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Susan Young



A fresh level of comedy off the cuff every single time! Love this show!!

Whose Line Is It Anyway? imageWhose Line Is It Anyway? image

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Shows | Comedy

Such chemistry these 2 have! My face hurt from laughing so much!

Let's Be Cops imageLet's Be Cops image

Let's Be Cops

Movies | Comedy

Perfect Group watch for Halloween! Spooky, mystical, rewarding moments of lighthearted comedy to let you catch your breath! Though 35 yrs old, it's still retaining it's VALUE! It's Sooo GOOD! Has both Corey's for you 80s teenagers like me (Feldman and Haim) & gorgeous Jason Patrick.

The Lost Boys imageThe Lost Boys image

The Lost Boys

Movies | Horror

Spilled ½ my popcorn tub on the row in front bc of jump scares😆! Saw it a 2nd X to really enjoy the plot, sets, characters while not distracted by concern for losing my snacks! Lol Bill Hader, as older Ritchie, is spectacular & was handpicked by Finn Wolfhard (Mike from Stranger Things), who'll forever be "Richie" to me because of his incredible performance in this film as well as "It's" (literally ;-))Predecessor!

It Chapter Two imageIt Chapter Two image

It Chapter Two

Movies | Horror

Giggle outta control with your gal pals! This 1 is so hysterically relatable. Stellar Cast!

Wine Country imageWine Country image

Wine Country

Movies | Comedy

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