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Ian Morris



The Big Lebowski πŸ•Ά Seinfeld 🎀 Michael Crichton πŸ¦– Revisionist History πŸ“š


One of my all time favorite #comedies and in my humble opinion the best #roadtrip movie ever made. Standout performances from #robert_dinero and #charles_grodin

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Midnight Run

Movies | Adventure

A #suspenseful movie with plenty of twists and great acting. I feel like this one has been undeservedly lost to time. I highly recommend this #hidden_gem

Malice imageMalice image


Movies | Thriller

Wow this is a terrific show - great call @josh_elman. If you loved #silicon_valley then you are going to love this as well. And season 2 just dropped and I am looking forward to digging in. With this and #tedlasso, #appletvplus is giving people a reason to pay attention

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Mythic Quest

Shows | Comedy

Fascinating. Like other great #wildlife #documentaries this one will leave you wondering how they get this amazing footage

The Year Earth Changed imageThe Year Earth Changed image

The Year Earth Changed

Movies | Documentary

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