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😍experiencing new food🍷🎸✈️📖🎥 with friends

If you are stranded in Santa Clara and in the mood for steak or seafood, don’t be dissuaded by Birk’s office park setting. The food is excellent and the ambience decent enough.

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3955 Freedom Circle, Santa Clara


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Movies | Science Fiction

Sneaky Pete imageSneaky Pete image

Sneaky Pete

Shows | Drama

Refrain from eating for three days before branching here. Start taking a mild statin afterwards.

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Portage Bay Cafe

391 Terry Ave N, Seattle

Restaurants | Cafe

Great series that ultimately wraps up with a nice bow. Lots of side stories still being published though.

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The Rose and the Thorn

Books | Michael J. Sullivan

This one of a few colllections of GRRM’s shorter works. Very worth reading. His imagination is vaster than Westeros.

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Books | George R. R. Martin

Born a Crime imageBorn a Crime image

Born a Crime

Books | Trevor Noah

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Movies | Music

Absolutely loved Neal’s new book. Fun, provocative way to use tech to explore questions about life, religion and human nature.

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Fall; or, Dodge in Hell

Books | Neal Stephenson

A gorgeous and imaginative book that you may love even more than your kids.

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The Book of Mistakes

Books | Corinna Luyken

There’s no way this holds up but it was a staple in my early TV diet.

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Sigmund and the Sea Monsters

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Discovered this little known public gem today. Gorgeous trails and fields surround barns filled with goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, rabbits, cows and horses. Picnic tables abound in the sun and shade. Never crowded. Very peaceful. Great for kids.

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Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park

19545 NE Redmond Rd, Redmond

Places | Parks

Its laughably trite description massively underplays how good this show is. Expert storytelling, acting and character development make this completely engrossing. Who needs big budgets or even the English language?

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Shows | Crime

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