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One of the best loved books of all time. Nominated as one of America’s best-loved novels by PBS’s The Great American ReadLovely Meg, talented Jo, frail Beth, spoiled Amy: these are hard lessons of poverty and of growing up in New England during the Civil War. Through their dreams, plays, pranks, let

Author Louisa May Alcott

Pages 544

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 1989-01-01

ISBN 0140390693 9780140390698


Google 3.5


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Kaylee shared a tip "Great book!!"

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stephanie_petersen_5035 shared a tip "Scarlett fever and absentee father's bring families together! 🙂"

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lilyhercilla shared a tip "I loved this book"

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caitlyn_evans_9533 shared a tip "Such a lovely book!!! Great coming of age, learning life and having fun! Valuing family as well 💕"

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yasmineguroluk shared a tip "So good and I love Jo!"

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jacia_avalyn shared a tip "This book is my comfort place; I love each and every March sister and friend, and this"

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robyn_markow shared a tip "One of my favorite books of all time.. 👍"

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tiffany_ingram shared a tip "Timeless!"

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ariel_zack shared a tip "When you read this, there are 2 more books after it too."

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tv_fan_grl shared a tip "One of my favorites! All young girls, pre-teens should read this book"

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tv_fan_grl shared a tip "Stands the test of time!"

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savanah_howard_8682 shared a tip "I really loved little men as well!"

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victoria_ch shared a tip "It’s really good but this is only the first the second is good wives where Beth dies"

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diana_melkumyan shared a tip "This book feels like a gentle warm hug from a beloved family member 😊"

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riley_kotova shared a tip "The Christmas part"

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michelle_vasquez_1230 shared a tip "Classic book I adored"

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sara_stevens shared a tip "Empowering, beautiful historical fiction about sisters & independent women in turbulent times."

autumn_moore_9591 shared a tip "No, but I do enjoy it."

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caitlin_herrforth shared a tip "MY absolute favorite story as a child."

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chelsea_lambert shared a tip "I liked Little Men too"

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smila_renaud shared a tip "Loved it the girl's journeys were amazing"

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afra_asp shared a tip "🙏🏻😊"

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karlie_sellmer shared a tip "I just finished Where The Crawdads Sing and now I’m starting a sci-fi book! How about you?"

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pam_haugan shared a tip "Not yet"

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abby_mcguire shared a tip "certainly NOT a recommended edition see ISBN 9780393072198 The Annotated Little Women"

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haleigh_smith shared a tip "My favorite book, also 2 great movie adaptations. Please read this and feel all the vibes.🤩💓"

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denise_puckett shared a tip "Great series I have read everyone of them..maybe twice...better than movies" 's profile image shared a tip "Great classic"

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tiffany_roth shared a tip "This is my favorite book. I try to read it once a year. Not just this one But all 3 of the Jo March books"

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stephanie_garland shared a tip "I'm not sure that I have a favorite. I love the relationships between the sisters."

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meghan_corcoran shared a tip "I love the character development and the wholesome nature of this book."

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karen_walcott shared a tip "2nd to Anne of Green Gables"

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lovelys_joie shared a tip "So wholesome and lovely piece of Art. Love the humor, and how she leaves some to our own imagination. I love them all."

anh_b shared a tip "Not yet but I’d love to watch it! Have you?"

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emily_mckay shared a tip "I absolutely loved it! Such a classic and just so full of joy"

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mckinzie_conkel shared a tip "I haven’t seen the most recent one! Hoping to see it soon. Have you?"

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esther_r shared a tip "This was a formative book for me."

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carol_smith_4107 shared a tip "It ignited my desire to read more"

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melissa_havran shared a tip "I'm not sure. There pros and cons to each. I'd probably say Jo and Meg."

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lauren_caporimo shared a tip "Bring me back to when i read it on school."

miriana_odermatt shared a tip "Perfect christmas read🎄"

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kitty_ann shared a tip "I dont believe so. I read the book after watching the movie. Can you suggest any more of her stories I may like?"

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holly_palmer_5318 shared a tip "The Sisterhood by A. J. Grainger is a good read"

madison_littlefield shared a tip "The Blue Castle by L. M. Montgomery!"

joanie_thompson shared a tip "If you do, be sure to read the whole series. This book is great but it’s not even the best of the series."

