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The Big Lebowski 🕶 Seinfeld 🎤 Michael Crichton 🦖 Revisionist History 📚


Very enjoyable. Audio version was excellent with great narration and interesting characters.

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The Last Flight

Books | Julie Clark

The best show on tv today. Can't wait for the new season

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Better Call Saul

Shows | Comedy

This is a powerful show. Thanks @josh_elman for the post. At first it was a little too much of a drama for me as the show spends a lot of time on the personal side of the characters for my taste. In fact, this should not be characterized as science fiction at all. It is outstanding historical fiction that is deep and moving and keeps gaining momentum as it goes. I am excited for season 3 which kicks off on June 10.

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For All Mankind

Shows | Drama

I liked this book and found it engaging but I can’t say I loved it. Narration on the audio book was good (it’s nice to have a woman do all the roles for a change) and it was a solid sci-fi thriller but I wouldn’t put it up against most #Crichton novels

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The Noise

Books | James Patterson

This was absolutely fascinating. Disturbing on every level but I found it totally engaging and I very highly recommend it.

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Our Father

Movies | Documentary

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