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Celebrating 25 years of The Notebook - the classic novel which became the heart-wrenching film. *Once again, just as I do every day, I begin to read the notebook aloud...Noah Calhoun has returned from war and, in an attempt to escape the ghosts of battle, he sets his mind and his body to restoring a

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Author Nicholas Sparks

Pages 224

Publisher Little, Brown Book Group

Published Date 2011-04-07

ISBN 0748130462 9780748130467


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christina_paz shared a tip "I’m a little bit biased but I love Nicholas sparks books and movies"

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JustSierra shared a tip "A short and thoughtful novel. It's been on my reading list for two years now and I have finally finished it. 10/10 🌼"

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lexy_writes shared a tip "I read this book a couple of years ago"

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nalini_ramgobind shared a tip "Great book."

ayo_1533 shared a tip "Shows the true figures of love"

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jackie_shindman shared a tip "A ******* classic ❤️"

Dhuha Al Asadi's profile image

dhuha_88 shared a tip "My teacher recommended that I read this book and I loved it, I’m trying to watch the movie now and I can’t wait"

✔︎Kadeʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 's profile image

Undetctable.Paper shared a tip "Ok.Two words. Can stop crying. Ok maybe it’s three but still accurate #romance #tearjerkers #tragic_backstory"

✔︎Kadeʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 's profile image

Undetctable.Paper shared a tip "I legit can’t spell🤷🏾‍♂️"

marsha_van_weelden shared a tip "Easy read"

brittney_nicole_7005 shared a tip "Read this in 3 days. A record for me. I'm normally a slow reader."

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jackie_benson shared a tip "Very romantic"

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lily_beth_kuhn shared a tip "I watched the movie and I love romance. Sure the book was good"

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susan_barbour shared a tip "Love it."

isabelle_pizzuto shared a tip "this book is the best book i have ever read honestly"

isabelle_pizzuto shared a tip "when i tell you i sobbed"

dawn_allan shared a tip "Usually I like the book more than the movie but not this one."

dawn_allan shared a tip "Usually I like the book better than the movie, but not this time. The storyline was better in the book."

cassidy_chandanais shared a tip "If you like The Notebook you’ll LOVE The wedding. It takes place years later and is my favorite!!"

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rita_okwor shared a tip "yes"

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angela_edwards_8490 shared a tip "Cried my eyes out. So beautiful."

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lexi_martin_1018 shared a tip "I felt like Noah and Allie were truly soulmates!"

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angelica_e shared a tip "It is extremely good. Better than the movie"

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zen.pie shared a tip "Allie and Noah’s story is a timeless classic and beautiful read."

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amy_albert shared a tip "I love the movie. I actually saw the movie before reading the book, which I normally try to avoid."

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nicole_cecelia shared a tip "Yes and love it"

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sherri_maserang shared a tip "One of my favorites #romance"

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kate_noto shared a tip "It made you feel good"

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thenoveltourist shared a tip "Easy beach read."

niki_mckay shared a tip "Have the tissues near by"

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kerrie_alloy shared a tip "Check out The Gazebo by Emily Grayson. Similar to this in my mind. Just as lovely."

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amber_renee shared a tip "Yes, I did. I read the book and watched the movie the same year that the movie came out."

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rhiannon_murphy shared a tip "Yes I do!!"

susan_824 shared a tip "So good. It will make you cry..."

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angel_stroop shared a tip "I love this story, I do but, it is so so sad."

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rubyjang shared a tip "ONFE"

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lexi_2522 shared a tip "this movie was literally life changing"

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martina_fava shared a tip "Loved it! Never disappoints! The notebook is one of my favorite movies, so it’s definitely worth it to read the book too!"

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emily_markham_3016 shared a tip "Absolutely LOVE Nicholas Sparks! This novel was my first to read of his works."

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elizabeth_urbina shared a tip "Everything"

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madiemikk28 shared a tip "Yeah but I read the book first for school"

s_parker shared a tip "Yes! Loved them both which is hard to helps that Ryan Gosling parents live close to me lol what did you think?"

