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One of the most universally loved and admired English novels, Pride and Prejudice was penned as a popular entertainment. But the consummate artistry of Jane Austen (1775-1817) transformed this effervescent tale of rural romance into a witty, shrewdly observed satire of English country life that is n

Author Jane Austen

Pages 198

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published Date 2016-10-24

ISBN 1539720802 9781539720805

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annika_nicolas shared a tip "The typical enemies to lovers, but in the olden days"

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Vicki_S_WolfsDen shared a tip "#historicalromance #enemiestolovers #classics #romance"

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lae_allen shared a tip "One of my favs."

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cindy_miller_9168 shared a tip "This is my all-time favorite book"

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cindy_miller_9168 shared a tip "I adore this book."

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bonnie_lloyd shared a tip "Such a classic. A must read. Need I say more?"

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victoria_brushwood shared a tip "Women Policing Across the Globe. I borrowed it from the library and I'm trying to finish it before it's due! lol"

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isabelle_s. shared a tip "Obsessed with this book ❤️"

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kay_doyle shared a tip "Simply a beautiful read"

abiah_powell shared a tip "It’s a maybe… The beginning seemed slow and the plot didn’t seem to pick up til towards the end."

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kelsey_lariviere shared a tip "Sense and sensibility, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion are my other faves 😊"

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marissa_marroquin shared a tip "Also read Pursuasion! I love that one just as much as P&P."

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kayley_corneliusen shared a tip "Favorite Jane Austen novel 💗 its pure perfection. #romance #drama #comedy #janeaustin"

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bee_morgan shared a tip "Love her stories she is awesome"

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abbygowen shared a tip "It’s a classic. Jane Austen. That’s all."

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emily_fisher_1190 shared a tip "She’s a classic and I love her. That is all."

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isabelle_dion shared a tip "Reading Jane Eyre right now, almost finished actually! How about you?"

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krisi_hristova shared a tip "Just took me to another world."

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messyshelves shared a tip "Do you mean Austen’s first book?"

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karen_walcott shared a tip "It's the blueprint for all romance books and movies"

acciprovus shared a tip "Pride & Prejudice is namist hate speech and letterist propaganda!! "Bennet" is spelled with two T's! Justice for Bennett!!!"

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____1829 shared a tip "i’m currently reading this and i’m hooked, definitely something i recommend for romance book lovers <3"

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taylor_horst shared a tip "Anything by Gaskell, (especially North and South,) Tolkien, Sanderson, and Dickens."

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mouseymonroe shared a tip "Loved it so much!!"

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ariza_renteria shared a tip "It's not a top but how can I start reading it"

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melissa_havran shared a tip "This is one of my favorite books."

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lex_1702 shared a tip "Top tier 👌. Love that for them [Darcy and Lizzie]"

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adriana_m shared a tip "Everything!!"

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tessa_shaffner shared a tip "Rena’s"

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lil-farrah shared a tip "5/10"

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tiffiny_tyler shared a tip "I'm currently on a romance binge so lots of Julia Quinn. I also started the new Crescent City novel by Sarah J Maas."

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brooke_oconnor22 shared a tip "If you’re looking for an introduction to Jane Austin, there’s no better place to start. An absolute classic for a reason!"

fara_4505 shared a tip "One of my favourites!!"

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laura_shidle shared a tip "A classic that I thoroughly enjoyed reading with a satisfying resolution"

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lauren_piedra shared a tip "Best book to sit down and read for hours on a rainy day!"

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maureen_deshane shared a tip "Yes. I love both versions I have seen"

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sydney_clark_698 shared a tip "Absolutely! She's a classic!"

kim_6596 shared a tip "My all-time favorite novel! #mrdarcy #romance #misunderstood"

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leah_rodriguez_96 shared a tip "Classic."

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erica_walter shared a tip "My favorite book ever"

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andrea_sanchez_7697 shared a tip "It’s overall just a great book to read! I love it! #romance"

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dawn_brazier shared a tip "My all time favorite!"

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nora_quiros shared a tip "it was very well written and i gained a real attachment to the characters."

velvet_rose_965 shared a tip "Absolutely love it!"

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rachel_dalton_4465 shared a tip "Mr Darcy 😍"

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stephanie_zaragoza shared a tip "All time favorite"

eileen_healy shared a tip "In my mind, nothing is as good as Austen, but I'm enjoying Outlawed and I liked the Ten Thousand Doors of January recently."

priyanka_kale_6915 shared a tip "No Problem!! This is a classic and a must read."

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kay_gouge shared a tip "I've read every thing she wrote and loved it all"

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emily_hairston shared a tip "One of my favorite boos to read this year"

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ananyarya shared a tip "blue print of enemies to lovers<3"

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ashley_wilcox_1009 shared a tip "I just recently finished reading Persuasion by Jane Austin. I enjoyed that book too."

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giolly_gamerr shared a tip "It was funny how Elizabeth think one thing about Darcy when he was the opposite of what she think."

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susan_houston_1616 shared a tip "Best. Book. Ever."

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misshallah shared a tip "Absolutely worth the read!! She was ahead of her time!! I also recommend Sense and Sensibility 🥰😇"

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kylie_siglin shared a tip "Serpent and Dove is really good so far! I haven’t finished it yet but I love it."

makayla_young_7096 shared a tip "Good book definitely recommend"

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karine_tellier shared a tip "A classic romance! Loved it!"

naomi_hales shared a tip "Story of an independent young woman’, and filled with dramatic romance! #elizabethbennett #mrdarcy"

meghan_taylor_406 shared a tip "Probably one of my favorite books! The movie is good too"

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isabella_6241 shared a tip "One of my favorite books of All time"

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natalie_levine shared a tip "what is not to like"

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marissa_blocker_4253 shared a tip "My favorite book ever."

emma_spann shared a tip "this book is (by far) one of the best i have ever read"

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lena_morozov shared a tip "The sassy dialogue! Her relationship with her father, everything 😊 what about you?"

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romina_palomeque shared a tip "the picture of dorian gray, the vanishing half"

cristina_wood shared a tip "♥️"

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angela_haar shared a tip "Easy read with modest romance."

halee_9876 shared a tip "It’s a classic and I love how conservative it is"

janinna_bautista shared a tip "What a classic"

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