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'Give me Harry Potter,' said Voldemort's voice, 'and none shall be harmed. Give me Harry Potter, and I shall leave the school untouched. Give me Harry Potter, and you will be rewarded.'As he climbs into the sidecar of Hagrid's motorbike and takes to the skies, leaving Privet Drive for the last time,

Author J.K. Rowling

Pages 784

Publisher Pottermore Publishing

Published Date 2015-12-08

ISBN 1781100268 9781781100264

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Maplestar Thunderclan leader's profile image

maplestar_thundercl shared a tip "Im liking high fantasy books right now. I want to start Three Dark Crowns"

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corinne_d shared a tip "An amazing, heartbreaking, thrilling ending to the series."

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shelby_johnson_5081 shared a tip "All was well. 🖤"

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courtney_pritchard_3778 shared a tip "**** TERFS"

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kayla_cooper-flint shared a tip "Just finished his and hers by Alice feeney now I'm reading 1st to die James patterson"

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virginia_fontenot shared a tip "Suspense, drama, love interest"

madelyn_faith_kraus shared a tip "You would get so into it makes it feel like your in the book!💗"

amelia_peek_6736 shared a tip "It was boring"

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carisa_haber shared a tip "MY FAVORITE HARRY POTTER BOOK!!! #youhavetoreadthis"

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addie_anderson_6277 shared a tip "Been a long time but I remember liking this"

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drwhistler shared a tip "So goodddddd"

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drwhistler shared a tip "So good"

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drwhistler shared a tip "Oml so good"

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ashley_pincus shared a tip "One of my favorite"

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jessie_copley shared a tip "Loved the books. Hate the author."

brendon_brown_9279 shared a tip "Putting this on your reading list is a smart move.😅"

jamilyn_carinhas shared a tip "I have been reading the court of thorns and roses series"

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jenn_tremblay shared a tip "I read 1-6 in 2020 from Christmas to new years Eve. I finished this one on Jan 1"

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harmonia_gardner shared a tip "Me, too! Harry Potter is the best! 😃"

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diane_rodriguez_3862 shared a tip "#magic #yes"

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joseph_joyner shared a tip "Your Welcome! I am happy I could help."

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zkd shared a tip "it’s just executed so well, hard to have a favorite part."

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mia_ibanez shared a tip "I’m the series or in general"

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kaitlyn_hurley_3906 shared a tip "I just read we were liars and it was incredible totally recommended"

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kaitlyn_hurley_3906 shared a tip "Definitely"

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kevin_molloy_8471 shared a tip "Love the book series"

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justice_kent_9740 shared a tip "Ikr! I’ve actually started reading the Red Queen series. How about you?"

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reese_rudd shared a tip "No. It’s to hard to decide."

ariel_podlogar shared a tip "You’ll need to start with Harry Potter and the sorcerer Stone. It’s 7 books long this is the final one "

aurora_jones_3455 shared a tip "This book (and series) is what got me hooked into reading constantly"

vonne_maddox_8707 shared a tip "I loved the bit where Ron destroyed the locket horcrux with the sword it was pretty awesome."

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sierra_evans_9377 shared a tip "It is a really good book"

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clasikz shared a tip "I'd have to say the Order of the Phoenix"

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dixie_baker shared a tip "I've enjoyed them, has much more detail. Also Harry is much more sassy 😂"

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nicole_zorc shared a tip "The half blood prince and the order of the Phoenix are my favorites"

lauren_gallagher_4834 shared a tip "@ellaanderson i loveee anything by Laurie Halse Anderson or The Perks of Being A Wallflower!!"

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kira_smith_9821 shared a tip "Yes, if you liked the other Harry Potter books this one is a must."

chels. shared a tip "I loved this book, still do."

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leah_cairo shared a tip "Absolutely if you’ve read the rest!"

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julie_lewis_2596 shared a tip "Great ending to my favorite series"

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kylee_mccoy_9985 shared a tip "It is adventure and action and can be funny at some parts."

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navea_hernandez shared a tip "Not really but I was wondering do you have any other recommendations"

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laura_scott_6308 shared a tip "Well you got to read the entire series. But they are all great books"

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linda_ensch shared a tip "City of Bones"

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ewura_sackey shared a tip "Yes getting to the ending of the book."

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bryn_fleming shared a tip "There really good! this is one of the last but you'll have to read the other ones to get the backstory to get all the details!"

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sara_morrison_9547 shared a tip "Prisoner of Azkaban"

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alexis_soto_4479 shared a tip "I am going to have to say my most favorite character is hagrid my favorite book is half blood prince"

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somer_moore shared a tip "Ron"

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rhonda_darlage shared a tip "Probably book 4"

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korah_the_awesome_u shared a tip "A perfect way to end the adventure!"

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max_kosanouvong shared a tip "Im pretty sure you can put it down"

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brandi_4085 shared a tip "Author is controversial. I like the books though."

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ava_chaput shared a tip "I really like the Prisoner of Azkaban, but I'm rereading the series because I read them when I was younger."

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katherine_bulat shared a tip "Probably the half blood prince"

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bridgette_phelps shared a tip "@lauragarcia1 I am currently obsessed with Outlander by Diana Gabaldon"

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bridgette_phelps shared a tip "I am currently obsessed with Outlander by Diana Gabaldon!"

elizabeth_8811 shared a tip "Most definitely have you read the others ?"

