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An Instant Bestseller!The New York Times USA Today The Globe and Mail The Toronto StarNew York Times bestselling author Tarryn Fisher delivers a pulse-pounding, fast-paced suspense novel that will leave you breathless. A thriller you won’t be able to put down!Imagine that your husband has two other

Author Tarryn Fisher

Pages 320

Publisher Harlequin

Published Date 2019-12-30

ISBN 1488054355 9781488054358

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Juliet Castillo's profile image

Juliet_Castillo shared a tip "I loved this book."

WitcherSchooloftheFox 's profile image

witcherschoolofthef shared a tip "Holy ****, how did I not see that coming?! Wonderful, chilling book. I was hooked."

Rhon 's profile image

wine_bar shared a tip "Good enough read but the “twist” kind of a cop out."

shari_3879 shared a tip "Good book with a nice twist."

Emily G.'s profile image

emgonz0 shared a tip "7/10, reminded me of the silent patient"

Jenn 's profile image

jenn_aldieri shared a tip "A fun, quick read. The ending seemed a bit abrupt but overall a decent thriller."

kelly_tanskey shared a tip "Fled through this book! Thoroughly enjoyed it!"

Danielle Coates's profile image

danielle_coates_7279 shared a tip "I did not see the ending coming at all, but good for her."

Tori 's profile image

podlover shared a tip "Incredibly well written- kept me on the edge of my seat."

Victoria Cadena's profile image

victoria_cadena shared a tip "This book had me hooked and had me riding the crazy train. I loved it."

Michelle Jungers's profile image

michelle_jungers shared a tip "Loved this one!!"

Paige Townsend's profile image

paige_townsend_4416 shared a tip "This book was a quick read. I did not expect the ending, such a great read!"

Danielle Celotto's profile image

danielle_celotto shared a tip "Good ending"

jennifer_schales shared a tip "I love anything Tarryn Fisher writes! It’s always so unexpected!"

Tony sNOW's profile image

tony_snow shared a tip "#fiction #psychological"

julia_ortiz shared a tip "Trigger warning - miscarriage"

megan 's profile image

megsalad shared a tip "8/10"

AandJ Benton's profile image

jpbenton shared a tip "Lol, yes!"

Izzy Murray's profile image

izzy_murray shared a tip "It’s really good! Hope you like it :)"

Cassie Harms's profile image

cassie_harms shared a tip "Has a great twist at the end 😳"

Rhianna Sianna's profile image

LordeGatoo shared a tip "I think the realization towards the end. I gasped so hard haha"

kerri_defries shared a tip "I chose this for Bookclub. Everyone LOVED it!"

bobbie_yount shared a tip "Unpredictable! Loved it from beginning to end."

crystal_hamilton_5779 shared a tip "Good read! Twist plot at the end I didn't see coming."

Marnie Moody's profile image

marnie_moody shared a tip "Great read!"

Marnie Moody's profile image

marnie_moody shared a tip "It takes you for a loop. Couldn't put it down."

suzanne louviere's profile image

suzanne_louviere shared a tip "fantastic!! 🥰🥰"

Marie Lise's profile image

marie_lise shared a tip "Good story. Will watch for this author's books from now on."

tracy_abner shared a tip "This was super twisty & half the time I had no idea what was going on. In a good way, couldn’t put it down."

Meghan Burgoyne's profile image

meghan_burgoyne shared a tip "This kept me on my toes and kept me interested the whole way through."

cressida_schaarschm shared a tip "Keeps you guessing"

Jennifer Carolyn's profile image

jennifer_carolyn shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down!"

Tamar Kuzmich's profile image

tamar_kuzmich shared a tip "The twist and turns were really good, definitely created a surreal point of view."

melodie_rhude shared a tip "It was amazing! I highly recommend"

Angela Krout Mikkelson's profile image

angela_krout_mikkelson shared a tip "It kept me guessing. Great plot twist."

ingrid_macintosh shared a tip "Great twist"

MsNique Wooten's profile image

msnique_wooten shared a tip "This is the only book I read by this author.. Not sure I am invested in reading another one... It feels almost like a fluke"

Paroma Pahuja's profile image

paroma_pahuja shared a tip "Thriller and twists"

Holli Demyan's profile image

holli_demyan shared a tip "The ending! It threw me for a loop."

