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If some­thing has a tiny chance of oc­cur­ring but enough op­por­tu­nities to oc­cur, it will oc­cur..


The hype is real! This Korean show is phenomenal. Available in English voiceover & subtitles, it’s a must see. A cross between, Hunger Games and 3%. This is a must watch. #games #mustwatch #bingeworthy

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Squid Game

Shows | Drama

#whodunit . This is a very interesting show. What starts as a simple story has a layer upon layer of twist. Show never gets dull. Totally binge worthy. Yes whatever you are hearing about this show is true. It’s that good. 😎

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Shows | Drama

Finally it’s over. I hated the slow drip of one episode a week. The wait was frustrating. Anyways, finally the suspense, the plot, the thrill all came down to a straightforward end. Powerful cast & good direction carries the show. There are no dull moments. At some point I felt it’s an informational for psychedelics 😅. #thiller #nicolekidman

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Nine Perfect Strangers

Shows | Drama

If you have liked Suicide Squad from 2016, you will love this! #fun

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The Suicide Squad

Movies | Action

This is one of those movies, you like it or not. If you have seen 2016 version, this is better!

The Suicide Squad imageThe Suicide Squad image

The Suicide Squad

Movies | Action

A typical, totally predictable, run-of-the-mill #heist movie. Still fun and highly recommended! I guess #netflix created this theme based on some scientific algorithm 🤓

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The Vault

Movies | Action

Saw this recommendation from @billgates and instantly purchased it! This is a phenomenal book. A collection of numbers and author’s opinion. You don’t need to agree with the author but numbers don’t lie :)

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Numbers Don't Lie

Books | Vaclav Smil

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