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If some­thing has a tiny chance of oc­cur­ring but enough op­por­tu­nities to oc­cur, it will oc­cur..


A very typical and highly predictable#action #comedy movie but enjoyed every minute of it. Kevin Hart is silly Kevin Hart. A fun filled 90 minutes with great action shots.

The Man From Toronto imageThe Man From Toronto image

The Man From Toronto

Movies | Action

Fantastic movie! It’s not horror, IMHO it’s an awesome #thriller

A Quiet Place Part II imageA Quiet Place Part II image

A Quiet Place Part II

Movies | Drama

Shahid Kapoor is probably the most understated versatile actor in #bollywood This beautiful movie will touch your heart and soul. Keep tissue box handy for few very poignant scenes.

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Netflix just dropped Season 2 and it’s way better than S1. A show for the whole family to enjoy. #bingeworthy

Floor is Lava imageFloor is Lava image

Floor is Lava

Shows | Reality

I didn’t think I would enjoy this movie as much as I did ❤️. Ben is perfect in the role.

The Town imageThe Town image

The Town

Movies | Crime

This movie is more special because it’s a #truestory . Daniel Radcliffe knocks it out of the park with his superb acting. ❤️

Escape from Pretoria imageEscape from Pretoria image

Escape from Pretoria

Movies | Thriller

When #bollywood is done right, this is what you get. A grand fictional creation rooted in existing world, done so well that it will leave you craving more and more. Most basic nonsense plot or I must say 40 plots tied together in a backdrop of #bollywood fun! Love this move ❤️.

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Movies | Action

A new mind bender show. Slow drip of each episode was frustrating but now all episodes are available to binge in one setting. Very cool concept, engaging story and a cliff hanger end to a great season. #hiddengem

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Outer Range


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