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It's not quite 'so bad it's good', something that's hard for 'purposefully bad' movies to attain. There are some genuine laugh out loud moments, however, and it's only a bit over an hour long so it doesn't waste your time.

Llamageddon imageLlamageddon image


Movies | Comedy

This is a weird one, goofiest by far of the trilogy.

The Street Fighter's Last Revenge imageThe Street Fighter's Last Revenge image

The Street Fighter's Last Revenge


I was pleasantly surprised by this one, pretty dang good. Between this and Twin Peaks the Return it seems like people are finally figuring out how to properly do '30 years later' sequels.

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Cobra Kai

Shows | Action & Adventure

Science fiction that seems more and more plausible by the year!

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Jurassic Park

Books | Michael Crichton

Just finished it, amazing first season, haven't started season 2 yet.

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The Terror

Shows | Drama

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