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Read the novel New York Times bestselling author of The Alice Network Kate Quinn called "easily one of the best novels I have read all year!" A critically acclaimed, multi-layered romance set in the perilous days of World Wars I and II, where gods hold the fates--and the hearts--of four mortals in t

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Author Julie Berry

Pages 480

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2020-02-04

ISBN 0147512972 9780147512970


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ava_ryan_1273 shared a tip "I loved this book so so much. I would definitely read it again."

abbey_dodgens shared a tip "9/10"

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kay_marie_9467 shared a tip "Lovely read mixed with fiction & non-fiction."

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chloe_hardy_7016 shared a tip "BY FAR MY FAVORITE BOOK! Could read it again"

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lyndsey_plyler shared a tip "PURCHASE!"

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baylee_pletan shared a tip "Absolutely beautiful twist of history and the Olympians. Loved every second, could not put it down!"

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renae_avallone shared a tip "It was beautifully written and deeply touching!"

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kisha_cristina_7048 shared a tip "I most definitely love the characters and the storytelling! I’m a sucker for historical romance. Excellent book :) 5/5"

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tiffany_ramirez shared a tip "It’s the best book for a weekend read!! Currently reading and I’m loving it."

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pinkpistachio shared a tip "A tale for the ages. So meaningful, devastatingly gorgeous and truly magical."

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heydude shared a tip "I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this book is. This is one of my favorite books by far, so so good"

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reader_girl shared a tip "Adorable love story."

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emma_oliver_7095 shared a tip "One of my favorite reads so far. I have never cried because of a book so many times. I couldn’t put this book down!"

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summer_l shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve read!"

❃emi m❃'s profile image

emi_malek shared a tip "favorite book! :)"

Allie Cloyd's profile image

allie_cloyd shared a tip "Made me cry six separate times. Loved it"

jill_doye shared a tip "One if the best books I have read. Loved the storyline. It took a couple chapters to get into but then I couldn't put it down."

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audrey_e shared a tip "All my favorite tropes! Greek mythology! WW1! Coming of Age! Historical fiction! Romance! Diverse lit!"

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lydia_gentry shared a tip "I’ve been looking for something emotional and this just hit the spot. Also loved the Greek mythology twist. SO WELL DONE."

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fern_murphy shared a tip "If there was a rating for best book EVER I would give it to this book!!!"

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justine_lemay shared a tip "This book is perfect in every way and nobody can tell me otherwise😌❤"

Sara Pretty Weasel's profile image

sara_pretty_weasel shared a tip "Read it in 1 day. Honestly loved it. A bit of history, romance, and a smidge of Greek mythology. What's not to love?"

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sara_pretty_weasel shared a tip "Quick read and great book!"

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kylie_hill_8314 shared a tip "So good!"

rachel_austin_5485 shared a tip "so good! two beautiful love stories told in a surprisingly poignant way. i absolutely recommend!!"

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thegr8kenna shared a tip "just started reading it last week, very well written and a great book!"

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caroline_foley shared a tip "I sobbed my heart out to this one ❤️"

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abby_coats shared a tip "just started reading and it’s soooo good"

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sarah_kochi shared a tip "Such a good love story!!"

Maren Anna Ness's profile image

maren_anna_ness shared a tip "Makes me feel good! It is a live story but almost like the perfect live story without being cliché."

Jill Sorensen's profile image

jill_sorensen_2561 shared a tip "Beautifully written"

ella_8511 shared a tip "this was one of the best romance novels i’ve read in a while. loved the greek mythology aspect."

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danielle_hasty shared a tip "Not what I expected but so worth it!"

haileyrecs shared a tip "Loved the characters! The concept of this book is so interesting and author DELIVERS! Pls read it’s now a new favorite #5stars"

gabrielle_duarte shared a tip "I loved the book in general, the writing let alone left me appalled."

klara_1272 shared a tip "The ROMANCE in this book is indescribable. It completely sucked me in, I couldn’t put the book down!"

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liza_ryan_2898 shared a tip "I didn’t think I would like this book, but I loved it!"

jennifer_bluhm shared a tip "This is a wonderful book! It’s engrossing and charming, clever and full of heartfelt emotion. I highly recommend it!"

Sandra Koeppel's profile image

sandra_koeppel shared a tip "My favorite author is sarah dessen. Did you like the book?"

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khelli_chancellor shared a tip "What a fascinating, multi-leveled world. I couldn’t stop reading! #LovelyWar #historicalfiction"

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haley_marie_ shared a tip "Just bought this book and read it, what an amazing but beautifully written book."

Makayla Brown's profile image

makayla_brown_6058 shared a tip "I didn’t actually finish this book, but it made me cry so hard that it felt as if I did."

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idkwhattoput shared a tip "I just love books that take place in world wars also i love greek gods and also with the romance I just absolutely love this book"

Onyeka Obodozie's profile image

onyeka_obodozie shared a tip "A poetically written book on love, passion, and prejudice."

Anne Greendale's profile image

anne_greendale shared a tip "Absolutely beautiful story, I adore the way it’s told. World War II meets Greek mythology. Huge fan. Read this."

nicole_beeson shared a tip "War, Love, Coming of Age, Loss, and a little Fantasy thrown of the best books I’ve read in a LONG time! #clean"

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