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I liked it overall. I didn’t like Sabrina. Had a hard time connecting to her. I was mad at her most of the time. But I love the humor. The return of all the other characters. I want a John Tucker. I didnt like that we were spoiled in the score. I would have preferred a surprise. But well. Can’t wait to start legacy and finish this serie.

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The Goal

Books | Elle Kennedy

I love the off campus serie so much. Quick read. Really love to see his caracter development. I thought I was Team Garett but I might be team Di laurentis after all.

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The Score

Books | Elle Kennedy

3/5. Not as good as the deal. But it was still good. I loved to see Logan from a different perspective. I can’t wait to start the goal.

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The Mistake

Books | Elle Kennedy

10/10. Quick read. It was soooo cheesy but so cute. Smiled through the entire book. I just finished it and I already started reading the mistake.

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The Deal

Books | Elle Kennedy

Very hard to put down once you start. Colleen Hoover made me cry, once again.

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Reminders of Him

Books | Colleen Hoover

Loved it. Great plot twist. The ending was a bit rushed but other than that it was a great book.

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Heart Bones

Books | Colleen Hoover

i LOVED this book. Couldn’t get enough. “Falling in love with Nathan Hawkins was not something I could have planned." You and me both Anastasia, you and me both 😩

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Books | Hannah Grace

I don’t know how to feel about this book. It made me cry but I got bored at some point. Something is missing. The narration was too much. Trying to be too deep. The concept was good, I liked the characters but I would have like it more if it was more of a story.

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I Fell in Love with Hope

Books | Lancali

What the hell did I just read ?!? This book will keep you on the edge. I couldn’t put it down. It has a great plot twist at the end.

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Books | Colleen Hoover

J’avais très hâte de lire la suite de tu peux toujours courir. J’ai adorer l’histoire et les personnages. Très bonne lecture.

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Tu Peux Toujours Rester

Books | Valérie Chevalier

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