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From Raina Telgemeier, the #1 New York Times bestselling, multiple Eisner Award-winning author of Smile and Sisters!Callie loves theater. And while she would totally try out for her middle school's production of Moon over Mississippi, she can't really sing. Instead she's the set designer for the dra

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Author Raina Telgemeier

Pages 240

Publisher Scholastic Inc.

Published Date 2014-07-29

ISBN 0545779960 9780545779968


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simplyalora_official shared a tip "Loved the drama"

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LoverOf_Crows shared a tip "Read this in 5th grade. It was my first graphic novel and I enjoyed it! I also liked the gay rep."

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ella_yuly shared a tip "A funny and sweet graphic novel all teens should read<3"

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quinn_quiroga shared a tip "Raina Telgemeier is a great author and I always finish her graphic novels in one setting."

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_purple_skies shared a tip "I feel like this book could be turned into a movie"

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brooklyn_kerr shared a tip "It was quick to read but perfect for my student and easy for me to ask questions on how she liked it"

neila_hopwood shared a tip "Read this in 3rd grade loved it then. Still love it now. Really good on representation for LGBTQIA+. 5 out of 5"

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hank_lemaster shared a tip "This book had a well rounded plot that I enjoyed"

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ilym shared a tip "i loved this book. it was so cute and the relationships were so interesting"

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amaya_bustos shared a tip "So cute put it off for a while but ended up loving it!"

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galadrielle shared a tip "The writing wasn’t so great. Her non fiction books are better"

jillian_yates_1352 shared a tip "Cute story the got me through middle school"

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new_username shared a tip "I first read it in 4th grade and It was my first exposure to positive LGBTQIA+ representation ever. I still read it now!"

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olivia_W_ shared a tip "I also read it in fifth grade and loved it! All of Raina Telgemeier’s other graphic novels are really good too"

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ella_marsh_2570 shared a tip "It was too basic for me"

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gaby_reads shared a tip "Love this book it was my first introduction to gay characters in a children's book and it was greatly represented."

vanessa_velasquez_492 shared a tip "Good book 👍"

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catalina_zuniga shared a tip "I have been looking for a good graphic novel and this one was the best that I found"

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aubrielle_evans shared a tip "Gay"

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myler shared a tip "Read this in 3rd or 4th grade. I reread more than 10 times. It’s a great graphic novel and is one of my favorites."

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angelina_dominguez_7009 shared a tip "Loved it, read it over and over"

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brooklyn_hobbs_907 shared a tip "Because it had LGBTQ plus in it"

caitlyn_7257 shared a tip "I read the smile,sisters, and the ghost book from the same author"

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fuyu. shared a tip "Read this when I was in 7th grade and now I’m in junior high and still to these days this is one of my faves book!"

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brylee_ivey shared a tip "Real good and it teaches you to do drama because it is fun"

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josieee shared a tip "Yes"

kadence_morehouse_9763 shared a tip "It was funny"

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bailey_brown_2804 shared a tip "I liked the fact that it's about theater, it has problem solving and then, it ignores gender norms and includes LGBTQIA+"

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lelia_jane shared a tip "I read this a few years ago but at the time it was awesome to me. I don’t remember what happened in it tho lol"

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1l0v3crystals1 shared a tip "I liked the fact that in the end everyone was still friends."

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michaela_sunhawk shared a tip "Loved it"

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mia_sun shared a tip "It was great😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️"

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melinda_miller_3053 shared a tip "Good book"

awesome_user_270254 shared a tip "It was so thrilling"

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mochi_pan_27 shared a tip "One of the first books that allowed me to explore my sexuality."

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cherry_blossoms_7934 shared a tip "AMAZING"

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ur_mom_1419 shared a tip "everything😍🤞"

kai_macias shared a tip "It had lgbtq+"

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izzibel_de_los_reyes shared a tip "I like it a lot. I have the entire book series and read it all the time"

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fun_with_sofia shared a tip "I love the books from this author and she is awesome."

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jules_4875 shared a tip "A classic graphic novel that always makes me nostalgic."

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sara-gabrielle_gura shared a tip "Good books for young adults"

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valerie_carpentieri shared a tip "loved this queer romance young adult graphic novel"

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lilian_lithen shared a tip "I've always loved Raina's books and this is an example of her work❤️"

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xxnuggiewolfxx shared a tip "I really loved this book"

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zoe_royston shared a tip "I grew up reading her books"

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ksmith shared a tip "This book was quite literally my childhood."

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RomeisCrying shared a tip "was cute"

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emma_de_goof shared a tip "First book to get me into other books like these!"

olivia_lund shared a tip "It was a nice story"

lily_elbatrawy shared a tip "I just read this it is so good maybe it’s WIERD cause it’s a graphic novel but it’s still sooo good"

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destiny_gonzalez_3283 shared a tip "Hi beth! 😘🍷#wap #colonial_period_16001775"

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logical_beetles shared a tip "One of the first pieces of media I’ve consumed with gay rep, and it definitely helped me growing up queer 💖"

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some_ones shared a tip "Idk"

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joanna_xaviour shared a tip "idk i just like the LGBTQ+ and the twists and turns"

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em_mestinsek shared a tip "It is great for new readers and the characters development is such a wonderful thing to unravel"

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sophia_gloss shared a tip "Loved it."

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max_error_demon shared a tip "I loved that they had twins where one knew his sexuality and the other was figuring his sexuality out"

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prince_lemon shared a tip "Another great book by Raina Telgemeier"

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starflower shared a tip "Yes actually! The heart stopper series :)"

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zoe_feinberg_3130 shared a tip "I like graphic novels"

abigail_mauricio shared a tip "I like comics."

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brayonne_kane shared a tip "I love this book"

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tessa_cutting shared a tip "This is my favorite book"

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auggie_gray_vitalich shared a tip "This book honestly covers what middle or high school life should be like being ok with others"

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ceyanne_silas shared a tip "It was good book to bring awareness to the situation of being “closeted”."

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brooke_williams_4593 shared a tip "This book was super cute😊 I really liked how they exasperated how lgbtq students feel at school"

lily_wagnon_7716 shared a tip "i loved this book. finished it in one day."

lily_wagnon_7716 shared a tip "LOVEEEE AS A BISEXUAL IT COVERS GOOD TOPICS"

yaretzi_acevefo shared a tip "It is so good"

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alex_ratz shared a tip "Gay"

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kit_knapp shared a tip "You should try heartstopper and there are tons or graphic novels by Raina Telgemeier that are amazing!"

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