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sierra_5487 shared a tip "Yes I have and I love it!!"

alanis_7842 shared a tip "Yes"

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lauren_8412 shared a tip "Absolutely love this book! One of my favorites! #romance"

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lauren_8412 shared a tip "The best classic romance novel. I loved every minute of it. In my top 3 favorites. Will read it again. 💚"

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alyssa_jo_1253 shared a tip "The last song"

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alyssa_jo_1253 shared a tip "Notebook is my second favorite"

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tender_illumination shared a tip "Yes! I have seen the movie ♥️ I love it!"

anita_pool shared a tip "My all-time favorite book!"

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aliah_uddin shared a tip "preferred the movie"

josce_mccook shared a tip "This book was so good, although it left out some parts that the movie had. Movie is somewhat better in my opinion."

adrienne_schafer shared a tip "I've been reading a lot of love stories."

Caroline McPhail-Lambert's profile image

caroline_mcphail-lambert shared a tip "My favourite love story❣️"

Robyn Renzy's profile image

robyn_renzy shared a tip "Yes a long time ago. I loved it! Need to watch it again 😄"

Amanda Fuscone's profile image

amanda_fuscone shared a tip "Yes I like it"

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toni_battista shared a tip "It was a very sweet story and I definitely cried at the end!"

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shannon_bennett_1287 shared a tip "He is good not great but good they are usually good quick reads"

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nina_cox shared a tip "One word... Clasic!!"

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brandi_dunlap_3105 shared a tip "I actually really disliked the movie!"

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vanessa_devore shared a tip "All of his books are really good. If I had to pick one though, it would be The Guardian!"

rylee_jule_carney shared a tip "It had lots of details and kept me hooked."

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kat_workizer shared a tip "The book was way better than the movie. As do most books. Just better details in the story"

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shannon_pagliaro shared a tip "It is different from the movie, obviously, but I enjoyed their love stort anyways."

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paola_gonzalez_7931 shared a tip "THE MOVIEEE!! YES☺"

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marcia_quinn shared a tip "Yes, one of my favorites...."

amber_9798 shared a tip "I cried...haha"

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amber_lange shared a tip "I thought the second book was ok."

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katelyn_2293 shared a tip "i read this when i was like 9. so so sad"

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taylor_jones_732 shared a tip "@tristen_fw 😂"

lorelei_cousert shared a tip "This is an amazing classic and I cried over and over again. I have read this book twice because I just can't get enough."

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stevie_7767 shared a tip "Yes! It's not bad"

Kellie carter 's profile image

kellie_carter_1593 shared a tip "@turnergray1 I loved all of it! The ending was a heart jerker for sure!"

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christina_sharp_2834 shared a tip "Watched the movie and wanted to read the book"

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christina_sharp_2834 shared a tip "Makes me cry every single time"

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jessi_schultz shared a tip "My #1 favorite romance 😍😍"

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emily_marie_6111 shared a tip "It's a 3 part book the 3rd comes out in August but yes say your sorry and say no more by Karen rose are such a good read"

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amy_rochon shared a tip "It has been a while but a beautiful story, easy read."

madison_brumett_2388 shared a tip "I just finished Amnesia by Cambria Hebert and I loved it so much that I bought the sequel Amnesty"

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jess_mull shared a tip "One of my favorite books. Still need to watch the movie."

Katelyn Harrell's profile image

katelyn_harrell shared a tip "Read this so many times in 6th grade. I had already seen the movie, but the book was even better."

Erin Copeland Krueger's profile image

erin_copeland_krueg shared a tip "Havent read a thing recen5bit have you read the best of me?"

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virginia_smith_5484 shared a tip "Honestly the movie is way better, it's a a slow read IMO"

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amr_h shared a tip "I read it in a day seriously it was like watching an extended version of the movie ❤"

heather_bell_8564 shared a tip "Definitely"

kendra_776 shared a tip "Definitely watch the movie after you read it . It’s a good one too."

tracey_walas shared a tip "I loved this book. Give it a try. 😊"

lacie_palmer shared a tip "100% it's one of my favorites! There a part 2 called the wedding. The book has a much different ending than the movie!"

Sarah Nicole's profile image

sarah_nicole_8809 shared a tip "The Longest Ride and The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks are even better than this book imo!"

