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The epic third novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas.Feyre has returned to the Spring Court, determined to gather information on Tamlin's actions and learn what she can about the invading king threatening to bring her land to its knees. But to d

Author Sarah J. Maas

Pages 432

Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA

Published Date 2017-05-02

ISBN 161963449X 9781619634497

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Lilly 's profile image

lilly_7251 shared a tip "I’m going to sit and sob for three days now."

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golene shared a tip "This book series was the BEST I’ve read in awhile. Left me with a book hangover when I was done! Couldn’t get enough!!"

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golene shared a tip "Yay! I’m so glad! A Court of Thorns and Roses is the first book of the series."

Amy Santi's profile image

amy_santi shared a tip "Yes I got suck into this I do not have regrets except for thinking tamlin was slightly hot in the first book"

jamie_m_6236 shared a tip "Thirty one."

Melissa Hudson's profile image

melissa_hudson_8331 shared a tip "January 1st"

Amanda Berry's profile image

manderzgosherz shared a tip "Another masterpiece. Every book has ripped my heart out and mended it back together. Utterly obsessed! I don’t want them to end"

Abigail Magyar's profile image

abigail_renz shared a tip "Incredible, cunning, strategic, I absolutely love Feyre's development and her Become."

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Savannah.Rain shared a tip "4/5 It was pretty good"

Jill Laurey's profile image

jill_laurey shared a tip "The third book was just as good as the first!"

Darcy Fain's profile image

darcy_fain shared a tip "As with the first 2 books this one sucked me in so fast. This book offers emotional moments as well as terffic battle scenes."

CLR shared a tip "Captivating. Such attention to detail. Page turner for sure!"

kenna_7388 shared a tip "I can't get enough of this series. The ending of book 3 had me sobbing, so good!!"

Aubrey Teague's profile image

aubrey_teague shared a tip "4/5✨"

Joy Jennings's profile image

joy_jennings shared a tip "It's so good! My favorite series in YA Fantasy so far."

Jessica Evans's profile image

ArkansasDiamond shared a tip "Favorite book of the series 🤍"

Maddie.B 's profile image

maddiedotbee shared a tip "Crushed through this series so fast. ACOWAR has my heart in a vice grip. 🖤✨"

Cienna Valite's profile image

cienna_valite shared a tip "I never want this series to end!!!"

jada_schohl shared a tip "I definitely ugly cried."

Gaby Palomo's profile image

gaby_palomo shared a tip "I went on an amazingly long journey reading this book."

skye_springer shared a tip "Yes yes yes! This isn’t #1 thought, A court of thrones and roses"

Erika Lynne's profile image

erika_lynne shared a tip "May read"

Arely Yazmin's profile image

arely_yazmin shared a tip "My favorite in the entire series so far."

Mackenzie Butler's profile image

mackenzie_butler_7787 shared a tip "Love love love this whole series to death."

bronwyn_dixon shared a tip "Just amazing"

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sarahsbooks shared a tip "Soooooo good words can’t even describe it"

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mackenzie_taylor_2889 shared a tip "The tent scene is awk AF and I’m so for it lmao"

Kenzie 's profile image

kenziemyshelle shared a tip "9/10"

Em 's profile image

emma_rae_ shared a tip "I just started the Throne of Glass series while I wait for the last book of ACOTAR to come in:)"

Addie Grill's profile image

addie_grill shared a tip "YES! This was soo good!"

lindsay_stewart_8167 shared a tip "I loved this whole series. I’ll read it over again and again!"

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cynthia_1625 shared a tip "Feysand is everything"

Madeline Smith's profile image

madeline_smith_4092 shared a tip "Yeah! It's part of a series, the first book is- A Court of Thorns and Roses"

Hawra Al's profile image

hawra_al shared a tip "That’s the third book of a 5 part series, it’s really good!"

Carolyn Fitch's profile image

carolyn_fitch shared a tip "The best book in the series. You'll never want it to end!"

ryan_chi shared a tip "Everything was amazing"

mathilde_moquin shared a tip "A breath taking book!"

mathilde_moquin shared a tip "Love"

Allison Nixon's profile image

allison_nixon shared a tip "I just love it."

Abbie Brooks's profile image

abbie_brooks_202 shared a tip "Not as good as the second book! But still such a good and important part of the series!"

Samantha Fleming's profile image

samantha_fleming_8798 shared a tip "This one has a lot of action compared to the other 2 in the novel! And a truly great ending!!"

Rachel Foss's profile image

rayrayfloss shared a tip "I wish I could double or triple thumbs up it, what I would give to read this whole series for the first time again"

Andréa Newman's profile image

andra_newman shared a tip "What's not to like omg"

aubrey_berry shared a tip "I love a good war book."

Leighton Snow's profile image

leighton_snow shared a tip "Very good book, I love the series so far. Only complaint is that this book felt a little drawn out."

Kylie Salyers's profile image

kylie_salyers shared a tip "Tied with A Court of Mist and Fury on being my favorite in the series!"

