just getting ideas"

Maddie Burnett's profile image

maddie_burnett_7043 shared a tip "It’s a childhood favourite tbh! It’s so hard to pick one favourite part haha"

simran_495 shared a tip "Yeah sure,its a really good one."

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Ilove_books_1518 shared a tip "This book started kicking in when I got to the middle lol. It was pretty good."

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addison_angel shared a tip "It’s my favorite book in the series!"

Mirtha margarita Carrasco's profile image

mirtha_margarita_ca shared a tip "Coffee is not good for me and you"

melissa_lewis_2559 shared a tip "This is my favorite book in the series, but they're all must-reads."

Sarah Nelson's profile image

sarah_nelson_4979 shared a tip "Have you never read the Harry Potter series?"

Dalila Lala's profile image

dalila_lala shared a tip "I enjoyed this book and every other book before and after. Happy I was not alone with my views."

melissa_major shared a tip "You should start from the beginning of the series it’s so much better than the movies !"

Miks_all-around259 shared a tip "Hmmm, I think my favorite book is probably “The Mind Trap” byG. Clifton Wisler."

Lime Bear 's profile image

lime_bear shared a tip "When Harry fights Voldemort"

jordyn_4863 shared a tip "Yeah! I love this series!"

Noha Saad's profile image

noha_saad shared a tip "Sammee Harry Potter is just the best for me it feels like home any time i watch the movies or read the books!❤️"

Kyla L'Hirondelle's profile image

kyla_lhirondelle shared a tip "Totally worth it as long as you’ve read the first 3 books in the series"

Sophie 's profile image

sophia_75 shared a tip "Yes! My favorite part would probably be when Harry is doing the second task."

jnsidenfaden 's profile image

jnsidenfaden shared a tip "Absolutely!"

chels. shared a tip "Better than the movie..."

Lil-Farrah 's profile image

lil-farrah shared a tip "7/10"

Lily Disla's profile image

lily_disla shared a tip "Any HP books are so worth the read! 🥰"

Cestmoi 's profile image

potatopeel shared a tip "Yeah! Recently I’m obsessed with this book called Crown of Feathers. It’s really goof"

Cestmoi 's profile image

potatopeel shared a tip "**good"

💮Jules💮 's profile image

julie_lewis_2596 shared a tip "Justice for Cederic"

Emily Wisniewski's profile image

emily_wisniewski shared a tip "I just finished the first book in the Nevermoor series. That was a great read!"

Charity Finney's profile image

charity_finney shared a tip "Half-Blood Prince"

samantha_coull shared a tip "No on my way to work"

ali kassmieh's profile image

ali_kassmieh shared a tip "I’m reading a book called ‘took’ by Mary downing Hahn"

val 's profile image

robinbuckleysgf shared a tip "you're welcome 😁"

Eliana Mendez's profile image

eliana_mendez shared a tip "Yeah"

grace_6 shared a tip "The third book is by far my favorite!!! My favorite character is Sirius!!!!"

Holly Pizzigati's profile image

holly_pizzigati shared a tip "I really liked the chamber of secrets"

Morgan Hicks 's profile image

morganfhicks shared a tip "favorite Harry Potter book"

Kendra Clement's profile image

kendra_clement shared a tip "I’m not really sure, I’ve never quite thought about it"

Kendra Clement's profile image

kendra_clement shared a tip "Do you have a favorite from the series?"

Kelly Brown's profile image

kelly_brown_4832 shared a tip "I dont know if I have a favorite"

Serenity McAlexander's profile image

serenity_mcalexander shared a tip "I liked it because it had much more action than the other Harry Potter books."

madison_allan shared a tip "Amazing, but long! A great adventure."

Pooja Shankar's profile image

pooja_shankar shared a tip "Hi Matt, I absolutely loved " where the crawdads sing"! Did you get a chance to read that?"

Holly Fahl's profile image

holly_fahl shared a tip "I haven't been reading much lately. But I have a ton I want to read when summer gets here!"

Hibah Nazir's profile image

hibah_nazir shared a tip "ahhh not a fav part the whole book was great, but cedrics death was pretty sad."

Madison Wilcox's profile image

madison_wilcox_8186 shared a tip "I can’t pick a favorite"

Annalisa Contreras's profile image

annalisa_contreras shared a tip "All of them are so good !"

Kiki Yushima's profile image

kiki_yushima shared a tip "Right now I'm reading The Summoning series by Robin D Owens. Not that far into it but thr writing is really good!"

Christie Hurst's profile image

christie_hurst shared a tip "It’s a must!"

alexandra_osborn shared a tip "@mattnelsonsurfs I love the tournament challenges and that there are other schools at hogwarts competing!"

Nicholas Frattina's profile image

nicholas_frattina shared a tip "Absolutely, it’s my favorite of the series."

