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Book one in the hit series that's soon to be a major motion picture starring Amandla Stenberg and Mandy Moore--now with a stunning new look and an exclusive bonus short story featuring Liam and his brother, Cole. When Ruby woke up on her tenth birthday, something about her had changed. Something ala

Author Alexandra Bracken

Pages 496

Publisher Disney Electronic Content

Published Date 2012-12-18

ISBN 1423179188 9781423179184

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Isabela Estrada's profile image

isabela_estrada shared a tip "Yes! wonderful mind tripping book!"

Carls Du Barls's profile image

carls_du_barls shared a tip "It was just so amazing!!!"

chloe_3962 shared a tip "Great series! Dystopian, action, lite romance"

hannah pinto's profile image

hannah_pinto shared a tip "It’s a really good book and part of a series so definitely reccomend reading the whole series"

mia_6659 shared a tip "my new dystopian obsession. the entire series is amazing. 11/10 would recommend"

Kendra Fillip's profile image

kendra_fillip shared a tip "I just finished this book.... And what the heck just happened?! I was so sad!!"

Ana Feliz's profile image

ana_feliz shared a tip "I just finished book two of this series and I absolutely love it. It’s a dystopian drama about kids with psi powers."

Triski Mitski's profile image

triski_mitski shared a tip "Yea liked it."

n_rus shared a tip "I would say so! The second one is a little slow but otherwise I loved it!"

Alexis Raye Ewing's profile image

lexi_raye_ shared a tip "I liked when we out one character isn't sho they said they were"

libby_webb shared a tip "Literally so good u recommend times 200 read it in a day and best decision ever!!!!"

RILEY N SMITH's profile image

riley_n_smith shared a tip "This book has all you can ask for! Amazing characters . A great romance . And of course a wonderful dystopian world"

Khandez Robinson's profile image

khandez_robinson shared a tip "It was really good."

Katelyn Pinos's profile image

katelyn_pinos shared a tip "Bought the sequel as soon as I finished this"

Isabella 's profile image

Runa6tuna shared a tip "I got it as a library book and loved it so much that I bought it so I could reread it whenever I want!"

thatonebrowngirl07 's profile image

thatonebrowngirl07 shared a tip "this is one of my favorite books ever hands down"

MOLLY HOEFS's profile image

molly_hoefs shared a tip "This book is so good you won’t be able to stop."

Lilyne Rutherford's profile image

lilyne_rutherford shared a tip "Fascinating"

Kelly Obrien's profile image

kelly_obrien_981 shared a tip "It’s amazing! It grabs your attention from the very first page and is sooooo hard to put down."

gianna gangi's profile image

gianna_gangi shared a tip "10/10 would recommend.Great series to read during the weekend."

Megan Briggs's profile image

megan_briggs_1091 shared a tip "@caitlin_praskovich I've only read this book from them so I'm not sure I could give an opinion on the author as a whole!"

Diamond Bielinski's profile image

diamond_bielinski shared a tip "Description is absolutely amazing, I cried."

cristina_morales_3627 shared a tip "Awesome series!!!!!"

Madi 's profile image

madylin_46 shared a tip "No lie, I cried for 2 fudging days after reading this #wap"

Olivia Hartmann's profile image

olivia_hartmann shared a tip "I will recommend this till the day I die"

Lia DeForce's profile image

mariposamona shared a tip "I have read a couple books by Marie Lu, another dystopian author, that were really good."

Martha Maranga's profile image

martha_maranga shared a tip "BC IT WAS GOOD"

Emma Bourgoin's profile image

emma_bourgoin shared a tip "Yes absolutely it is the best book I have ever read"

Makayla Burchett's profile image

makayla_burchett shared a tip "One of my favorite books ever"

Jayme Figg's profile image

jayme_figg shared a tip "I've reread this series several times and it never gets old, i think im in love"

Void Midnight dragon's profile image

void_midnight_dragon shared a tip "One of the better book I have read that deal with this subject."

Alanoud.Aba shared a tip "I was so captivating, with and amazing storyline."

Emma B.'s profile image

itsemmabutrubydaly shared a tip "This entire series is just a masterpiece"

Liv 's profile image

book_reads123 shared a tip "This is amazing read. If you’re into sci-fi and strangers to friends to lovers to strangers again then YES. This is your book."

ashlee_savory shared a tip "Had me locked in. I had to watch the movie after but the book is 10x better and goes in to way better detail!"

Bianey Aranda's profile image

bianey_aranda shared a tip "Great book!!!"

Lilly Jones's profile image

lilly_jones_4994 shared a tip "This is a great read if you like dystopian universes!"

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