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The mesmerising New York Times bestseller!Each year, eight beautiful girls are chosen as Paper Girls to serve the king. It's the highest honour they could hope for . . . and the most demeaning. This year, there's a ninth.And instead of paper, she's made of fire.'A timely reminder that, in the right

Author Natasha Ngan

Pages 384

Publisher Hodder & Stoughton

Published Date 2018-11-06

ISBN 1473692210 9781473692213

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Google 3.5


Sarah Brown's profile image

sarah_brown_5943 shared a tip "I found the ending a little disappointing but overall loved this dark fantasy story of survival."

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doodles1028 shared a tip "tw for rape, sexual abuse, physical abuse, animal abuse"

Jenna Poworoznyk's profile image

jenna_poworoznyk shared a tip "Was hard to get into, didnt keep me enthralled in the story"

Dakota Sahagun's profile image

dakota_sahagun shared a tip "Sooo good, got me out of my reading slump"

Pinkqueen 's profile image

sky_lark shared a tip "It is really well written but is a little heavy with trauma and stuff so don’t expect some fluffy romance."

Stephanie Charbonneau's profile image

src shared a tip "Lei! Who is yours?"

serenity 💜's profile image

serenity_taylor_5853 shared a tip "w: sexual assault and violence"

serenity 💜's profile image

serenity_taylor_5853 shared a tip "lesbians that over throw a gov together stay together ❤️"

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Eriesa shared a tip "This book was amazing! Had me on the edge of my seat wanting more. It was so hard to put it down at night."

Caroline Sass's profile image

caroline_sass shared a tip "I love the Asian culture influence, the LGBT love story, but do take the trigger warnings at the beginning of the book seriously."

brittany_hambrock shared a tip "Definitely some trigger warnings. But I do love the story. Can't wait to read the second book!"

swagcheck shared a tip "Really nice and suspenseful. Great fruitiness and enjoyed the dark bits (same goes foe the whole series)"

alyssa_rigoni shared a tip "It was a really good action/romance book. I loved it!! It was amazing."

bri_freeman shared a tip "Bought it on Kindle and finished the next day, amazing story and characters!"

Alex Friestman's profile image

alex_friestman shared a tip "I love the world building in this book"

alexa_adams_4592 shared a tip "Yes! The author has some room to grow but I thoroughly enjoyed it."

Kerri McDonald's profile image

kerri_mcdonald shared a tip "The end blew me away! I’m excited to read the next one."

MightyPancake Baker's profile image

mightypancake_baker shared a tip "An amazing story about lesbians taking down the government"

elizabeth_claire_ho shared a tip "I love this book so much. A great read and deals with so many important topics! Great wlw rep just make sure to look up the tW"

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sophia_anderson_5250 shared a tip "I love the struggles the main character goes through mentally and the day to day things that she had to deal with in her own way"

Savanah Waterman's profile image

savanah_waterman shared a tip "AHHHHH I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCHHHH"

Hannah 's profile image

hannah_9843 shared a tip "AMAZING"

r_adams shared a tip "Seems like intimacy might be a thing in this one... so maybe not (Also might be dark)"

mia_johnson_270 shared a tip "Amazing story, I couldn’t put it down"

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LsquaredRainbow shared a tip "Lesbian character"

Keefe 's profile image

Trxxble shared a tip "There's a perfect blend of action and romance. *chefs kiss*"

Kao-Chan Figueroa's profile image

kao-chan_figueroa shared a tip "This was a very compelling story and I couldn't put tit down. Can't wait to read the sequel."

Kariane Bourgault's profile image

karieox shared a tip "Loved it! Lecture is fluid, I would definitely recommend it!"

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