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I love the art so much! The storyline so far is impeccable and diverse. I love the main character so far even if he isn't starting off as the world's greatest superhuman off the bat. Excited for the next volume!

Solo Leveling, Vol. 1 (comic) imageSolo Leveling, Vol. 1 (comic) image

Solo Leveling, Vol. 1 (comic)


Super easy read for sure, but i just didn't like the main characters at all tbh. The male main character is just one huge HARD pass and the girl is way too desperate and a pushover for me to connect with them and like them. Probably my least fave CoHo book.

Ugly Love imageUgly Love image

Ugly Love

Books | Colleen Hoover

Broooo this book had me laughing all the way through even through all the creepy parts. I love the writing style and all the characters sincerely. This book would not have had the same impact without that little bit of comedic relief. I wasn't expecting it, but I'm glad it was incorporated. The actual suspenseful thriller/horror side of the book was done phenomenally. The imagery is so good and detailed that i can still imagine what i read even after reading the book.

The Hollow Places imageThe Hollow Places image

The Hollow Places

Books | T. Kingfisher

Interesting read, i got lost in the beginning, but eventually i got it. It was a close call to DNF it, but I'm glad i didn't. Although this was a paranormal plot type book, it felt very charming and romantic in all the right spots.

The Dead and the Dark imageThe Dead and the Dark image

The Dead and the Dark

Books | Courtney Gould

This book was so easy to read, but at the same time it had way too many pages. Loved all the characters, awesome character development as well. There's also a beautiful message in here about forgiveness, pain, and empathy.

The Book of Accidents imageThe Book of Accidents image

The Book of Accidents

Books | Chuck Wendig

Not going to lie, it is a major trigger reading this book, but I'm glad i read it anyway. I felt for the main character in this book. Its hard finding a purpose and a place you fit in this world. When you can't figure it out it's worse because then you end up like the main character- stuck in your head, making friends with the wrong people, doing things you're not proud of, etc. She was strong all along she just needed that support of just one person to push her to where she needed to be. I loved this book, and i hope to one day find people who love and support me like Charlie's friends loved and supported her.

Girl in Pieces imageGirl in Pieces image

Girl in Pieces

Books | Kathleen Glasgow

I think i was expecting the twists when i first picked up the book, nonetheless still an interesting read.

Good Me Bad Me imageGood Me Bad Me image

Good Me Bad Me

Books | Ali Land

I loved the depth of this book, but at the same time I really didnt like how there was some loose ends. I also loved the girls supporting girls aspect of this book.

Girl Made of Stars imageGirl Made of Stars image

Girl Made of Stars

Books | Ashley Herring Blake

Wowww what a mind bender, really good plot twist.

The Woman in the Window imageThe Woman in the Window image

The Woman in the Window

Movies | Thriller

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