Connie Schroth's profile image

connie_schroth shared a tip "A good psychological thriller"

amber_medrano shared a tip "I loved this book and all of the twists!"

courtney_wilkins shared a tip "This book will keep you guessing until the very end! Every time you think you have some thing figured out… Trust me you don’t!"

vikki_underwood shared a tip "Page turner! Fantastic ending you would never see coming!"

Kandis Kuklinski's profile image

kandis_kuklinski shared a tip "Loved it! Kept me wanting more!"

Kayla Cortez's profile image

kayla_cortez shared a tip "A page turner! I really enjoyed this read, it was not to heavy but it was not too light either! Very addicting"

angelica ramos's profile image

angelica_ramos shared a tip "Great book, horrible ending"

Crystal Johnston's profile image

crystal_johnston_4147 shared a tip "Quick read but with a few surprising twists"

Melissa Hughes's profile image

melissa_hughes_4815 shared a tip "Suspenseful. Had me questioning whether I had read what I had just read."

Lexi Jones's profile image

lexi_jones_1883 shared a tip "This book had such sharp twists, it was a great read that left my mind spinning!"

Jeanie Brown's profile image

jeanie_brown shared a tip "Lots of twists!"

Melissa Dennis's profile image

melissa_dennis shared a tip "Such a good read with a great twist!"

Amanda Edwards's profile image

amanda_edwards_3376 shared a tip "honestly one of the best books i have read in a good minute. tarryn fisher remains one of my favorite authors"

Rebecca Joseph's profile image

rebecca_joseph shared a tip "So many twists and turns! Once you think you know how it ends, it give you another curve!"

valerie_bryant_8902 shared a tip "Loved all the twists and turns in this one."

catie_white shared a tip "I enjoyed it! Lots of unexpected twists"

Gail Gilmartin's profile image

gail_gilmartin shared a tip "Suspense."

jennifer_seguin_3880 shared a tip "I love all her's a great read!"

Sandra Di Lollo's profile image

sandra_di_lollo shared a tip "Read it last summer in 3 days at the cottage !"

kelli baker's profile image

kelli_baker_6008 shared a tip "Quick weekend read... Hard to put down. #thriller"

Kate Harris's profile image

katerochelleharris shared a tip "All I can say is “wow”! Such a good read and not at all what I expected. I look forward to reading more by this author."

Alise Rigby's profile image

alise_rigby shared a tip "Loved the unexpected twist but the end found wanting"

amber_thomas_2451 shared a tip "Great plot twist"

jolene_herbstritt shared a tip "It’s just ok"

Lexi Seipel's profile image

lexi_seipel shared a tip "Wild ride"

kara_steuer shared a tip "I really liked it! It was an easy quick read too"

emily_plummer_3938 shared a tip "Crazy twist at the end but really liked this"

shala_raska shared a tip "Read it in a day!"

Cammie Burlison's profile image

cammie_burlison shared a tip "Such an interesting twist!"

Hailey Treat's profile image

hailey_treat_8995 shared a tip "Such a twisty and turny book, I couldn’t put it down!"

Lacey Chitsey's profile image

lacey_chitsey_7265 shared a tip "Yes it was really good!"

Robin 's profile image

robin_9215 shared a tip "I thought it was a good book. The twists kept making me think I was the crazy one!"

Brandi Miller's profile image

brandi_miller_5721 shared a tip "Kept me on my toes"

jessika_t._christie shared a tip "Messed my head up in since a good way; highly recommended"

susan_sibbert_ shared a tip "I loved it. Wild."

Heather Koutoulas's profile image

heather_koutoulas shared a tip "Loved this read it was very good I enjoyed the storyline and I loved the ending worth the read"

Halle Hutchinson's profile image

halle_hutchinson shared a tip "incredible book with excellent writing. haven’t been so excited to figure out the ending since Woman in the Window"

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