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Had to read this one after reading the first one. This teaches us a valuable lesson to never trust anyone no matter how trustworthy they seem. Also our main character was way more of a badass then i gave her credit for. The end baffled me, i dont know if she won or lost against her captor depending on how you look at it. It felt as though there were no good guys nor bad guys, just mentally not ok people, making horrible questionable decisions if that makes sense

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An interesting read, but not the ending i expected. I dont know what i was expecting tbh. I think my brain is all kinds of confused, i can only imagine how the main character feels. Like the main character, i made excuses and made it acceptable what the antogonist did, but then i realized there is no excuse and the author successfully did her job in warping my brain.

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Books | Lucy Christopher

Definitely a book with no bad guys or good guys, just a lesson of being human. Colleen killed it obviously.

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Reminders of Him

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