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Bookworm, Traveler, TV Binger, Movie Buff

A terrific read. I would say so even if I wasn't married to the author!

The Moment of Lift imageThe Moment of Lift image

The Moment of Lift

Books | Melinda Gates

The health and nutrition related episodes are especially interesting.

Revisionist History imageRevisionist History image

Revisionist History

Podcasts | Society & Culture

I am a fan of Errol Morris documentaries and had not seen this one. I watched this movie with Warren and we both liked it a lot.

The Unknown Known imageThe Unknown Known image

The Unknown Known

Movies | Documentary

Reid Hoffman’s podcast is insightful for leaders at any level. I enjoyed hearing him describe how the best leaders make everyone a hero.

Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman imageMasters of Scale with Reid Hoffman image

Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

Podcasts | Business

Educated imageEducated image


Books | Tara Westover

You should watch if you really want to understand how Silicon Valley works today.

Silicon Valley imageSilicon Valley image

Silicon Valley

Shows | Comedy

Billions imageBillions image


Shows | Drama

The Crown imageThe Crown image

The Crown

Shows | Drama