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This story is truly amazing as well as the rest of the series. I think I have a newfound love for cowboy romances. On top of being a cowboy romance, there are so many other tropes: small town, found family, grumpy x sunshine, single dad x nanny, perhaps forced proximity, and probably more that I am missing. I mean Willa, Cade, and Luke are truly an adorable family. And then Willa and Cade are perfect for each other, sharing so much humor, tenderness, rawness, and realness. Their development is amazing and I could not put this book down or stop smiling and/or swooning. I am so, so, so excited to read the rest of these series (and probably all of the rest of Elsie Silver’s books).

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Books | Elsie Silver

I absolutely love this book. I don’t think I have ever read about a cowboy before but this just shows me that I have been missing out. This book is equal parts serious and fun as they are some great concepts and growth seen but also humor and banter and love. Summer and Rhett are so perfect for each other and I loved to see them just evolve together and alone and all the side characters that helped them along the way. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

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Books | Elsie Silver

I absolutely am in love with this book. First of all, it is friends to lovers AND fake dating (my 2 favorite tropes)! Then, you have this adorable group of football players and a romantic cheat sheet and beautiful side characters and it is just pure awesomeness. Also, there is no third act breakup and that was just truly amazing.

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The Cheat Sheet

Books | Sarah Adams

Perfection. Literal perfection. Just when I think I couldn’t love this series any more, I do. Kai and Miller are amazing but then you also have the adorable and amazing Max and Monty and Isaiah and the cameos from previous books. It does not get better than this. There is just so much pure emotion and realness. I cried and laughed and just felt my heart being so invested in Kai and Miller. They have to be one of my favorite couples/families that I have ever read.

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Caught Up

Books | Liz Tomforde

I mean I do not want to ever leave Knockemout, but this has to be the best way to do so. Sloane and Lucian, simply put, are everything. More than everything. Their strength, banter, love, and more are really just top tier. I cried, laughed, cheered, chastised, and really sympathized and related with these characters. (I mean I have so many favorite moments but I would really like to just highlight when Lucian realized he was starting to smile again. My heart broke a little for him but I think it was just such a beautiful moment.) They are definitely one of my favorite couples ever. Also, I love the interconnectedness of all of the couples (and to read about the side characters); it is so great to keep checking in with all of my favorites. I am so happy that Lucy Score exists and that I get to read her works of art. Truly amazing.

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Things We Left Behind

Books | Lucy Score

What an emotional and literal adventure! This story follows a family filled with drama, love, regret, heartbreak, confusion, joy, and overall, reality. At some points, it was hard to read, but family is as hard as it is, potentially, rewarding. I do wish some parts were written a little bit differently with maybe more of an epilogue, but nevertheless, it is still great storytelling (especially with such attention to detail; now, I really want to travel to all of those places).

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The Jetsetters

Books | Amanda Eyre Ward

What a fun time! Honestly, I love every Christina Lauren book, and even though this one is a little bit different, I absolutely love it. The second chance romance, adventure, scenery, characters, plot, and overall life elements worked into this story are nothing short of amazing. I think this is a great summer read and definitely worth checking out!

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Something Wilder

Books | Christina Lauren

This is probably more of like a 4.5, but I really enjoyed this book. It is incredibly heartfelt and very addicting. Throughout, there is love, heartbreak, happiness, sadness, nostalgia, regret, you name it. And then there is also a large part of the setting at the resort, which I can picture to be just beautiful with all of the great memories and the emphasis on family. Speaking of family, the families in this story are not very conventional, but they are still beautiful, nonetheless. Lastly, the two main characters feel real with their problems and triumphs and they seem like such great soulmates. I did enjoy her debut novel more, but I would recommend this one for sure!

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Meet Me at the Lake

Books | Carley Fortune

Hands down, this is my favorite Tessa Bailey book. I mean the chemistry (spice), setting, plot, series, humor, and the characters themselves are simply unparalleled. I think what really does it though is the female main character. I can really relate to her and it was great to see her evolve but also still be so supportive and open. Speaking of which, to see the male main character evolve and learn to be open is so great as well. Healthy communication for the win. Fox and Hannah forever, honestly. Also, I love the snippets of Piper and Brendan from the first book (so cute). Also, again, the epilogue is perfect and needs to be read. So, in conclusion, read this book.

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Hook, Line, and Sinker

Books | Tessa Bailey

So, so, so good. I love Tessa Bailey’s writing, so it was no surprise that this story is hilarious, charming, swoony, spicy, and more. Even though Piper is a really popular social media presence, she is really relatable and her and Brendan together are just amazing. Brendan just screams stability and comfort and everything someone would want in a partner. So, I would highly suggest this book, especially for summer. Take a trip to Westport!

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It Happened One Summer

Books | Tessa Bailey

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