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hannahisreadingsomething shared a tip "5/5"

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philisa_crawford shared a tip "My absolute favorite book"

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kaylea_bearden shared a tip "All around amazing book! ❤️"

brandie shared a tip "Classic"

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lark_wells shared a tip "I've seen two of them! I prefer the Winona Ryder version."

shannie_kosman shared a tip "This is the ultimate, “write what you know” style of book that reads so beautiful and real."

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la_tour shared a tip "I need to read the sequels"

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la_tour shared a tip "Read this one like 10 times"

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kiara_ford shared a tip "Me too! I saw the old black and white one, not the modern one"

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katie_michael_borden shared a tip "I actually haven’t seen the movie yet it’s on my list I can’t wait"

kate_5554 shared a tip "Timeless!"

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sarah_s_ shared a tip "Christmas list to-read!!! Great story."

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vonia_adams shared a tip "Jo of course. I related to her"

andrea_jensen_594 shared a tip "A classic I could read over and over and over again!!!"

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alpha_sandoval shared a tip "I mean, I loved the entire book, but maybe when they all went on the picnic"

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alpha_sandoval shared a tip "Definitely Laurie❤️❤️"

krysta_piercey shared a tip "Yes. I have multiple antique copies of this book and the lesser known Little Men."

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sara_d-r shared a tip "I have read it, but not seen it.yet."

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stephanie_hosang shared a tip "I have seen the 1994 movie! Overall does a pretty good job portraying the book especially the key moments"

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kimberly_pugh shared a tip "I've only read this book but I liked it"

emma_campo shared a tip "Cozy book great for the winter months"

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pantehabazyar shared a tip "Jo!"

marylou_lynn shared a tip "A childhood classic."

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sophia_pappas shared a tip "One of the reasons I like this so much is because of Beth I like characters who are introverts like me"

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kelly_ann_7097 shared a tip "One of my favorites"

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martha_welsh_4555 shared a tip "What is higher praise than classic ? Because that is what this book deserves."

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jennifer_mccann_4442 shared a tip "Loved this time period. Beautifully written."

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alexa_nicastro shared a tip "It’s like your living your childhood all over again 🥰"

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priscilla_welsh shared a tip "My favorite bold in the whole world. The lessons are timeless even though the language may be dated."

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jordanrae shared a tip "this one took me a while to get through, but it is one of my favorite books I have ever read! :)"

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sarah_brown-mohler shared a tip "Yes! A classic!"

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elijoy_moses shared a tip "Welcome!"

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sandi_kaiser_824 shared a tip "A classic with many reads and watches. I do like the latest movie version and the original of course"

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alyssa_martinez_1504 shared a tip "A book I would read over and over again!"

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katrina_ryan_8567 shared a tip "It’s a long read but a great read"

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kali_miller_1070 shared a tip "Yes I love it! Well worth the read! Definitely a classic if you like British classics!"

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chayma_ijermki shared a tip "Yeah! 1984 by Orwell is my favorite book"

stephanie_smedley shared a tip "I'm currently reading While Paris Slept. I haven't gotten very far but am enjoying it thus far."

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abby_k_6432 shared a tip "Love it!"

grecia_torres shared a tip "Right now I’m reading airborn by kenneth oppel. Its more science fiction (steampunk) but I’m not sure if i like it yet. :)"

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tks_sid shared a tip ""Their" journey"

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rachel_dalton_4465 shared a tip "I loved the different personalities amongst the sisters and strong love"

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betsy_morken shared a tip "Wonderful characters"

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kay_gouge shared a tip "My favorite book ever"

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frances_pierce shared a tip "I am still reading The Secret Garden."

allie_hobbs_6229 shared a tip "I still think joe and Laurie should have ended up together but I love this book it even made me cry when the sisters lost Beth"

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sheri_fish shared a tip "Not necessarily a favorite part, love the family dynamic"

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michelle_jodrey shared a tip "A classic for a reason!"

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nk_6034 shared a tip "It’s truly a classic. You can’t go wrong with this book."

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skye_samantha_4474 shared a tip "It 100% is."

joelene_wiggins shared a tip "Tree grows in Brooklyn"

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allison_chute shared a tip "No problem!"

nina_pinglay shared a tip "love love laurie and jo"

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jane_fleming_6349 shared a tip "A classic everyone should read!"

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chrystal_coleman shared a tip "Just seeing this now! I haven't used Likewise in awhile. Reading Hyperion but it's very different from this! What about you?"

Austeeen shared a tip "Lovely"

hailey_freestone shared a tip "🫶🏻🫶🏻"

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