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Overview: How shall we begin? This is the story of a book called The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy-not an Earth book, never published on Earth and, until the terrible catastrophe occurred, never seen or even heard of by any Earthman. Nevertheless, a wholly remarkable book.-Or- This is the story o

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Author Douglas Adams

Pages 215

Publisher Harmony Books

Published Date 1980

ISBN 0517542099 9780517542095


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gabbie_id shared a tip "of corse"

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robert_cahill_3727 shared a tip "One of my favorite, all-time books."

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Vicki_S_WolfsDen shared a tip "#scifi #humor #space #aliens #robots"

elise_bacon_7825 shared a tip "Whale and the flower pot. “Oh no, not again…”"

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jenna_wilt shared a tip "Very funny and great detail. It was incredibly easy to read."

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danielle_helbling shared a tip "Hilarious"

michelle_8786 shared a tip "Loved this one - laughed out loud so many times!"

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linnea_block_7556 shared a tip "Probably the first!"

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matt_smith_4397 shared a tip "Never laughed so hard reading a book!"

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ella_spam shared a tip "Wonderfully weird"

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cats_facts shared a tip "Space related mystery space case and the whole series by Stuart Gibbs check it out"

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vazzaroth shared a tip "Eat tea and dump crumpets in space"

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laura_northington shared a tip "Favorite book"

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amanda_elliott_5793 shared a tip "The whole 5-book trilogy is excellent, but I’m only including one book per author."

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adriana_kidd shared a tip "A fun read filled with witty and comical writing. Would read again! Very memorable writing style."

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