Kayla Goodrich's profile image

kayla_goodrich shared a tip "Could use more 🔥 but still great"

Cherokee Dorsey's profile image

cherokee_dorsey shared a tip "Love all of this series"

Saffron Ratkiewicz's profile image

saffron_ratkiewicz shared a tip "Just beautiful!♡"

illiana_beverly shared a tip "Epic ending, left me wanting more"

Kaylen Ponce's profile image

kaylen_ponce shared a tip "These booksss! 🤯"

Kaylen Ponce's profile image

kaylen_ponce shared a tip "These books just keep getting better!"

Hannah Ownby's profile image

hannah_ownby_9754 shared a tip "The best book of the whole series hands down!"

Courtney Young's profile image

courtney_young_5127 shared a tip "I think this may be my favorite book in the series."

rella 's profile image

marellariel shared a tip "#3"

taylor_roach_206 shared a tip "Part of the ACOTAR Series. Fantasy/romance. 17+"

Molly McLaughlin's profile image

molly_mclaughlin_7132 shared a tip "I just finished crescent city house of blood and earth. Now Im looking for something similar. What are you reading"

Jacquelynn Cookson's profile image

jacquelynn_cookson shared a tip "Sarah J Maas quickly became my favourite author. I have read 9 of her books in the last two months and I can't seem to stop!"

nicole_lounder shared a tip "I’m obsessed with this series, like super obsessed! I lost track of home many times I have read and listened to this series!"

Suzanne Scherer's profile image

suzanne_scherer shared a tip "Sarah j. Maas is the best"

White Wolf's profile image

white_wolf_8978 shared a tip "This was my favorite book in this series. One of the few books that had me in tears at the end."

Jordan Stinson's profile image

jordan_stinson_3675 shared a tip "Great, more intense than the first two"

Andrew Courtois's profile image

andrew_courtois shared a tip "I really enjoyed the visit and heist at the Summer Court. That and the first description of Velaris really stood out to me"

Adrian Porter's profile image

adrian_porter shared a tip "Honestly this series is probably one of our favourites right now!"

Kristine Mulleneaux's profile image

kristine_mulleneaux shared a tip "I’m listening to the Blood of Zeus books. I’m on books 2 The Heart of Fire, it’s by Amelia Hutchins."

Marilou Laberge's profile image

marilou_laberge shared a tip "Yes totally worth it. Not my favourite from the serie, but it is still a good book. :)"

Jessica Stevens's profile image

jessica_stevens_7236 shared a tip "Yes. I'd definitely recommend giving this book a shot. I've reread the series a few times."

Jennifer Titeca's profile image

jennifer_titeca shared a tip "Yes!"

Hannah Mathis's profile image

hannah_mathis_928 shared a tip "Super action packed. Plot twist central."

Rachael Reed's profile image

rachael_reed shared a tip "One of my favorite series and author"

Lorena Lizarralde's profile image

lorena_lizarralde shared a tip "Amazing fantasy battle scenes"

Christy Quach's profile image

christy_quach shared a tip "Love this series!"

April Gatlin's profile image

april_gatlin_1200 shared a tip "Book 3 🌶🌶🌶"

Carolynn Thomas's profile image

carolynn_thomas shared a tip "My Absolute Favorite Book"

Dani Darragh's profile image

dani_darragh shared a tip "Even better than the first book!"

sarah_ernst_6634 shared a tip "Probably when Nesta and Elain kill the King of Hybern. That whole part was intense."

Sara Walunas's profile image

sara_walunas shared a tip "Kingdom of the Cursed by Kerri Maniscalco"

Micaela Martin's profile image

micaela_martin_5407 shared a tip "It was absolutely amazing this is my favorite one by far"

Lindsay Bell's profile image

lindsay_bell_9896 shared a tip "Best love story ever, plus the women in this series are able to take care of them selfs and they don’t need a man to save them."

Jennesia Santos's profile image

Siasweetheart shared a tip "Rhysand is muah *chefs kiss* 🤌🏽"

Jillian Vollbrecht's profile image

j_voll shared a tip "Soooooo good. Devoured it!"

lauren_rinehart shared a tip "10/10"

Hannah Carter's profile image

hannah_carter_5716 shared a tip "This was another great read! It’s mainly action in my opinion and the love takes a back seat, but still good! My favorite series"

Katy Bowman's profile image

katy_bowman shared a tip "My second favorite book on the acotar series"

Val Silver's profile image

bree_bell shared a tip "So much serotonin from this book! One of my favorites from the series."

Amanda calhoun's profile image

amanda_calhoun_4973 shared a tip "Loved"

ava_5684 shared a tip "I have never been so deeply invested in a book—or series for that matter"

Erin Snider's profile image

erin_snider_6296 shared a tip "Neon Gods by Katee Roberts"

alli_wagner_7444 shared a tip "Action packed with the perfect amount of romance"

Natalie Maynard's profile image

natalie_maynard shared a tip "A very fast paced story with lots of shocking moments! I love this one ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!"

kayla_poulias shared a tip "WOOOOOO"

Kenzie ink's profile image

kenzie_ink shared a tip "I loved it."

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