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As I am reading this book it breaks my heart about this young actress. She went through a lot thinking that is how all Moms are. I believe the Mom had a bunch of psychological problems, especially the part where she started hoarding and not respecting her daughter privacy or wishes. Controlling and manipulating her daughter into doing what she wanted. Feeling defensive whenever she went to a psychologist and talk about her mom. Well written and for girls out there that you are not alone. Seek help.

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I'm Glad My Mom Died

Books | Jennette McCurdy

Both main actors and the supporting actor did a marvelous job. I got hooked because I wanted to know who was behind all the evil deeds. Not wanna spoil it for those that haven’t watch it. Basically there were like 6 villains which also were great. The story is divided like in 5 parts. A bit of the past, present in heavenly palace, mortal world and back to heavenly palace and lastly mortal world. The original ending was sad but the two short stories came back with a happy ending. Many people from China didn’t like the tragic ending. I think it wasn’t that bad. But each to its own. But overall a great story. I heard and I do hope it is not true but the Chinese Government is placing a lot of restrictions on tv. More realistic and way less fantasy. I fell in love with Chinese dramas because of the fantasy. They have the most beautiful sceneries, costumes and magical beast. It is just magical. The fight scenes are just great the colors they use in the background are beautiful. I have a great respect for all cultures and I know realistically this does not represent China. Still I have a great respect for the producers, writers, actors and everyone that is part of a drama. They bring magic and that is all I am gonna say.

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Immortal Samsara

Shows | Drama

A cute story about the first women attending college. She wanted to keep a promise to her dead older brother. She meets her older brother bff and falls in love gradually. She wants to find out how her brother live in her college years and experience the life of a college student. There are sweet moments, sad moments, action, drama and some humor. Zhao Lu Si does not disappoint but Love Like a Galaxy and Dating in the Kitchen are my favorite.

A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College imageA Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College image

A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College

Shows | Drama

I love the main actress Zhao Lu si. She hasn’t disappointed me in the series she has come out. My favorite is Dating in the Kitchen and Please feel at Ease Mr Ling. The main actor was also great in The Long Ballad with my other favorite actress Dilraba Dilmurat. This starts kind of slow and a bit sad. I was confused because Lu si’s character is disconnected or distant then you know later that her mother and father left her behind because the sister in law wanted for her to leave a child behind because of a fake superstition that she create in order for her to raise the boy as her son. Never knowing that her sister in law had twins. Since a boy has more importance in a family because they carry the name. The mother heart broken leaves her daughter and she is mistreated by her aunt and grandmother. So I am hoping the story gets better and somehow the girl starts feeling more humane. She lack love with her grandma and the mother doesn’t want her to be bitter and vengative.

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Love Like the Galaxy


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