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A fun, quirky second chance romance. Naomi’s inner monologue is very entertaining and the couples antics through out the novel and were hilarious. Not a steamy romance by any means but it’s an easy lighthearted read.

You Deserve Each Other imageYou Deserve Each Other image

You Deserve Each Other

Books | Sarah Hogle

Dual POV and available on KU. Book three in the Twisted series. I feel so meh about all three books so far. They've been so hyped and every time I pick up the next book I'm full of hope this will be the one that makes me love the series. I liked the dynamic between Josh and Jules but the story felt like it was dragging at the 60% point. It picked back up closer to the end but it took me longer than usual to finish this book because it was just meh. It's fine not my favourite. There are some good spicy scenes 3-3.5/5 🌶️level.

Twisted Hate imageTwisted Hate image

Twisted Hate

Books | Ana Huang

This book was very enjoyable and I love an MMC that knows from very early on what he wants and is unwavering so I loved Brendan's character for that! It was a fun setting, and I liked the characters' growth throughout. There were a few plot things that were a bit weird. Specifically, Piper's mom and her warnings early in the book felt like they were going to weigh more heavily in the plot, but sort of fell flat. Also, Daniel was such an important character in the overall plot but again faded in the end which left it feeling like there were some loose strings. Maybe that leaves room for more in book 2? There was some spice but having read some great Tessa Bailey spice in the past and hearing that this book was on the spicier side I had high expectations that fell a little flat. Overall, this is a cute romcom style book with some very cute moments. My heart melted at every mention of the "recharging station". If you are looking for a cute light romcom romance this is a good option!

It Happened One Summer imageIt Happened One Summer image

It Happened One Summer

Books | Tessa Bailey

I liked this one! The storyline bounces between past and present and of all of Ali Hazelwood’s STEM romances this one felt like it followed her typical formula the least. That being said it is still very similar to her other works. I really like the writing style and enjoyed this one! The main characters still fit her usual MMC being a giant attractive grumpy man and FMC being a tiny woman. All that seems to change is eye colour and hair. Overall good novella. There was spice 1.5-2/5 🌶️ level.

Stuck with You imageStuck with You image

Stuck with You

Books | Ali Hazelwood

I have mixed feelings about this one. I listened to the audio book and it was awful. The male narrator’s voice for Hazel made me want to stop listening. The story was cute but by the end felt like it was dragging. It felt like one to many double dates to me. The end and the epilogue (the narrations in this were painful to listen to) also felt rushed. Overall it was cute but I would recommend reading the physical book. Some spice 1.5-2/5 🌶️ level.

Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating imageJosh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating image

Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating

Books | Christina Lauren

If you like LOTB or TLH you will probably like this novella. The one thing I felt was missing was the banter and character quarks I love in her books. Hannah and Ian’s physical descriptions are also very similar to the other books. There are a couple spicy scenes 2/5 🌶️ level.

Below Zero imageBelow Zero image

Below Zero

Books | Ali Hazelwood

Available on audible plus. This might be my favourite Cara Bastone audiobook. Very quick and cute story with great narrations. Looking for a sweet and simple story this is a great option!

Seatmate imageSeatmate image


Books | Cara Bastone

Super cute audible plus listen! Love the connection to Sweet Talk. Great narrations. If you have audible plus I would definitely recommend. 0 spice.

Call Me Maybe imageCall Me Maybe image

Call Me Maybe

Books | Cara Bastone

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