Suo Icilomyxes's profile image

suo_icilomyxes shared a tip "Reading the Xanth series by Piers Anthony"

hannah_3798 shared a tip "I just finished where the crawdads sing I loved it"

Yefte Vallanilla's profile image

yefte_vallanilla shared a tip "The description of flying Around the castle"

v1470 shared a tip "Lots of favorites. The one that’s coming to mind is The Night Circus by Erin Morganstern"

Tanaaz Makani's profile image

tanaaz_makani shared a tip "I think the half blood prince has to be my favourite part"

liyah_smiley shared a tip "I’m currently reading the 5th wave series and if you like romance I would also recommend the Fallen series"

Antonio Carter's profile image

antonio_carter shared a tip "Not at the moment what about you?"

Alyson Tomblin's profile image

alysontomblin shared a tip "currently "To kill a kingdom"!"

Angela Olson's profile image

angela_olson_8088 shared a tip "The wizard of Oz series."

Aiden 's profile image

aiden_192 shared a tip "Yes it's a pretty great book to read."

jimi_huntsman shared a tip "I read it soo long ago I can’t pinpoint any exact part I liked about the book."

ashley ackerman's profile image

ashley_ackerman shared a tip "All of the Harry Potter books are amazing, same with Lord of the rings,"

Sara Orozco's profile image

sara_orozco shared a tip "The part where he thinks he has to save Hermione and Ron from drowning"

Alexandra McIngvale's profile image

alexandra_mcingvale shared a tip "I’m currently reading “it ends with us” & I’m hooked! It’s not like Harry potter but it’s so good!"

Reagan Lyons's profile image

reagan_lyons shared a tip "Not relly besieds Harry Poter"

Matthieu Scordy's profile image

matthieu_scordy shared a tip "i think so, yes! if you’ve read the previous three and are interested in it, i think its a good book to read :)"

Robin Baxter's profile image

robin_baxter_1881 shared a tip "I'm obsessed! Haha"

Lydia G's profile image

lydia_g_2516 shared a tip "Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. But any of her books are great 🙂"

nate_4803 shared a tip "I read this book so long ago... i don't even remember the difference between the book and the movie anymore."

Michelle Markey's profile image

michelle_markey shared a tip "I love throne of glass and court of thorns series"

Kylie Flores's profile image

kylie_flores_5491 shared a tip "@turnergray1 I'm gonna say... ahh, Idk! This one had a lot of good parts in it! It's to hard to decide."

Shawn Snell's profile image

shawn_snell shared a tip "The Chronicles of Prydain is a really good series that is classified as juvenile high fantasy. Very good books."

Patrick Beer's profile image

patrick_beer shared a tip "I'm reading A Song of Ice and Fire"

Anna Fetterolf's profile image

anna_fetterolf shared a tip "Honestly just any of the events/challenges that went on!"

Night🌟🌛 's profile image

nightstar_playz shared a tip "Ooo that's a hard one for me I like alot of them in this but my favorite would have to be the Hermione Granger"

Alexis Fine's profile image

alexis_fine shared a tip "I am enjoying the Fifty Shades trilogy at the moment😊"

DevM shared a tip "Right now I am reading Odin. It's an informational book. And I am starting the Game of Thrones Series right after."

Victoria Krajewski's profile image

victoria_krajewski shared a tip "Yeah it is"

tayl1441 tayl1441's profile image

tayl1441_tayl1441 shared a tip "It is. But I do recommend reading the other harry potter books, they piggyback each other"

Anne Connolly's profile image

anna1445 shared a tip "Hi! My favorite is HP and The Goblet of Fire. My favorite book is Tuesday’s with Morrie!"

Atheena Hoppes's profile image

atheena_hoppes shared a tip "The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss is my most recent read very good in my opinion."

tanvi_6276 shared a tip "currently reading The Hunger Games series. do you have any recommendations?"

Irma Mireles's profile image

irma_mireles shared a tip "Atm I really like Eragon, I tend to like fantasy novels"

nerdyBookster 's profile image

nerdybookster shared a tip "Queen of the Conquered by Kacen Callender."

Natacha Ba's profile image

natacha_ba shared a tip "The Fallen Series by Lauren Kate"

N3rd 's profile image

mackenzie_schmidt_5339 shared a tip "Probably the yule ball but the first task was pretty cool"

Thomas Holman's profile image

thomas_holman shared a tip "You're welcome"

Tonks 's profile image

nymphidora_tonks shared a tip "Yes, this is actually the first book I owned for myself. The whole series is amazing, I highly suggest them."

Laurie-Jane Bui's profile image

laurie-jane_bui shared a tip "By far the best book in the series! So many plot twists and I love the Triwizard Tournament"

taylor_becker shared a tip "I would say yes if you like Fantasy and magic. This is the 4th book though so I would read the previous ones first"

Robert Killingsworth's profile image

robert_killingsworth shared a tip "The entire book is great"

Kat Suchocki's profile image

kat_suchocki shared a tip "That is so not a fair question."

jessica_tucker_9988 shared a tip "Not at the moment. I am looking for some new ones to get into."

andrea_da_silva_gue shared a tip "From the 3rd book and on I can’t pick one as my favorite 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️"

Evan Hiett's profile image

evan_hiett shared a tip "This one! Prisoner of Azkaban is also great!"

drew_edwards_4704 shared a tip "#loveharrypotter"

torri_s shared a tip "I’ve only read a little of it but I like it so far.😊"

elan_dejesus shared a tip "Crave by Tracy Wolff"

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