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I love a finding those really great hidden gems, good comedies ( which are hard to find) thrillers, true crime and horror. Least favourite genre is action. I refuse to recommend anything when someone says…”and go!” Or “bonus point if……” 🙄


This was really good! I wasn’t a total fan, wasn’t not a fan, I’ve always liked her, but after watching this…….. I love her! Wow. She’s her own powerhouse. Go Taylor! Respect.

Miss Americana imageMiss Americana image

Miss Americana

Movies | Documentary

Crazy ride of a movie. I really could of done without all the puking and sh*t🙈 the ending definitely leaves you wanting more.

Triangle of Sadness imageTriangle of Sadness image

Triangle of Sadness

Movies | Comedy

Super fun movie. Perfect weekend watch.

Cocaine Bear imageCocaine Bear image

Cocaine Bear

Movies | Thriller

It’s ok. I mean really, just more of the same, enjoyable none the less.

Scream imageScream image


Movies | Horror

Move over Rick, there’s a new sheriff in town. Love this. Looking forward to season two

The Last of Us imageThe Last of Us image

The Last of Us

Shows | Drama

Hilarious fun. Laugh so much feel like I miss some funny stuff going on in the background. I’m not finished the first season yet……lovin it so far

The Afterparty imageThe Afterparty image

The Afterparty

Shows | Mystery

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