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My full media list 2022:


The epic fantasy stuff with the draug and the god-king was honestly kind of boring but the more slice of life stuff about extremely different people learning to live together was great.

The Black Coast imageThe Black Coast image

The Black Coast

Books | Mike Brooks

Some of the background characters are pretty stereotypical (the desert kingdom is pretty cringy, and the way the Russian character is written) but overall this story was fun.

The Bone Witch imageThe Bone Witch image

The Bone Witch

Books | Rin Chupeco

I wish this had been a contemporary instead. I really liked the parts about the main character's pressures as a child of immigrants but I thought the mystery was kind of goofy.

How We Fall Apart imageHow We Fall Apart image

How We Fall Apart

Books | Katie Zhao

Starts out a little slow, but the second half swings for the fences. I really liked this.

Ace of Spades imageAce of Spades image

Ace of Spades

Books | Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé

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