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Three teens fight for their lives and each other in this breathtakingly suspenseful first book in the twisted, New York Times bestselling Unwind Dystology series by Neal Shusterman.After America’s Second Civil War, the Pro-Choice and Pro-Life armies came to an agreement. According to their Bill of L

Author Neal Shusterman

Pages 335

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2009-06-02

ISBN 1416912053 9781416912057

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Yasmine Saleem's profile image

yasmine_saleem shared a tip "Beautiful ending to a great series"

Yasmine Saleem's profile image

yasmine_saleem shared a tip "This series really was a blast to go through"

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Vicki_S_WolfsDen shared a tip "#dystopian #youngadult #scifi"

G ✏️ 's profile image

gwrites shared a tip "Yoooo, page 240 really gave me the creeps"

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claire_huffman shared a tip "5/5. Thrilling"

𝓢𝓪𝓲𝓽𝓸 's profile image

xvsaitov shared a tip "Read this back in 9th grade.👌👌👌👌 HIGHLY RECOMMEND if u like dystopian novels. This one peeked my interest in that genre"

Kisha Cristina's profile image

kisha_cristina_7048 shared a tip "I definitely loved each character. This book told a lot about society which made me really like the book. A solid 4/5 :)"

Addie Dillard's profile image

addie_dillard shared a tip "Insane plot for a book. Love it!"

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lola_4810 shared a tip "One of my favorite books.Definitely underrated"

adelina_breslin shared a tip "I haven’t read it in soooo long but when that one girl wakes up with the antagonists arm!"

lemonc1ouds 's profile image

lemonc1ouds shared a tip "it was so good"

emma reed's profile image

emmareed shared a tip "love love love, will be continuing the series"

Emilee Felten's profile image

emilee_felten shared a tip "I’m halfway through this book and it’s really good! I’m so excited to see how this one ends."

Judy Fehr's profile image

judy_fehr shared a tip "I honestly can’t choose I loved the whole book so much"

anna_kelly_1809 shared a tip "I loved this series!! Have you read his Scythe trilogy?"

Abagael Baldwin's profile image

abagael_baldwin shared a tip "Just as good as I remember it back when I read it in highschool during “banned book week”."

jyuupiter 's profile image

jyuupiter shared a tip "It's YA, yes, but it's damn good imo - definitely has the sci-fi and non-tropes you're looking for :)"

Bekah Woods's profile image

bekah_GWG shared a tip "This is the only book of his that I have read so far but yes I do like this author"

Mattie Milligan's profile image

mattie_milligan shared a tip "This one is a series but i haven’t found any that even come close to this one 😔"

monica_cyrus shared a tip "It’s so good"

Jessica Goff's profile image

jessica_goff shared a tip "Best series I’ve ever read"

Aidan Brock's profile image

aidan_brock shared a tip "Actually enjoyed reading it in school"

Leonni Price's profile image

leonni_price shared a tip "Risa :)"

Wafa Jaffal's profile image

wafa_jaffal shared a tip "You're welcome:)"

Tyson Grover's profile image

tyson_grover shared a tip "I just finished this one, can't wait until I get the next one to keep the story going."

Ariana Albrecht's profile image

ariana_albrecht shared a tip "One of the best books I have ever read. Fair warning... it will probably make you uncomfortable, but in the best way possible."

BookIT 's profile image

bookit shared a tip "An awesome book"

quyesha shared a tip "It was a page turner for me."

sophia_parigi shared a tip "so good lol"

Sharon Haney's profile image

sharon_haney shared a tip "Loved it. Very thought provoking."

Alexis Sejnoha's profile image

alexis_sejnoha shared a tip "Dystopian fiction 💙"

Jackson Funke's profile image

jackson_funke shared a tip "I can't really say, neal shusterman is amazing though. I mean, currently it's the everlost series because im currently reading it"

Turbzy Kinzer's profile image

turbzy_kinzer shared a tip "This was a book so beuatifuly written you can feels the pain in the characters voices when they speak."

Grace Fendley's profile image

grace_fendley shared a tip "Great character development and a story that keeps me hooked the whole time. Definitely one of my top faves"

Lexy wright's profile image

lexy_wright shared a tip "A favorite. A unique concept with real world building behind it."

Mari Watkins's profile image

mari_watkins shared a tip "absolutely loved every bit of it! it is a favorite!"

Sophia Jackson's profile image

sophia_jackson_2254 shared a tip "This made me an Atheist."

Lauren 's profile image

lauren_1805 shared a tip "A really good dystopian fiction that made me think! Highly recommend."

victoria_paredes_1406 shared a tip "The perfect marriage ♥️"

Taylor Bicknell's profile image

taylor_bicknell shared a tip "This is a great dystopian book!"

Hailey Rubick's profile image

hailey_rubick shared a tip "Soooo good!! I have reread a ton"

Jackie Loertscher's profile image

jackie_loertscher shared a tip "You can never go wrong with Shusterman! Love all his series!"

Sofiaaa Trippolini's profile image

sofiaaa_trippolini shared a tip "couldn't stop reading"

jayden_geiger-smith shared a tip "I like love stories and it has a lot of drama"

cari_5398 shared a tip "Creative plot, good world building, and interesting characters."

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