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I love Greek Mythology, Thrillers,and YA romances! I want to read more fantasy as well! I absolutely love books in a series with a few hundred pages per book!


I absolutely adore Wil! How he interacts with people, tough situations, and his thinking! He's a great character and the book was very satisfying!

The Last Newspaper Boy in America imageThe Last Newspaper Boy in America image

The Last Newspaper Boy in America

Books | Sue Corbett

I love Floras character. Her friends are nice and what happens with Elijah makes me sympathize with her mood and being on a deep level after what happens

Everything Must Go imageEverything Must Go image

Everything Must Go

Books | Jenny Fran Davis

This movie is so good I loved the soundtrack

Guardians of the Galaxy imageGuardians of the Galaxy image

Guardians of the Galaxy

Movies | Action

Jim halpert 😍😍

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The Office

Shows | Comedy

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