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ada_k shared a tip "I love the selection series by Keira cass"

teri_degeorge shared a tip "That’s a hard one, I love Neville. So seeing him come into his own was brilliant. And Mrs Weasley fighting Bellateix! You?"

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frwoggy_boi shared a tip "When snape 💀"

tarra_rausch shared a tip "Yes!!! It’s amazing!"

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kaela_kirkland shared a tip "Definitely half blood prince!!"

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april_astralla shared a tip "I recommend it if you read the first 6. And also if you never want to really be a part of reality ever again."

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keira_wagner_103 shared a tip "Absolutely, I was able to read this book in 1 week because I could not put it down"

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yefte_vallanilla shared a tip "The 13th Reality"

hannah_richardson_6748 shared a tip "Right now I’m reading a book called Way of Kings. It has the same vibes as Lord of the Rings"

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kelsey_campbell_2197 shared a tip "Totally if you have read the previous books! Brings everything to an end"

meaghan_smith_7250 shared a tip "I’m reading The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon and love it!!"

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riekie_schumacher shared a tip "Currently reading a star wars trilogy"

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richard_quintin_2118 shared a tip "Favorite over all? I'd have to think on it for a while. Favorite in this series would be Prisoner of Azcaban."

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yasmin_muse shared a tip "I'm currently in a reading slump, do you have any recommendations?"

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ellie_fair shared a tip "It is, but only if you read the first 6"

katherine_ayala_7156 shared a tip "You’re welcome!"

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lapiz_twist shared a tip "Definitely but you need to read the rest of the series of course!"

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aireanna_cabrera shared a tip "In general or out of all of the Harry Potter books?"

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sara_kibo shared a tip "The Magisterium series by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black is good."

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eva_parker_4191 shared a tip "Right now I'm just reading the series for the millionth time I definitely need to pick up something new"

elizabeth_redding shared a tip "The Hunger Games Series & the Twilight Series as well"

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carol_hungerford_1979 shared a tip "My fav HP book is Prisoner of Azkaban"

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christin_christenson shared a tip "Yes it’d worth it."

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haley_andrews_9894 shared a tip "I'm reading the court of Thorne and roses it's pretty good so far. What about you?"

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karen_dawson shared a tip "The last 4 Books In The Series Were My Favorite."

lisa_langevin shared a tip "The Cormoran Strike series is amazing and anything by Tana French. Right now I’m reading the Zig Zag Girl by Elly Griffiths"

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olivia_cannon_1731 shared a tip "This is my second favorite book of the Harry Potter series. It’s just amazing!"

brynja_marshall shared a tip "Fav book in this series is half blood prince for sure"

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mike_sundin_8859 shared a tip "I have all the other books that I have loved on here. Including all of the Harry Potter novels."

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alyssa_mattingley shared a tip "5/5"

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patricia_wilbur shared a tip "I haven't read it yet, but I've enjoyed everything Harry Potter so far."

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corbin_caddy shared a tip "Lord of the rings"

emma_b_69 shared a tip "Same!"

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monica_grandy shared a tip "Haven't found too many fantasy books, but a while back there was a good series I read. One was called fireblood"

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danielle_bright shared a tip "That's a hard question! The Outsiders is a forever favorite"

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hajime_hinata_8473 shared a tip "Yes it is I have read the intire Harry Potter series and this is my favorite book out of all of them"

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carrie_poppe shared a tip "I couldn’t pick if I tried 🤣"

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kayleigh_brown_9892 shared a tip "I've been really into the Shadow Falls series and the Vampire Diaries series."

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victoria_lynn_5724 shared a tip "Same! Definitely one I have read over and over again"

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courtney_sanchez_2587 shared a tip "Loved The Space Between Worlds! Also The Rage of Dragons is a super unique take on magic."

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a_pickle_heehee shared a tip "I hope you love it!! :)"

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pramudit_tripathi shared a tip "I am going through The Song of Ice and Fire by George R R Martin right now. It's really good"

nicole_wilkinson shared a tip "Same ❤️"

emmblyy shared a tip "ABSOLUTELY. Have you read any of the other books in the series? This is the seventh/final book and my personal favorite"

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jade_herron shared a tip "It’s been so long since I’ve read it, but I’m reading the series now with my son and we’re on book 4 :)"

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miki. shared a tip "I haven’t read a single Harry Potter book but I needed to choose 10 books and I liked the Harry Potter movies so"

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gary_spears shared a tip "It is near the end so yeah. But the end books are good. simply because not that much school"

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christy_alex shared a tip "I am loving Harlen Coben's books right now. I've already read : Gone for Good & Tell No One"

justice_moua shared a tip "Nah liked the whole thing"

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kaitlyn_kirkland_481 shared a tip "Yes Harry Potter and the half blooded prince"

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abby_elizabethh shared a tip "Currently I am obsessed with it ends with us by Colleen Hoover :)"

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judy_robles_macias shared a tip "Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is the best for me."

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ericka_cleveland shared a tip "When Harry meets Dumbledore again. Tore at my heart strings."