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ashley_carrington_6279 shared a tip "So romantic ❤️"

Alice Abigail Arevalo's profile image

alice_abigail_areva shared a tip "I like it. It’s better than the movie."

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keetz shared a tip "You are welcome!😊"

maria_robar shared a tip "My first Nicholas Sparks read, then I read all of his books, except the the latest one.. I need to buy it.."

jennifer_pridgen shared a tip "Most definitely. I really enjoyed it."

Kelsey Lyons's profile image

kelsey_lyons_8896 shared a tip "I don’t! I’m very open minded when it comes to reading to be quite honest!"

sharon_gregs shared a tip "👍🏼"

Milene Nistovic's profile image

milene_nistovic shared a tip "Yes! I love the book better than the movie. If you are up for some serious crying, read this for sure! 🙂"

joanne_thompson shared a tip "Definitely! A beautiful story"

tina_chiu shared a tip "The Glass Castle. How about you?"

Cara Foster's profile image

cara_foster shared a tip "Yes!!! Worth the read"

Jordyn Flynn's profile image

jordyn_flynn_5575 shared a tip "Obsession, craving, possession it’s a series there like 12 books in it"

Margaret Lawrie's profile image

margaret_lawrie shared a tip "I liked the Jojo Moyes Me Before You there’s 2 or 3 you have to read them in order. What about you any recommendations?"

Meghan Murray Lantz's profile image

meghan_murray_lantz shared a tip "All of it was so good!"

michelle_brown_4491 shared a tip "I love the over reaching theme of love conquers all. I also loved the ending."

Dani Honeycutt's profile image

dani_honeycutt shared a tip "Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov"

ken_adams_7537 shared a tip "Hope you enjoy reading it ✌️, FYI the ending is 💔"

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susan_skaret shared a tip "iconic"

laura_sweat_1358 shared a tip "I'm currently in my first Robert Whitlow. The Living Room"

AKuptz 's profile image

alkuptz shared a tip "Reading The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell rn. But i highly rec The Silent Patient. Really like it."

Sabrina Lemire's profile image

sabrina_lemire shared a tip "The lucky One and The choice are my 2 favorites from this author although i have never been disapointed by any of his books."

Jennifer Evans-Frey's profile image

jennifer_evans-frey shared a tip "I went darker and am loving the Fate's Fools series! Outside the romance genre, I loved the Grey Man series."

Michelle Jodrey's profile image

michelle_jodrey shared a tip "A life changing book to fall in love with!"

Amanda Grout's profile image

amanda_grout shared a tip "Currently reading a cozy mystery series but I'm not into the second book as much."

Eboni Miller's profile image

eboni_miller shared a tip "Yes it’s a classic in my book ."

Heather Winters's profile image

heather_winters_8863 shared a tip "I think its worth it! Different from the movie that was made a bit, but I love anything nicholas sparks comes out with!"

Kayla Heffron's profile image

kayla_heffron shared a tip "One of my all time favorites. I have re-read it several times"

Laurence Forest's profile image

laurence_forest shared a tip "A classic"

stephanie_oluyitan shared a tip "Hard to choose but probably when they were at the fair ❤️"

Mallori 's profile image

mallori_riffle shared a tip "I was smiling, screaming, and crying at the tv all at once. I highly recommend!"

Paige Quintanilla's profile image

paige_quintanilla shared a tip "This book will take you on an emotional roller coaster!"

Staci McCuien's profile image

staci_mccuien shared a tip "Mary Higgins Clark's No Place Like Home"

Erinn Barberini's profile image

erinn_barberini shared a tip "I just finished the ocean in winter…. Currently reading flicker in the dark. I follow Reese witherspoons book club."

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veolla_bici shared a tip "Must read"

danielle_dube shared a tip "The whole book was very good, but probably when they got together the first time"

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patrice_brown_8964 shared a tip "Wonderful book and then watch the movie!! Just as good!"

jackie pigford's profile image

jackie_pigford shared a tip "It's actually The Travelers Gift!! Sorry"

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nicole_frye shared a tip "4/5"

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