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I thought this was going to end in a much different way. I didn't really get the ending i wanted, but the ending she gave us was much more realistic. Can't expect perfect endings anyways. Nonetheless i still loved this book and this entire series!

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War Storm

Books | Victoria Aveyard

I felt like this book was lacking A LOT in the horror department. I wanted a little bit more of a sweaty-palm, paranoia inducing type read and I just didn't get that. It was a creepy book, but not a scary one. A lot of people don't like the ending bc it's kind of a cliffhanger that only leaves you with questions, but I thought it was a genius idea. Give it a read, it's definitely more of a psychological thriller mashed with paranormal.

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Books | Katrina Leno

I honestly think this is my new fave thriller at the moment. This was a SERIOUS page-turner from start to finish! This book got me so messed up that it had me routing for a serial killer at 3am in the morning....yeah that crazy.(don't judge lol)

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None Shall Sleep

Books | Ellie Marney

This is a hilarious yet oddly emotional movie. Honestly the last thing I expected watching this movie was to cry. Great movie to watch with the family btw.

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The Tomorrow War

Movies | Action

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